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  1. I work saturdays, boo! But hubs and the boys will he there. We were just talking about this at specops yesterday. I might come later depending on when I get out of work. It's a hop from home, and would like to at least photog some of it.
  2. This right here is my major flaw playing indoors. It's almost as if I get grounded and a deer in the headlight stance. Outdoors i can see my next position to run to. For some reason indoors, i cannot. I like to find good spots and hunker down. I can only count a hand full of times it worked. Now occasionally I do like running around like a lunatic, in jokers words. Lol but I wouldn't be crazy if I didn't. If I gotta die, at least make it interesting.
  3. Gallyans, wow, miss that store..I completely forgot they had airsoft guns and not those extremely cheap Wal-Mart kind.
  4. G&G makes some nice guns. I have a CM16, all white just like a storm trooper gun. She shoots like the rest of'em. I like that the battery compartment is in the muzzle. It makes for a quick change when you get the hang of it.
  5. Welcome aboard Zeke, I think I have played a time or two with you at spec ops. Jetdesertfox, yesss! He is one lucky dude.
  6. Hey, howdy, bonjour... yeah just hi. My name is Shannon aka crazy Carol. I am a airsoft momma from Greenwood (or as we say it... G wood!). I have been playing for about a year now with my hubs, 2 son's. It's quite addicting and oddly enough I'm the one wrangling everyone up in the morning to get some pew time in. This adventure starter at spec ops indoors in martinsville with a birthday party. I was shaking in my boots. I thought, girl your 40 years old playing against these dudes that looked like they came out of a swat, seal team wheaties box.. your gonna die today. I most certainly did, quite a few times but I loved it. My son's loved it even more so the bug got us. Bought some gear and more gear and just kept playing. Apart from spec ops, indoor and outdoor;I haven't been much elsewhere. We attended the may the pew be with you event at boneyard and eventually want to do some bigger events. OP Skyhammer was fun once it started and it only left me thirsty for more. I do take photos every once in a blue moon and have some from today's last day at martinsville I will be posting tomorrow. Anyhoot, I'm an open book. If you have any questions, ask away. Thanks for having me 😁
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