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  1. There are some guys here on the forum that do good tech work, check out the verifed tech list for it. Consider checking out brillarmory.com for your parts, just about all he sells is decent stuff. Keep you jg, upgrade just about everything, gears, motor, piston, compression parts, hop up and barrel, and you may wanna consider a mosfet
  2. If i get my fcu fixed ill be there
  3. Great base, they are base on the real sword svd pretty solid i believe joker has one
  4. Hey guys its that time of the year please for the love of god do not bring out your airsoft rifles, dont ruin our hobby. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween
  5. Personally i would try for the 2nd week of January give everyone a chance to catch their breath from the holidays
  6. I talked to rj earlier today he said he is selling it to buy a larger building closer to downtown indy
  7. Snuffles this is a game hosted by liam miller and iac im not for sure whos refs we will be using
  8. There ammo is ok quality i ran it in my sr25, if i have a cqb gun by winter ill be going once or twice a month
  9. Hmm im in idk what team ill figure it out closer to the game
  10. Im happy for you man i thought i commented on a facebook post but idk, congratulations man and wish you the best of luck
  11. Had issues with him at every game I've ever been to sucks he did something stupid at mccordsville. Such a laid back field and people want to ruin that
  12. Hey will doesn't have rentals so you bettee have gear and guns for all
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