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  1. I'll be there! Im really excited to go, but this is also my first actual game I'm attending. Other than what's listed above, what all should I bring? I have my rifle, magazines, red flag, goggles/mask, spare batteries. Anything I'm missing?
  2. Anyone know of a place local to Indianapolis to buy BBs? I need to have 20g and only have 25gs. Gotta get them by next Saturday so I'm hesitant to order them online.
  3. I'm going to swap shifts and try to be there, it'll be my first game ever. Also curious, I'd love to bring a friend but don't have a 2nd gun. Can you rent guns? Or would anyone be willing to rent me 2nd gun? I can bring bb's and have a 2nd mask/goggles.
  4. Hey, new airsofter here, just got my gun a few weeks ago. Have yet to go to a game but would really like to jump in this winter. Would this be a good thing to attend? I live downtown too so seems perfect. Would be willing to get a uniform together on the fly too. Advice? Would really like to attend.
  5. Awesome. Thanks for the input. I'll spend some time checking out all the forum rules and such. And thanks for the gun compliment. I did do a bit of research before I decided. I was going to do a sniper setup with a bolt action rifle, but took some advice and bought the Cyma for its reliability and AEG function so I can just learn and enjoy the game.
  6. Whats the take on doing a cosplay-esq style of gear? Nothing like running around in Halo Spartan armor, but what if I styled my gear to look like a rebel soldier in Rogue One or even a Space Marine from Aliens? Something with a bit of a sci-fi edge to it. Was even considering modding my gun to look 20+ years in the future. I know its not exactly practical but if I'm gonna dress up and play soldier and am also interested in cosplay or sci-fi might as well go full creative? Would it be frowned upon to make a Milsim team all in the same style?
  7. Very new to the hobby. Extremely excited to get going with it. Just bought myself a CYMA tactical AK47 w/ forward grip. Will post a pic soon as it get here next week. Really wanting to get into the Milsim ops I see around here, any advice? Should I play a few casual games and learn the game first or go to an Op soon as I can and just play. I'm 27 so not just a new kid on the block, I can learn quick and very observant. Again super excited to play. Hopefully see some of ya soon!
  8. Yo pumpkin, let me know when you go, I just bought my rifle last week and want to get into a game too.
  9. I'm pretty handy with photoshop, so if we get some known active maps I'll help put together a map of all the fields in Indy and nearby states.
  10. Just bought the gun to get into Airsoft. Really wanted a Sniper but listed to a bit of advice I heard and decided to get a basic sturdy AR and just learn if I enjoy the game. So I'm waiting on my rifle to show in the next week and can't stop thinking about getting in. So was wondering what do you think of my rifle? What should I upgrade? What should I watch out for? I wanted a decent AR that could serve as a DMR as well, what can I do to get it to act more like a DMR? Any advice at all in general is also appreciated.
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