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  1. Lord Lmao if and when i get that chance ill try my best to remember
  2. hey, peoples so I've been looking into black gas by Nuprol or their red gas when it gets colder outside what are your thoughts on this? is it worth it? or is there a better gas brand like airsoft surgeon. I've never had my gun lock up yet actually or have mags leak on me even though I drop the mags like a mad man on crack!! probably should stop that lol... shits expensive
  3. Thanks man or teamlead should I say
  4. honestly though we 1911s break so fast lmao
  5. Yo yo what's up names Neo for short, full callsign is Neosporin. ima pretty laid back dude nothing really gets me heated im mostly calm and cool mostly . I'm half Korean, half Caucasian I run a WE tech HK416 GBB as my main, had a full auto 1911 doesn't exactly working anymore Made a post in gear if you wanna check it out I'm looking to buy Evokes Angel of Death 1911 or a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 Also going to get KWA's AK74M here's some personal biz all time Rick and Morty fan like season 3 hurry up and release like now!!! Skateboarded along time ago before my board got ran over. That thing had the coolest decal ;( I take honor and loyalty to the grave so family will always come first no matter what. I never really spent time with my grandfather much and honestly that's what I regret most in life. He's honestly been one of the biggest inspirations in my life. In terms of my career i'm following his footsteps and joining the military, i'm also going to go to college for computer engineering and criminal justice. Most people don't know that I am Buddhist which may be surprising since i'm going into the military I first want to say that I have no problem with harming someone that wants to harm me or innocent people. To end suffering is to endure suffering if I can free people peacefully than let it happen but if I need to fight to protect their freedom than so be it, my sect of buddhism is zen/shinto Buddhism. I game basically every day or whenever I get the chance to at least. My favs of all time are probably Halo 3, Squad, Battlefield, Arma, G-Mod, Metro, DayZ (i have more list would be big lol) thanks for listening -NEO SIGNING OFF
  6. Thanks broken for reminding me, at most games, I normally just bring a few waters but I for sure need a bladder and yea don't even want to know how the combat shirt gets when its smokin hot outside basically covered with sweat. lol
  7. I have guard dogs they work for me but they do get foggy from time to time I would suggest getting some anti fog for sure
  8. Hey guys, so here's my setup as of now... please note(took these pics in the past so sorry about my gun being in most of these) Full list of gear from head to toe The Tacti-Cool Helmet Mohawk by Matrix - (Red) <--- for shits and giggles Emerson Bump Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet(BJ Type / Advanced / Dark Earth) Sidecar 3 w/ Fusion Foam Goggle-It Lower mesh mask Shemagh TRU Combat Shirt(Multicam)<-- not even going to try and color that lmao Lancer Tactical Strike Plate Carrier Vest (Tan) <--- Lancer's version of tan is coyote brown lol 1x Radio pouch 1x admin pouch 2x pistol pouches 1x utility pouch 5x rifle mag pouches Maxpedition USA Flag PVC Patch Maxpedition Samurai PVC Patch MM Trigger Pull Logo Patch (Red) ^ON VEST^ Cheap assault bag(Multicam) TRU BDU pants(Multicam) Belt dump pouch ^ON Pants^ AR 670-1 Army issued Boots
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