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  1. This was pretty much what Joker did at the last game we hosted at mutual combat. Started planning months ahead... No one joined in and ended up just being an impact game in the end.
  2. https://marksmenelite.com/mama-j-customs-no-rattle-bb-bag-coyote.html?fbclid=IwAR1JnCU5eFYI_ZrFZlSmXoW4-VYSTQ_DYfKRCD8r_dA_SGvDopwa2TWY3G4 Locally made and awesome to boot.
  3. Im that guy and welcome to the forums.... Glad you finally found it.. here is a link explaining the verbiage https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=chairsofter . But glad you found your way here with some help of course. Lots to learn here. Forums are not as active as the social meda place. But there is years of good information at your finger tips here. As well as some history to learn. Feel free to read learn and ask.. we are a helpful bunch of grouchy old guys when we want to be.
  4. Ill be there to help out where I can.. foot is still in a cast so probably won't be playing much.
  5. Half a million rounds though mine and still going.. mother of god this hurts just to see it. 5000mah 7.4 60c lipos the entire time to. All stock. Well guess I cant stay still going to box mag issures after all of that.. but the gun still runs.
  6. They can be seen here.. Thank you Crazy Carol for taking them .. Facebook photos
  7. Welcome to the forums. Still love that white G&G your rocking. Looking forward to the pictures and seeing you all out on the fields more.
  8. May 26th is the last day. They are possible moving to a much larger location on the east side of indy in a few months. And the outdoor will soon but open tue-sunday with open plays every weekend.
  9. I can add a little to this myself.. still much more of a outdoor guy.. but what I have seen time and time again.. Hold on for this one it hurts to say. Some of the best indoor airsoft players I have seen are the way because they also play Paintball. Speedball mostly. Why because its aggressive.. much the same environment. And super competitive.. Much like airsoft want to get better.. go up against guys 10 times better than you are. So as much as it hurts me to say it. Watch some paintball players go at it. Watch how they move.. how they use cover.. how agressive they play.. And then go own the field. Now im gonna go cry a little for promoting paintball. Used to play myself before I started airsoft. No plans to ever return.. airsoft for life.. but man those guys can play.
  10. Great Idea's Nox.. At some point I really need to type up a proper how to and step by step.. You are correct on hopup being the best and easiest upgrade.. But picking the right bucking on a higher fps build you need something harder.. and the hardest part of sniping at any range is not as much hitting them.. its hitting them in a way the hit will be called. Even the most honest player wont feel a 400fps hit at 300 yards unless you actually see the bb Hit you..
  11. Stuff I am working on.. actually planning to have a sort of event this summer at some point.. Just give a bit of a lecture on maintenance and repair. Share the knowledge a little bit. Not many people understand anything about the guns these days it seems.. Need to get back to having chill and grill and repair day events again.
  12. Hell lets get this thing rolling.. Yes Crimsons on a mission... l So first call of action. Roll Call on who wants to attend.. Second a date. I'm gonna cast my vote for old school style.. May 11th I do believe is going to Be impacts Newb day. Meeting before or after the game seem like a good idea.. We have done this in the past and it worked. I would like to get all of the Indiana groups and guys together for this so we can all do what we do best bicker.. and shoot newbs.
  13. Date Change on this one everyone.. https://www.facebook.com/hifiresupply/photos/a.273474949826458/563124787528138/?type=3&theater&ifg=1
  14. Old post.. But still happening every weekend... Usually a good turnout Saturdays and Sundays. With a few guys getting some pew in on fridays also. Thought I would update everyone it is still very much alive and well.
  15. Since I don't think I ever posted this here...... Crimson PSA on I wanna be a Sniper. Q; I want to out range AEG;s what do you buy A: You don't.. you build and tune. other then some really rare and 2000.00 plus custom made guns.. you cant buy a ready to go sniper. No not even from the cool youtube dude. Q: I have 200.00 and wanna be a sniper what should I buy. A: Stocks .. because to be effective you need 3 times that. Just the nature of the role. Q: How do I learn to be a Sniper. A: Sniper is a Role, A mindset not a weapon. Take your aeg put it in semi auto and play a few games. taking one single shot when the enemy is in range. because as said above unless you can build tune and afford a proper rifle that's the range you will be getting. Q: What should my first piece of gear be.. A rifle or a ghilli A: Neither. Buy a good Radio and headset. Your first job is Recon. Telling the guys with the heavy firepower where the enemy is. Then if you get the opportunity taking a shot at high priority targets. To help the team.. no to rack up kills. You are a support role. Q: But Noverich said...... A: Play more youtube less........ Q; So crimson why are you a sniper if its so hard. A: Because first and for most I played other roles for years first.. I learned the ins and outs of the game I learned and enjoy building all types of Airsoft guns. Because to be effective as a sniper you have to know your prey as well as your own limitations. Q: So how do I start. I saved up some money and I wanna join the cool kids club. A: Pick up a Jg Bar 10.. or a L96. Don't fall for all these shoots 550 out of the box built for you.. Trust me they don't and if they do they don't for long. Learn to play with it bone stock and upgrade.. but dont go buy a big spring and think its going to make you a super sniper.. build for reliability first. Trigger group and piston first. before you up your Joules. Good BB's are a must. The range comes from hop up and bucking combo, not fps. Joules is how you get your hits called at 300ft. This is the very basics here. Feel free to ask me questions im always willing to help. Sniping is not for everyone. And no one should play the role in there first year or airsoft. I have seen so many people leave the game because the spent a lot of hard-earned money to realize its not what they think its going to be. Many games I may only go though 1 mag total. Because my job is to win for my Team.., not myself.
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