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  1. you will probably use more BBs on your first couple of games than the ones that follow, New guys tend to hold the trigger longer, Try to learn trigger control and make your shots count.
  2. This brought a tear to my eye. You are the kind of person the world could use lots more of. Set your goals high you have the ability to achieve them. You will excel. I hope sometime in the next 20 years when I am old and yelling at my TV you become a household name and have a part in shaping the world. I am very proud and honored to have known you. I am also very very proud of you. I will be looking for you in uniform with stars on your shoulder on fox news addressing some committee. Dont let me down.
  3. selling my RS glock 26 with orginal case, cleaning kit, and three mags. two mags have the finger extension and hold two extra rounds. Handgun has no more than a box and half of rounds through it. I also have a paddle serpa and a paddle fobus for left handed folks that come with it if your left handed. $450 firm Im in terre haute but have a car. I will drive a reasonable distance. No shipping except to a ffl. must be able to legally own a firearm. I dont see any reason to post pics. the gun is in new condition. if you want pics google glock 26
  4. This Is the best Idea I have seen on this thread.
  5. has anyone seen the uramex VFC GBB mp5 I am drooling
  6. zebrex

    gas guns

    I tried a year or so ago to convert everything I had to gas in mag gas guns and had limited success. The WE gas rifles had to be torn down and rebuilt lubed and cleaned after every game. FPS was erratic and varied with temp. They are a blast to play with but you can be afraid to work on your guns if you go that route. mags are expensive and real caps kinda suck some times
  7. I will offer up my heated 100x150 shop where I work in Terre haute if you guys want to use it. Big enough to fix guns and cook in
  8. I wear no head covering, my head is to large and a big enough target as it is.
  9. there is a guy with a chrono in Bloomington, Terre Haute, Lafayette, and any paint ball field in the state. I dont know of anyone in greenwood with one.
  10. Most of the old timers here know about T-Tiger. I was asked to part out some of my optics on a gun I had for sell. Instead I will share my source. Buy you optics and accessories from the following link. He is honest and stands behind his stuff. Myself and others here have purchased from him. https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tI7F-FhOjsLgrT4VZrc16hg&output=html
  11. zebrex

    Dark Night

    I apologize for leaving early, I didnt feel well. After I left I took a fever and got the chills. And I team killed shwaizae twice. It was good to see some more players from Brazil. I felt fine the next morning.
  12. the zoo crew had homemade ones at the mac challenge I believe,
  13. FYI no license required for rifles in Indiana, that is only in the peoples republic of IL,
  14. no Promises but rampage and I are possibly in, depends on a personal issue of mine. If russell and I come I will most likely talk peli into coming.
  15. zebrex

    Hi-cap mag fixes?

    very nice post Dawson.
  16. the field is not muddy at all, we can play on any section we want. It is Dennis's show I will let him choose.
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