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  1. Lankro

    Wtb Mp5 Or Mp7

    hey junker, not sure if you are still looking for a MP5 but I currently have this https://www.evike.com/products/43855 and was wanting to sell it for 200 It doesn't have a scratch on it and i've only played with it in the field once and it operates amazingly, a bit heavy but nothing too bad, I would also include two mags with it.
  2. Lankro

    New Newbie

    Hey everyone, I recently wanted to get into airsoft as i've always wanted to play so i purchased myself a ak47 and some gear, looking forward to learning as much as i can and maybe playing with some people here, I usually go by Lankro as it's been my IGN for most of my gaming life, I'm 25 years old and am partly living in Indianapolis,Indiana and Denmark , I usually am in one place for 3 months at a time, I'm coming back to Indiana here in a few day's and really wanted to get into this. I had a question and tried searching the forums for an answer but couldn't find it, Do most players here and at event's have the orange tips on their weapons? I'd really enjoy taking them off but definitely wont if most fields or people don't allow it, an answer to this question would be great! Thanks for taking the time to read, and it's nice to meet you all, hope to be pretty active here and get as much in as i can these 3 months.
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