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    I chase storms, play music (guitar, banjo, mandolin, and I used to be a drummer), work on cars, previously played paintball on a local team (many moons ago) and went to several tournaments and scenario events. I have 4 kids and I work for a large auto insurer as an auditor/performance analyst.
  1. There are better ways to raise money for the site than charging people to sell their stuff. Yeah $5 is nothing really but most people simply don't like the idea of paying to sell especially if they're getting out of airsoft or only selling one thing.
  2. So, has anyone put any more thought into removing the fee to sell stuff? I think it would be a big step in driving more traffic here...
  3. I started with a pistol and used it exclusively for the first year I played. It was a SW M&P9 GBB CO2. I still have it, and it's probably the most reliable airsoft gun I've owned. I also now have a WE hi-capa and love it too but it doesn't work well below 60-ish degrees. It's on the 1911 platform which I'm not crazy about but it has a 27 round mag and can also take CO2 mags so there's that.
  4. I agree dropping the fee is best. Many people (myself included) resort to other means to sell things. Why pay to sell something when there are so many other free options? I understand it's purpose but it's doing more harm than good IMO. A community game would be nice to see but I'm not holding my breath. I wish there was more interest and activity on here but the sad reality is that FB has taken over. Unless they actually do shut down the airsoft groups I don't think this forum will ever see as much traffic as it used to. I also like the idea of a YT channel, maybe live stream some games there too.
  5. Really interested in this... https://www.evike.com/products/78864/ ...but not 100% set on it.
  6. My advice is to use punctuation on your posts so they're easier to read.
  7. Junker

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to AI. There's an outdoor field near Franklin/Edinburgh open every weekend called Spec Ops group. They also have an indoor facility in Martinsville. There are other outdoor fields farther South and some up North too.
  8. It was good, rained a couple times but everyone there enjoyed it from what I could tell. Free BBQ ribs was a big plus too.
  9. To be clear, it was advertised that rain would not stop the event, only lightning/thunder. All but about 3 tan players sat in their cars while it was just raining, and many left before the event was called, which was only about 90 minutes before it was scheduled to end. Liam was by himself and did the best he could. I wouldn't have issued any refunds since it was clear the game would continue as long as there was no lightning.
  10. *** I am not hosting this event, please contact the field owner via FB with any questions. *** Date: Saturday, June 9, 2018 Location: Spec Ops Group OUTDOOR field - 6109 S. US Highway 31, Franklin Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1203739953098406/ Description (copied from FB event page): Welcome to our first annual Outdoor Airsoft Noob Day. This is the perfect opportunity to see what the game Airsoft is all about! If you just started playing, thinking of starting or want a friend to start then this is the event for you!! With over 30 rental rifles available you won’t even need gear to join in the day! Games will include Capture the flag, President, Speedsoft, Juggernaut, TDM, Zombie Apocalypse & Bomb Squad to name but a few. Cost: Pre Register $20pp ( Pre Reg closes May 25th) 1 Entry into Pre Reg Raffle plus 1 Entry into normal raffleAfter Pre Registration $30pp plus 1 normal raffle entry Smoke Grenade: $9.95Frag Grenades: $9.95Flash Bangs: $9.95Bio Bb’s: $3-500$5-1000$9-2000$13-3000$21-5000 Entry includes: Day pass, Event Patch, Pre Reg Limited Edition Patch, lunch and rifle rental (mask, mag, battery) There will be some giveaways, raffles, fun games to compete in off the field.We will also have some food vendors out. SOOOOO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!Sign up today!!!For more info or inquiries please feel free to contact us @ 317-247-0410 or Send us a PM(on FB)
  11. You do realize these require a license to use...
  12. If the other guy is being reasonable: "hey man I hit your pack/belt/carrier but I'm sure you didn't feel it" then I'll take it almost without question. If they're being an idiot then I usually act oblivious and keep playing until I actually get hit.
  13. Going, maybe +1. Don't care what team but I'll say 1 for now. I'm fine moving around to balance. I have some extra eye pro too.
  14. BG requires some sort of ear pro, doesn't have to be rigid, a beanie that covers your ears is sufficient. I've seen some other fields require it in other states too.
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