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    - B.S. Geological Sciences (2014)
    - Focus in Structural Petrology and Geochemistry.

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    - GIS (I-III), Seminar is GIS applications

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    - M.S. Geological Sciences (2016)
    - Geochemical analysis of New Albany Shale and other Ohio Shale groups. Utilization of Scanning Electron Miscroscopy, X-ray Diffraction, Electron Microbe, and many other tools for accurate modal % changes and development of an accurate geologic history.
  1. Paypal only. Ship once payment is received. Pictures upon request. Everything is OBO! 1. TAG Banshee in CB setup - 145.00 Comes with cummerbund, high ground 3x AR insert (25.00 value), and HSGI suregrip shoulder pads (20.00 value) 2. HSGI Costa Leg Rig in CB - 100.00 3. 2x Blackwater dual 40mm in BLK - 7.50ea 4. TAG small utility in CB - 7.50 5. 5.11 dual pistol in BLK - 7.50 6. Kelty Falcon 4000 pack in CB - 115.00
  2. 25.00 - 30.00 ea for a MAG PTW magazine? Bah, haha. Goodluck man. True Systema used won't go for over 25.00 (on a high end!), and are infinitely better.
  3. Assassin

    Hydration Carrier?

    The best hydro I have ever used; Emdom Vehicle Hydration carrier. http://prostores2.carrierzone.com/servlet/emdomusa/Detail?no=137
  4. I am in, and would chip in as well. Shall we all Paypal gift you small amounts to help?
  5. WTS: Gear: 2x - Blackwater Double 40mm in BLK - 6.00ea 1x - Blackwater Dual Double AR in BLK (Holds 4 AR mags total) - 13.00 1x - Blackwater Double AR in BLK (Holds 2 AR mags total) - 6.50 1x - 5.11 Double Pistol in BLK - 6.00 1x - 5.11 Small Utility in CB - 6.00 1x - TAG Cummerbund in CB - 20.00 Clothing: 1x - Blackhawk ITS top in BLK (Large) - 20.00 (Worth the 4x Tourniquets alone) 1x - Raid Modded Woodland Top (M/R) - 25.00 1x - Woodland Pants (M/S) - 10.00 AEG stuff: 1x - Classic Army High Cap - 10.00 1x - King Arms High Cap - 8.00 2x - Unknown midcaps - 3.00ea Shipping will be judged on what is purchased, but covered by the buyer. Since most of the items are really small, it will be really cheap. Paypal only.
  6. WTB: - 3x Thunder B Cores w/ pins - 4x (at least) Cylinder C end caps - Cylinder C shells Paypal ready.
  7. I love Thunder B's! I've owned several, but somehow always end up selling off gear, and regretting so later. Also, if you own any and want me to walk you through 3 steps to improve the Thunder B's consistency, PM me! Otherwise once I buy a few more of them, I will upload the process with pictures into the review to help everybody else out.
  8. Anybody in the area of Bloomington, IN have a G&P midcap that I may borrow to write up a detailed review on how to improve efficiency etc? I will only need the mag for a few days so that I may take pictures during the process of improving the mags feeding etc. As anybody that may know that owns G&P Metal Mids, they have many feeding issues, and after owning several, I had found a way to improve them significantly, however I never took pictures of my process in the meantime of owning them. I'd like to now show everybody feasible that owns them how to!
  9. Assassin


    Hey there, I haven't seen many BW players in action this last year. Hopefully I will be able to soon! Tell Die that Assassin says come play pew pew. Welcome aboard.
  10. Cute bunny. Welcome to the Btown area! Do you by chance attend IU?
  11. Welcome aboard the AI. Stay on top of that Irene Reg. for monday, the spots will go extremely fast! There are also plenty of Milsim teams in the state, and possibly in your area. My best suggestion is to attend some smaller games and talk / run with people and see what suits you. J
  12. I am looking to sell off all of the remainder of my black kit, everything is obo and the prices are the amount shipped! 1. BDS Chestrig. - Blackwater Dual Ar pouch (holds 4 total) - 2x double Blackwater 40mm pouches (Also holds pistol mags quite nice) - double 5.11 pistol pouch - MBITR Radio Pouch Asking: 75.00 obo 2. BlackHawk ITS combat Shirt LG (4x Tourniquets built in) Asking: 30.00 obo (30.00 is the price of the 4 tourniquets alone) 3. Unknown maker PACA Asking: 25.00 Free Stuff!!! (one item comes free with the purchase of one of the items above) 4. Riggers Belt 5. Boonie Hat
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