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  1. No problem man! Nope, no need to add silicone. The idea is that adding silicone to the propane will get the oil to all of the seals inside the gun, which isn't false, but if you just lubricate the seals yourself, you accomplish the same thing without compromising other parts if the gun. Rubbing alcohol is fine for the barrel but bad for the bucking. It dries out rubber, so if you need to clean it just use warm water and soap
  2. Hell yeah, a GBB thread i can actually provide quality info on. I've always used a TM M9 as my sidearm and let me tell you, the extra $35 is WORTH IT. I've owned two of their Tac Master M9s and always ran them on propane. The first one i bought from Eagle back in 2011. It was very used, i'm thinking it was at least a few years old at that point. Part of the slide did break off during firing once, but it didn't affect the function at all. I'm thinking that i might have hit the slide or something which caused it to crack in that area. I used that M9 from then all the way up until early last summer when i bought a new one to replace it, and man, that thing is a baller. It's stock range and accuracy is consistent with friends' upgraded Glocks that i've compared it to. That extra $35 is really saving you money if you planned on doing performance upgrades. You are also going to get that TM build quality that really is as good as everyone raves it to be. Will you need to replace the slide? I wouldn't count on it. It's just the experience i had, but my first TM was used by me for 7ish years, and the only damage it suffered didn't even affect the performance. Just don't go installing harder recoil springs or using CO2 down the road lol. One tip that i find pretty beneficial: Don't add silicone to your propane. If you are good at working with your hands, break the gun down and lubricate the appropriate parts with a quality grease. When you add silicone to the propane, the silicone travels where ever the propane travels, meaning your hop up that requires friction to work properly is going to start getting oily and lose its effectiveness. Your barrel will also start to get oily which promotes the collection of dirt and dust inside it.
  3. Green: Red 2 +x Bear Comrade Holland Comrade Ben Nox Wichita Lumpless Tan: Ollie Hoot
  4. Nox

    Spec Ops Repair

    Kids are VERY hard on guns lol. I think the biggest issue is that there isn't much education on identifying when a gun has an issue and taking the appropriate steps to either fix it or prevent it from worsening. Example: Gun locks up on semi. Someone who has not experienced this might continue to just spam the trigger hoping it will work again, which can overheat the electrical system. Solution: 95% of the time you can just flip that boi to full auto, do a quick burst to reset the cutoff lever, and everything is good to go. This is something that you could start doing when in the shop (and probably already do haha) and definitely a fantastic idea for a forum thread
  5. I like the write up, like Whitedog said, it's simple and concise. I see you recommend upgrading the trigger group and piston first for reliability, however I feel that upgrading hopup and barrel first would be more beneficial as stock snipers aren't that stressed internally and having more consistent shots would help to train making your first shot really count. Since i'm an AEG guy and have never actually built a BASR, is there something i'm overlooking? You should also touch on optics, what is worth using, what is a waste, how to properly dial them in, etc
  6. 99% of the questions on facebook groups go something like this: "What is the best gun for a beginner? Just got into the sport and wanna make the right decision! Btw it must be an M4 with m-lok rails, preferably an HPA, and I'm not really interested in anything that isn't unique. I wanna stand out from the crowd, ya know? Looking to spend around $150. Thanks in advance!"
  7. Is this the Ryan that I ran into at IUPUI? If so, welcome!
  8. Nox

    Spec Ops Repair

    Since you will be devoting your time to working on guns there, will you pay me to tech your guns? Help a struggling college student plz
  9. Hello, the last response in this post was 2.5 years ago. General rule of thumb on the forum is to avoid necroposting, aka posting on a thread after 3 months of it being inactive, unless valuable information is being added (e.g. Informing others that the mosfet that was being discussed will no longer be produced, providing a solution to an unsolved tech issue, etc).
  10. I think mid-summer would be a good time for a tech day. Games thin out a bit as it gets too hot so that would be the perfect time to host a low-energy event
  11. Welcome back man! There's a lot of new advances in the hobby that i think you will come to both enjoy and despise
  12. I would like to clarify my statement in that, while mistakes were made at the last meeting, it was a result of mishaps on both sides of the scenario. I would also like to admit fault for not acknowledging the issue when it happened.
  13. My perspective: -Drop the seller fee. I wholeheartedly agree that a one-time donation of $5 is relatively nothing, but when you consider the fact that 90% of the airsoft population is too lazy to log onto a second website, that directly applies to their willingness to spend $5 on the website they are too lazy to log onto. -Aside from the first meeting after the most recent population split, members of both sides and EOs/land owners have always been invited to meetings. The reason they are not present is due to scheduling conflicts, lack of response, or outright turning down the invitation. -3G and many of the players we associate with has made many efforts to toss the past to the side and bridge the gap with IAC, and it has worked to some extent. There's only so much we can do without the other side making the same efforts though. -Last year's meeting got derailed. To be brutally honest, it was a lot of boasting about the great things BlackWatch does and how we are wasting time beating the same dead horse year after year, when in fact the meeting was actually mainly targeted towards putting faces to names and brainstorming ways to increase community involvement and better support the splurge of new fields. Refer to my new post. -I think there is a major disconnect between the old school guys and the newer crowd. As mentioned above, many of us are actively trying to reconnect the community and erase the stigmas of A-I/IAC, but in my opinion the different generations aren't seeing each other do this. Maybe it's due to the way we use social media (FB, Discord, etc) or the types of games we prefer to attend. Regardless, there is action being done, but many people aren't seeing it. -In my honest opinion, I believe that hosting a Chill & Grill/tech day as opposed to a community meeting will prove far more effective. Gun repairs are a constant in every airsoft community, and hosting an event where people can learn, in person, how to fix and/or upgrade their guns either for free or for a small fee would gather the attention of many players. I can't recall a time where i helped a new guy fix his gun in the staging area and people didn't watch so they could learn as well. A tech day would be a good way to advertise the forum because you can acknowledge that we have subsections devoted to teching for different types of guns, among all the other subsections. p.s. Sorry for any ruffled feathers, but brutal honesty is one thing that i think this community has been lacking.
  14. Nox

    G&g Magazine Help

    Weird that it's almost $5 more to hold 11 more BBs lol. Anyway, I was gonna suggest cutting small (like, 2x4mm small) rectangles out of an aluminum can and super gluing that to the tab that holds the BBs in the magazine. You glue the piece to the angled face of the tab and this causes said tab to come into contact with your hopup sooner and eliminates the need to push the mag upwards into the gun. You can also take a strip of velcro (usually the softer half) and put that on the back side of your magwell which puts forward pressure on the magazine. Just a couple extra ideas in case you want to move away from using tape
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