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  1. Had the top part of the fill valve break off in the mag any ideals how to get the inside part out
  2. Is there a place that is local that I can grab some deans connectors.
  3. Would the Emerson highlander be considered tan I like the look. Not sure how to post a link I am on my phone. Thanks for all the info guys
  4. Sorry if there is a topic already what camo types fall under green and tan. I already have woodland which is green. But I am looking to get tan as well. Was wondering which is best for indy
  5. Permanently semi and 450 fps and yes I figured I will be spending the money to get it were it needs to be.
  6. Thanks everyone . I think I will pick one up this winter
  7. I looked up the mancraft and it looks pretty cool might have get one some day
  8. Thumperkiller


    What are your guys thoughts on a cyma svd as a dmr.
  9. i will be there. looking forward to my first game with ever one
  10. Thanks I am going to bring my nephew and he does not have camouflage at the moment
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