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  1. Apologies I couldn't make it. Had some personal things come up not even half an hour before I was gonna leave > I'll lurk on this thread and see what some of the other responses are before I chime in.
  2. All the guides I could find were on gas or sportline models, and there's nothing in the manual. I have the lower and upper separated but the main issue is removing the barrel/hopup assembly from the upper receiver. If anyone has experience with this model/brand of gun, let me know.
  3. Are there pics of the Spec Ops field? I've never been; need to know if a GBB and 2 mags will get me places.
  4. +1 for Jockamos. It's ironic how I usually drive 2-3hrs for games and 15min for a meet.
  5. Took me a solid 5 minutes to realize P* meant PolarStar. PolarStars have a lot of mechanical benefits but so long as the user is careful with how they equip their tank and hose, you barely notice it during gameplay. That said it doesn't affect realism too much, especially when you hear a rough AEG motor on a SAW cranking out plastic compared to the soul-searing, bruise-inducing, ear-pleasing hum of an HPA system. Still costs like $500 though.
  6. Cool stuff, glad to know there's a field out there with a passionate owner who plays for both teams, airsoft and paintball. Can't wait to see the new location (especially if it's closer to Indy).
  7. I see. I personally stopped going because the price was too high for a 'field' so small. Don't get me wrong, the owners were great people to work with and the training situations were very unique, but it's not a facility meant for recreational use.
  8. I'm currently hosting three different servers, it's not hard to set up. If you guys want one I can do it.
  9. Has MTAC stopped doing airsoft? Also other than Claypool what fields are in the Muncie area?
  10. I second this. I also want to add that we could really use a dedicated person to transcribe the main points and counter-points brought up during the meeting so we can do an AAR on the forum. As for additional topics, I think our biggest issues are finding more fields, being proactive with listing (and unlisting after) events, and including more out-of-state or nearby games (could also include a post where AI members can get together and plan trips to national ops).
  11. Just want to point out that the Vector is more CQB than an M4. Also if you're putting it up for sale as well as trade I'd include an asking price.
  12. Liked --Free snacks --Legit maps for a change --Transport truck --Most of the people there were pretty chill --Patches were nicer than what I usually see Disliked --"The Argument" --Field size was too large for how many people we had --Terrain was rough, but that's just me (I'm not as fit as I'd like in the leg department) --Camo: was very hard to identify teammates --Comms were not accessible to everyone, also hard to identify teammates Overall I had a good time, left around 1800 because my trail shoes finally wore out Great meeting everyone once again as usual.
  13. This was posted sometime 10/12/17 in the afternoon. Not sure if they are going out of business or the owner is just done hosting. Originally I thought it was weird seeing such a high-ticket price on craigslist, much less a business. If I had $65,000 lying around I'd take them up on it but obviously I don't. Let me hear some thoughts on this; it would suck if someone took the building over for renovation into something else before I'd even played there.
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