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  1. Hey, names Scott, some say I’m new to the Airsoft Sport. I played in the backyard with my boys back in 2007-2009 wasn’t aware of it being a sport then. I also played what we called BB gun wars as a kid...cops had a field day with us! Anyways, in February I decided to open up Tactical LaserTag in my area (Bedford, IN). After months of getting Airsoft requests I decided to venture back into the sport. I’ve watched it over the years but never really had the time or money to jump into it again till this year. Now, when I get into something I dive all into it...so we switched directions from Tactical LaserTag to Airsoft...people really aren’t into outdoor LaserTag apparently. I’ve caught some flak because I’m “new” to what everyone else apparently isn’t new to. Again in 07-09 I never knew Airsoft was huge. I knew about paintball but all I knew about Airsoft was Dicks Sporting goods. So I’ve caught flak cause I’m turning my field from LaserTag to an Airsoft field...plus I’m opening as a retailer for Airsofters. Do I claim to know everything...No! But I’m learning and some...well 1 guy would or has called me a couchsofter I think was he verbiage. But I’m here with no plans on leaving! Yes I have gear...a lot of gear as a retailer but no I’ve not had the opportunity yet to hit fields and sling BB’s with everyone else. I have checked out some fields here in Indiana as well as some on the East Coast. So...school me...criticize me if you must...educate me if you will...I welcome it! But, don’t brow beat me...I’m not here to screw up the community I’m here to add a new field and a retail location for everyone to utilize...and sling some BB’s on other fields, get shot and most importantly to make friends!
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