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  1. If I don't have to work I am in. I have still yet to get any airsoft in this year...
  2. I would like to be in as a Zombie, but I have to be in a wedding in Chicago that day.. bummer to because I would love me some BRAAAIIINNNSSS
  3. I will try to go. I have to work till 2 but will try to attend by 2:30ish
  4. can't make it on Friday due to work, but if it gets moved to the backup date on Saturday count me in.
  5. anyone passing through Bedford able to give me a ride. If not i dont think i can make it. My tires on the car are showing wires and i cant get them replaced till next Friday..
  6. I could have just done tan pants and civilian shirt, but our own team sounds way more fun. lol
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