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  1. How did it go? Wasn't able to make it.
  2. Just my opinion, but what was weird about it was: Green team had a lot of new players. Tan team had their usual team of 5-7 regular Spec-ops players. Tan team had a SAW weapon and took the town with no problem. The one tan player I saw before I left (early) was not calling his hits. He had enough time to get lit up, flinch, turn around and shoot at me (all while being hit) before his teammate took me out.It seems like all of the stars aligned to make this a weird day.
  3. Anyone have any insight on what happened at Operation: Kickstart this last weekend? Trying to see if there is anything in the future I can do to make it easier on EOs. From Liam Miller on Facebook: Jacob Deweese:
  4. Not my event, but could be a good one. When: Saturday, May 12 at 9AM - 3 PM Gates open at 9 AM Where: Boneyard Airsoft Events and Retail 3905 W Nelson Lane. Bloomington, IN 47404 Details: Open play Multiplayer Day PLAYERS MUST BRING A RED AND BLUE SHIRT! Cost: FREE! Waiver: [Located Here] More information (not really) is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/168362090514501/
  5. Good call, just found out about adding FRS channels before opening this thread!
  6. Went to Mutual Combat this last weekend and everyone had an assortment of radios and walkie-talkies. 90% of the people had channel-only walkie-talkies, and the other 10% didn't share their frequencies...but the info-sharing portion of the event was less than 30 seconds...so there's that.
  7. Its a polymer XCR. I've been trying to inspect the inside to find where most of the contact is coming from, but haven't been having much luck. Been hand-sanding down the BAMF magazine to little success, may have to switch to sanding a little bit from the magwell. How is the airsoft scene at doing magazine trades? She'll need at least 2 mid-caps for this Mutual Combat event and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure she can play, so she isn't stuck carrying only a single high-cap.
  8. Yeah I've been slapping the shit out of them. I've found that one of them will seat and load BBs, but won't let the mag release reset from a depressed position.
  9. So my fiance's Echo1 XCR-C will not fit ANY mid-caps that I've purchased for it. I have tried: Elite Force 140rdKWA K120 120rdG&P Evike High RPS 130rdEvike.com BAMF 190rdNot a single one will slide in without making me worry about breaking the magwell. I've contemplated filing/sanding down the magazines or magwell. Does anyone have any advice?
  10. Had an elite oper8r at Spec Ops yesterday raging about people not calling their hits. Got to see the cringe firsthand.
  11. I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos, trying to convince myself to grab a Baofeng...and I went ahead and pulled the trigger. A lot of these videos say to use: https://www.repeaterbook.com/repeaters/index.php?state_id=none https://www.radioreference.com to program ALL of your local frequencies in case you need to contact one in case of emergency (can't exactly find the frequency if you're in trouble, so better to be prepared). After that you'd just wait to program whatever people are using at the airsoft events. Can't wait for mine to come in!
  12. Will be rocking green as well. Seems like everyone at Spec Ops yesterday will be running tan. Green gonna have enough people?
  13. At least two of us will be there, one in green camo, one in tan. Do with us as you wish. Also: I have a couple of friends who would like to come down from Anderson, but don't have any weapons yet. They're worried that they'll get here and have to watch as there won't be enough. Any tips for them?
  14. Awesome! Thank you! Are there any identifiers/markers on the field to let you know which areas you aren't meant to enter? Any tips for the field?
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