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  1. looks like rain late in the day/night so should be good for event.
  2. There is a facebook post for the event as well to help show that a big group is coming. https://www.facebook.com/events/366206927311987/?active_tab=about
  3. As I play more and more games I realize that promotion isn't the best. I've seen too many posts that are either on facebook or here when really it should be 3 places at least (Facebook here and instagram) The younger generation say 25 and under dont use either facebook or forums and I highly recommend if you want to keep growing the industry to have a different distribution strategy. (need to adapt to younger generation) One of the worst things is scheduling a day to play airsoft and no one comes. *having teams host an event prob one of the best things too cause you know a guaranteed min number already coming. Just my thoughts based on other industries and hobby I'm in.
  4. Thought i would introduce myself with a hit ... ba dum ch. My name s Ryan (Hekcid) and i'm 35 and my son Jackson (Ghost) is 13. We are excited to jump into airsoft as a hobby more than just a birthday player . My background with activities like this is i do 15th century sword fighting (SCA) so i'm use to the honor style play where you call your hits (type pennsic or SCA fighting in youtube to check). My son is a history buff and loves memorizing and learning about military weapons through the ages. He is athletic but just doesn't "get typical sports" i'm wanting to encourage his outdoor activities and the love for guns in a safe environment where he can expand and grow new friendships. See you on the field Ryan and Jackson *I run a Krytac SPR (outdoor) ARP9 (Indoor) and my son runs a Valken Battle Machine.
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