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  1. Has anybody ever used them before or know anybody that has? I'm about to make an order and was gonna throw some bb's in there too but all they have are the hobbyking brand. Don't wanna use crappy ammo so thought I would see if anybody has any personal experience with them.
  2. Thanks for the clarification on that. From what I've seen seems like a lot of people run the P*. Think I will just stick with the aeg and figure them out lol.
  3. I don't wanna make anybody mad or anything, may just be me, doesn't the p* thing take some realism outta airsoft? I used to play paintball and that was always my problem with it who carries a tank and hopper on a battlefield lol. I guess just don't understand the logic yea they shoot harder and stuff but can't you achieve the same thing with a well modded aeg? Like I said I'm a newb and don't understand but please enlighten me. Not meant to upset anybody just wanna know a general opinion on the subject.
  4. Ak74 is what I'm wanting it to be hopefully. I think the 74U is shorter if I'm thinking right. Not looking for as short as possible just shorter to fit him better.
  5. It's not tactical no rails or anything but not wooden furniture its plastic. I'd like to be able to get it to the size of an ak74 so not looking to just take an inch or 2 off. Basically wondering if ak74 stock and front end could be put on it?
  6. We bought a used CYMA AK47 from the classifieds for my son. It's pretty long for him but he wanted it anyway so we got it. Is there anyway to shorten it up with an ak74 type fixed stock I want to keep it looking like an ak model I don't want to "tac" it out with a adjustable or folding stock. I'd also like to shorten up the front end some but don't know how to go about it. Any help would be appreciated thanks for your time.
  7. It says financing available wonder what those payments would be??
  8. Thanks again. They will be put to good use starting this new adventure
  9. How much? Are they still operational?
  10. Do you still have G&G m4 and CYMA AK?
  11. So I've been looking around and found this M4 http://www.evike.com/products/32876/ Is the JG company any good? I'm interested cause it's full metal receivers and internals.
  12. This is the AK I'm looking at for my son http://www.evike.com/products/66591/ The 552 for my wife http://www.evike.com/products/29827/ And the M4 I'd like to get http://www.evike.com/products/38571/ Anybody ever used any of these or heard anything good or bad about them? This is just about right for the price range I wanna spend can go a lil bit more if necessary.
  13. Yea just looking to get out there and get some play time in before we start getting into the fancy equipment lol. I'm gonna get the mesh face masks and full seal goggles for everybody I'd hate for them to get shot in the face first day. I've also been thinking I may have to foot out more money on the starter guns but just not looking to spend more than my first car lol!
  14. Hello everybody I'm Welder22, and my family and I just moved to loogootee,IN. Looking to get into airsoft for a hobby the whole family can have fun with. I've played paintball in high school and tried airsoft once and really enjoyed it. Could have been more fun but was using a cheap borrowed gun but still had a blast. I'm 30 wife is 28 and my son is 8 not looking to spend an outrageous amount on guns but thinking $150 max per gun would be reasonable to start and make sure everybody likes it. I've been looking at CYMA, G&G, and A&K rifles as I've read they are good started guns. Wife and I want M4's and my son wants an AK, would like to get full metal receivers but for my budget that would be hard to find. Does anybody have any recommendations on any of these companies or experience dealing with these brands? I've been searching mostly evike and have looked a little on airsoft megastore. Thanks for any help anybody can offer. Hope to hear from you and eventually see you on the field.
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