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  1. Me and my brother will try to be there.
  2. I'm looking to go to this event as my 1st event outside of pure speedsoft and when I looked at the Facebook page there is stuff about a "CO" for each team. What is a CO? Do I have to get cleared by my team's CO before I can be apart of the team?
  3. Do we have one? If we dont, is anyone interested is starting one up? I would, but I think that it should be in the hands of a veteran member of this commumity.
  4. Me and my brother are planning on attending.
  5. Ak-74s and 47s are about the same length. You probably want an Ak74u. It's a 74 with its barrel cut down to the handguard (handguns won't have to be changed). You should be able to buy a new outer barrel, but keep in mind that you'll also have to get a shorter inner barrel unless you want it sticking out. Ak47 - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-47 Ak74 - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/AK-74 Ak74u -http://m.airsoftmegastore.com/14910-ics-airsoft-ak74u-aeg-full-metal-w-real-wood-handguard.aspx EDIT: The ak74 is actually longer than the 47, but that might have to do with the stock. Also you don't have to buy a folding stock. It'll look fine with the fixed wooden stock.
  6. I didn't think about that. I would still like to see some more utilization of these fields like what you said. The more involved we are with the fields, the more likely that they'll become more open to airsoft events and maybe even do walkin games eventually. Operation Kickstart 4 should be an excellent chance to "integrate" another field into airsoft.
  7. It would be nice if we could get a rep from each of the "public" fields. Like spec ops and maybe even indy paintball battleground.
  8. Do you want it to look like an ak74 or ak74u?
  9. If you haven't already taking off the orange flash hider will take about an inch off. You could try buying a shorter outer barrel and that might buy you a couple more inches until you hit the handguard. Is it a wooden gun or a "tactical" AK with rails on a metal handguard?
  10. Operation Kickstart 4 was moved into archived events with no explanation. The reason why I'm posting here is because it looks like the mods moved the wrong post into archives and meant to move this thread. Mods please fix. Also is there a way to directly contact the mods?
  11. I think that he thinks thay AR stands for assault rifle. If that's so then the post makes a little more sense.
  12. Kranman

    Wtb Mp5

    I'm looking for a boneyard mp5 (AEG) to learn how to tech. That being said, I will look at all offers.
  13. It seems that I've been navigating their website without realising that they have a sections for rules. It answered the fps question(400 for outdoor and 300 for indoor) and yes I can wear my own mask. But I brings up more questions. In the rules it says that you need a helmet if you're under 18, but they don't rent them out. Do they count paintball masks as helmets? EDIT: After some further reading it seems that they chrono with .20, .25, and .28 bbs. "The maximum velocity of all weapons shall be referenced in the form of muzzle velocity in feet-per-second with the Hop-up turned off, using 0.20-0.25-0.28 gram BB." Is this true? If so then fps limits are much less of a problem. Also helmets are only required for cqb, but my question still stands.
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