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  1. Thanks, Echo. I figured the temps were probably the issue. I'll work with it more once it's reliably warm out. I grabbed a back-up electric for now, and my old Echo 1 MP5 may still be serviceable. After 10 years, it still had a BB in the hop-up. Thank goodness for good handling practices, I didn't shoot my wife with a BB when I plugged a battery into the other night, lol.
  2. I can try to make it to a community meeting after May. Should give me enough time to plan around it. My attendance may depend on whether or not I have my stepdaughter that weekend, because I don't really wanna give up time with her. I have a definite interest in getting back into the community though!
  3. You're welcome to call me Helsinki, most folks do when they're addressing me by it. Thanks for the welcome! I'm hoping to at least shoot many of the things
  4. Yeah, rules against necro-posting aren't really sticking in my craw, and the rule itself says what you just said about it (I'm pretty sure). I'm looking forward to getting out to some events myself. I know that there are some local guys at work that play, but they didn't know that this forum even existed. I'm not sure if they've seen the facebook page/group or made it to any events. If not, I'm gonna try to drag them along, for sure.
  5. I mean, the content can be there, but if it's not recent the forum does look dead. I've revisited the old IAA forum, and it's still got content, but obviously it's just archival. My point is that a community with low activity can make it difficult to want to participate in that community. I think the concern with this would be that a bot could be programmed to wait the time limit before it started posting, but it could be possible that the criteria is something like "free posting after X days, as long as the account has some posting activity during the probationary period". You'd know better about it than I would though, for sure. Yeah, and I'm glad to see it is. I've been itching to get out and play. I just picked up a back-up AEG so I can use my old mags (GBB mags are expensive) and so I don't have to wait until the weather is definitely gonna be above 60 degrees.
  6. To your first point, I should have clarified that I was talking about discussion. It doesn't really matter how many people visit the forum if nobody's talking: that just makes it look like the forum has been abandoned. I've noticed an uptick in discussion. As for people starting new topics, you're right, we can do that. I'm not in favor of necro-posting. I've started several of them, and the first one sat dead for at least a few days before anybody replied to it (not counting my intro post). That's part of what lead me to start this topic, actually. I'm not sure a good solution to combat spam. I'm not a tech guy. Just a thought though: what about a post threshold that triggers a notification for review of an account? What about a reduced post count requirement before allowing free posting? Or an increase in permitted posts per day until out of the probationary period? I'll have 9 more posts before I hit 25 posts after this reply, and this is the final reply I can make until 1840 tomorrow. I know for me, the post limit and the slower activity on the forum (making it harder to reach the 25 posts) have been a bit discouraging. I'll obviously stick it out, but I can imagine that plenty of people haven't, you know?
  7. I don't, unless I can mod my 416. Still, I'm not real keen on dropping $500-$600 dollars on an airsoft gun at the moment. I'll be better served grabbing a few more mags for the 416 and getting out to some games, I think. So far it's been too chilly to really get out an test the gun, I can get through about half a mag before I need to refill on gas. Of course, could be something I'm doing wrong when I fill it though.
  8. Crimson has pointed out in a couple of places now that the post limit for new accounts, as well as necroposting rules, may be limiting some of the willingness to interact. I mean, I've only got 3 more posts I can make today, until 1840 tomorrow evening. I understand the intent to prevent spam, but it has kind of hampered my ability to join discussions. As for necroposting, there are a ton of ancient threads on here that a lot of new folks can't (or at least shouldn't) reply to. I don't really think that we ought to be necro-posting necessarily, but without more fresh posts it leaves newer members with little to contribute. I'm glad to see such good conversation in here though! And I also seem to have noticed an uptick in forum traffic the last week or so.
  9. Back in '04, my folks bought me a Well M4 springer and my brother a Well P90 AEG. I was hooked, my brother wasn't as interested. I'd played around some backyard games with a friend of mine who got a spring MP5K, and looked around online at better guns and dreamed. I ended up moving on New Year's Day of '05, and in my fartin' around online looking at airsoft stuff I found the Indiana Airsoft Association. I also found some friends once I moved that also played backyard games with their airsoft guns. We had a ton of fun doing that, and we all made accounts on the IAA website. It was sometime around 2007 that we formed the Tristar Rebellion, grabbed some slightly better airsoft guns (I was rocking a UTG spring shotgun, loosely modeled after a Remington 870), and took part in the first Operation: Stillwater game. We were hooked. I grabbed a Classic Army M15A3 to use as my primary, but it ended up being more of a headache than anything. I played in Stillwater II with it, but it broke down and I had to borrow various guns througout the day to keep running. Between Stillwater events, Tristar made it to some local games with *EMS*, as well as a larger event on one of their fields, where one of the Tristar guys rolled an ankle and we had to carry him up a bigass hill to where the cars were parked. I ended up grabbing an Echo 1 M16A3, which I rocked for the 3rd Stillwater game. My after Stillwater II was M81 woodland BDUs, a PASGT flak jacket and helmet, an ALICE Y-Harness with 2 3x mag pouches, 2 canteens, and an entrenching tool I stopped playing shortly after the beginning of 2009, and over the last decade I've lost most of my guns. I've still got an old Echo 1 MP5 laying around that used to belong to my brother, as well as a couple of spring pistols (including a spring P226 that I spray-painted gold). I just got a WE HK416, and I've got a single spare mag, but its been too chilly to really test it out. As it is, I've only been able to get through ~half a mag on a day in the low 50s. I'm gonna have to put the rest of the kit on hold right now, because I've got some big bills coming up, but once I've cleared those and/or sold my car, I'll need to figure out what kind of kit I want to run. When I last played, I did a mid-80s Airborne loadout. This time around, I want to do something a bit more unique, but most of my equipment is still the old mid-80s stuff, lol.
  10. I appreciate that, Bear, but I've changed a lot since I last played. I like my new callsign, and it's been my only username for quite a while now. It seems fitting that, since I'm making a fresh start I should use a new callsign. Thanks for the welcome!
  11. How much would it cost to get up and running with an HPA gun using 12g CO2 cartridges? I have a car I'm trying to sell. I really like the Wolverine MTW, but that would put me at $825 before tax and shipping, lol.
  12. I'm in Attica, I've never lived in Whiteland. You may be thinking of someone else, lol. How much would you want for the spare nozzle? Yeah, I mean that I'm regretting the aesthetics of the 416, but I've found M4 uppers for sale on at least one website, so I may just grab an M4 upper to through on there. I want to build a wasteland rifle to match my real steel wasteland AR, and that'll just be easier to do with the M4 instead of the 416. As for the noise, it seems like most of the noise is coming from the action anyway. I'm not too concerned about it. Honestly, it's one of the reasons I wanted a GBBR. I didn't wanna listen to a sewing machine, lol.
  13. Lighter buffer, or lighter buffer spring? I'm not sure how much lighter the buffer could go, it already feels pretty light. I haven't installed the NPAS yet, I was hoping to chrono it before and then after, but I suppose the NPAS is adjustable? Eventually I plan on upgrading the bolt, but I'm not so sure I'm thrilled about the HK416. I'm almost wishing that I would have just grabbed an M4 instead, so I don't know how much money I'd wanna dump into the 416.
  14. I find Facebook to be a pretty garbage way to deal with group discussions anyway. It feels...unintuitive. I'll admit that traditional forums feel be bit archaic, but I still prefer them to Facebook. Has anyone thought to try Reddit? There's an Indiana Airsoft subreddit, with 6 subscribers (including me), lol. Was that one of y'alls doing? I still don't think that it would be as effectively laid out as the forum though.
  15. Lol, my new callsign is a long story, but I suppose I'm lucky I got it, since someone else has "Bear" now! And thanks for the welcome!
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