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    I live on the southside of Indy in Greenwood. I know there’s an indoor field down in Martinsville but I’m a little more interested in the outdoor play. I took Joker’s advice and decided to purchase an AEG to start with so I can get a good idea of the game flow, then maybe move to a sniper class down the road. My first game will be at Joker’s Circus for Noob Day, can’t wait.
  2. I will be there. Put me on whichever team needs players.
  3. Thanks for the help guys much appreciated. I might try to just rig it up so it’s functional for Noob Day and then replace it down the line.
  4. I am looking at getting the G&G CM16 Raider CQB rifle as my first AEG purchase. After reading countless reviews and watching videos online this seems like a great starter gun for someone just getting into the sport. The question I have is on the sling adapter. Out of all the info I’ve read about this gun I can’t find any specifics on the rear sling mount. I want to use this with a single point sling but it appears that the rear mount is fixed specifically for a right handed shooter. Can this adapter be flipped to the other side since I am left handed? If not is this a piece I can swap out for a more suitable sling mount just like you can on a real steel firearm?
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    Thanks guys I really appreciate the advice and warm welcome. Being an avid hunter since I was a kid I definitely have the patience and willingness to learn but being completely new to this world I want to observe some matches before making a decision. I’m thinking about heading down to Spec Ops tomorrow to check it out anyone planning to attend that open play? I know it’s an indoor field so probably not a lot of bolt actions being used but figured it’s still worth checking out.
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    Hey guys, I’m Isaac, 26 years old, gun enthusiast and completely new to the airsoft world. I’ve been looking at getting into the sport for quite some time and finally decided to quit just talking about it and dive head first in. Right now I’m leaning towards pursuing a long range sniper class with a Vsr-10 rifle in the mail and completely open to suggestions about a good sidearm to accompany me. I look forward to meeting new people and being a part of the airsoft community. I have yet to play in any matches yet but I’ve been shooting firearms my entire life and I’m excited to be a part of this sport. Hope to see you all in the near future.
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