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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to get a few of the G&P High RPS mags by trade. I have a bunch of the Evike BAMF mags and some other misc items I could possibly trade. I usually carry ~6 mags for most games, and I have a few already. Looking for 3 or 4 more
  2. I'm not completely sure if I am allowed to do this, as I cannot edit my post or title, if not please inform me and I will make changes ASAP. As my post said before, I'm looking for a 416C or similar style of gun, or a nice M4 I could fit one of the PDW stocks on, no specific model in mind anymore. No more need for JPC color swap. I'm willing to trade all three of my rifles in my possession as I don't find myself using all of them anymore and I am looking for something reliable that I can keep stored in a small place and is somewhat lightweight.
  3. (Sorry mods if I'm not allowed to do this) As title said, I'm short on cash at the moment (Broke high school kid here), and I'm wanting to trade some of my gear, as my storage space is a bit limited. I'm looking specifically for a gun with a PDW style retractable stock. The G&P M7A1 would be the ticket to my heart (And everything I'm willing to trade away), but anything along the lines would do. As for the JPC, I'm just looking for a color swap, honestly. I can throw in some cash too, although I don't have a lot.
  4. I'm with ppmoomm, three of our guys don't have their own guns and are just getting into it, all mine are wired to deans, but I've no deans batteries or adapters at the moment
  5. Could somebody bring one or two deans to tamyia adapters I could use in the guns a few friends are borrowing for the day?
  6. Nah, thanks for the offer (again). Decided I won't be needing them, also kinda forgot about that. Sorry mate.
  7. I will be bringing a +1 rocking that tactiplaid... so green
  8. I am, never PM'd you about that though, completely forgot. The other mag I own is one of the high RPS mags, you're correct, they are flawless in my gun. Maybe I should pick up a few more sometime soon.
  9. So, I have a G&P M4, one of the skull frog editions (if needed I can provide the specific model) and five of the six midcaps I own, do not feed without pushing the mag up and forwards, nor sit tightly in the magwell. Those five are of unknown brand, most likely guess is king arms. Is there any possible way I could make them fit tighter(which I'm pretty sure is why they don't feed. They're that loose, but work in my CA M4) and feed better, or should I buy some new mags?
  10. Planning on showing, unless something comes up I'll be there
  11. If you've got a picture of some of those patches and the hydro carrier in black, I'd appreciate it
  12. Can't say just yet, since it is awhile out, but I'll probably be there
  13. Hey that's me! Good day minus that and the INSANE amount of mosquito bites I have. No joke my arms and back are literally covered
  14. Trip

    Hi How Are Ya

    Aye, I usually would call him PP Mom, but it's evolved into "Mom" after awhile
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