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  1. I think a grill out tech day with some light games would be a great idea.
  2. I'll be there with 3-4 others. Been wanting to try this field.
  3. I think I explained poorly. They were complaining about the earlier game at Mutual Combat not the indoor game.
  4. Take this for what it's worth. I went to the indoor field in Martinsville that day because I didn't want to play in the rain. At about 4ish a whole slew of tan players showed up and their chief complaint seemed to be that they felt green wasn't calling their hits.
  5. So I plan to flat hop my Krytac but was hoping someone could educate me on the pros/cons of a hard and soft bucking. Is there a performance difference?
  6. Papabees

    New Member

    My crew is from Indy so not too far from you. We will be at Mutual Impact Saturday. Its a great field about an hour ish away. Details of the game are in the Indiana Games section of the forum.
  7. Papabees

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    Basher where are you roughly located? We might be able to push you toward some fields.
  8. You can also pick these up on Amazon. If you are a prime customer the free shipping offsets a little bit higher price point than Hobbyking if you are set on NiMH. Not Valken but... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0132TPIBQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I've gotten feedback on Facebook that FRS/GMRS channels are the way to go. That's nice because it's a standard channel set that is already in CHIRP so it makes programming easy.
  10. At the risk of revealing my somewhat rookie status, what or who is ISA?
  11. I didn't see another post for this so thought I would start one. clock Saturday, April 28 at 9 AM - 4 PM Next Week · 43–63° Sunny pin 3560 Pheasant Ln Spencer Indiana Gates open 0900 Safety brief at 1015, Games start at 1030 Day wraps at 1600 Teams will be tan vs green Tan: Coalition Green: SHF The second installment of the Boneyard presents series. This time we are at Mutual combat in Spencer Indiana **intel** OP TAG TEAM. A local militia, the Serbian homeland fighters, have taken possession of a small united nation's FOB in rural Serbia. Unbeknownst the militia the FOB is a secret cache site for briefcase nukes and other heavy, easily transported devastating devices. The SHF has connections with black market weapons dealers, namely Nikolai Ukraev, and the consequences of them discovering the cache could be world altering. British SAS, Canadian JTF-2, and US navy seals have been deployed to the region to enter the base and secure the weapons. There is also a battalion of US army rangers and British royal marines on the ground to be the main force pushing into the FOB. The joint operation has the clearance but not aid of the Serbian government. The SHF is a well armed and outfitted force. Some Intel suggests their leader has family ties to Nikolai himself. So they may have serious resources available. Cost: $20 Raffle! Minimum age 13 If under 18 waiver must be signed by parent or guardian and must wear full face protection (lower mesh,paintball mask, iron face). If under 16 must be accompanied by adult for entirety of event (adult does not need to play, but must remain on site). I'll be going green with a +2-3. CAMO IS REQUIRED for this event. Who else will be running green?
  12. OK. I have a cable and CHIRP and have figured out how to program so now my only question is this... which set of frequencies should I download. There are a few "generic" lists within the software that I can choose but what tends to be most common?
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