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  1. I was at the community meeting. If you were there we did. Haven't been able to make any events due to odd scheduling.
  2. Cool, I'll bring some too. I'll try to set up camp around all of you guys.
  3. For those of you running Russian, which I think is most of us, what platoon are you guys in? I'm in Bravo.
  4. You should probably hold off and buy something that you want as opposed to random items that those companies are getting rid of because they can't sell them. G&G Combat machines are good entry weapons, as well as Cyma AKs.
  5. So the datacenter I work for has a huge pile of pallets in the back that we don't do anything with. If anyone is interested in them shoot me a message. Our FAC guy would be thrilled if someone took them from us. Most of them are super solid because they're used for server equipment.
  6. I was going to send my stuff to them, but then I found out about a guy on reddit that does all of that and is highly reviewed. I got my stuff back 3 days after he received it.
  7. Do many of you guys plan on camping there? I'm trying to decide whether I should buy a tent or just crash at my parent's house in Valpo and drive up to LaPorte in the morning.
  8. I just purchased some comms for this. Seems like a lot of us are going Russian.
  9. That's my short week so I'll be off Wednesday - Sunday again. So pretty much anytime between then.
  10. Sorry for the late response. I've been outta town in Wisconsin. I can definitely show you the ropes. I'm off Wednesday until Sunday. You can swing by my apartment at anytime between those days except for Saturday. I'm running to the Spec Ops field to pew pew for a while. I've got the connectors, shrink wrap, and a big 'ole tube of solder already.
  11. Snuffles, If you need assistance installing deans on your gun I'd be happy to help since you live close to me. I've wired up my batteries and my Krytac all to deans. I've got extra connectors at home as well. Soldering is easy. Even if you've never done it before you can take on this task there are helpful videos on youtube that will show you how to solder on a deans connector. Also with deans you'll get a slightly better trigger response.
  12. Update to this. After using these a couple of times the fan has issues now. The leads that run to the fan are pretty thin and the solder on the fan is weak. The fan has been cutting in and out making these goggles obnoxious. I am going to try and re-solder the leads to see if I can fix this because it was making me mad while trying to play with them over the weekend.
  13. Wish I could go to this one. I finally have time to airsoft this weekened, but I work every Sunday
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