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  1. I found this to work for CQB. Most players normal reaction is to duck or hide behind cover when being fired upon. Not to give away my secrets I like to shoot, they duck, I move up. As soon as they pop back out I shoot, they duck, I move. Just have to watch your flanks. 90% of the time when this doesn't work I didnt see the individual on my flanks. I hardly ever get hit by the person I'm putting pressure on. Walk crouched down keeping your gun aim at their spot they pop out at and keeping yourself in narrow line reducing yourself as a target like walking a plank. The other 10% when it doesn't work is an aggressive player thats decided they are taking you down or taking a hit or a lucky shot that will get you but it almost always works for me. Keep in mind you're being aggressive if not you'll more likely will fail. Pushing gets the squaters.
  2. Question: is there going to be any vendors or even an impromptu swap meet possible there?
  3. Good job Crimson, later I may post my sniper article I think supports yours. I like how yours is short and sweet. Yeah guys don't jump on sniper you may quit the game totally. Also all snipers are just platforms. You buy, upgrade, and learn to master your gun. Why do I play even though I'm still pretty new at airsoft. Well I'm old and out of shape,cant run very fast and I find hunting and cutting off players a lot of fun versus the fast pace roles. Sniper is a challenge and slower pace. All the guys in my group have tried playing the sniper role and find the AEG's more enjoyable. Honestly if you are dead set on sniper look at DMR's its best of both worlds and a lot cheaper. That is what I intend of purchasing next for myself.
  4. I will be there. Do we need to go ahead and pick sides and do we pay at the door or prepay? I'd say I'll serve tan. I'll make sure everyone at Indiana Backyard knows and hopefully bring some numbers with me.
  5. Good advice Joker. I used my screen name Whitedog, luckily there is a hidden meaning behind it so I wont be bothered if people start calling me Whitedog. I was waiting for someone to be yelling you cant give yourself your own call sign but glad to see it is acceptable. Granted I would keep in mind to be unique and helps to have a reason behind the name.
  6. Hello White Dog here aka Hoodlum. I lost my log in info. I'm from Bloomington In. I run a private field for my son and his friends and their parents to play. I support all local fields it's just some of the kids do not meet the age requirements for some of the games so we have games here. Granted this year I plan on venturing and scheduling my games so they dont conflict with other events. I also have a Facebook page Indiana Backyard Airsoft. For us little guys that host small private games. A place to share ideas about prop building, hosting games, safety considerations, and information for noobs. My real name is James Teague. Hoodlum was my call sign for my boat and Whitedog is a screen name. None of them are actual Call signs.
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