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  1. I see the merit in this idea. My only worry is that groups would just do a standard TDM for their slot. It'd be a solid event if you could ensure that each group does something interesting to keep variety throughout the day. Bob's Burgers did something like this - an episode where every like 4-5min was done by a different animator
  2. Comprehensive list of all the fields, commercial and private, in Indiana. Assume that you can only play at these fields on dates that they have posted events for, unless otherwise specified in the notes section. This list does not include invite-only fields or ones that are inactive* *based on my current knowledge. Please let me know if information is wrong so that I can correct it. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Map of Indiana with a pin for each location: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Rz-QkFE3Ohs-JPzzfSyGQiyAJfkTxY6M&usp=sharing Blast Camp Location: 563 W 600 N, Hobart, IN 46342 Price: $25-$35, rentals available for around the same price. Notes: The Boneyard Location: 3905 W Nelson Lane, Bloomington, Indiana 47404 Price: Usually $10, but can fluctuate based on event type. Notes: Parking is limited and compact. The field owner is not afraid to turn people away if they reach capacity. Carpool as best as you can or get mom to drop you off like the good ol' days. If you know you will have to leave early, let one of the Boneyard staff know so that they can plan parking around that if possible. Butler Airsoft Location: 6716 S Shore Dr, Butler, IN 46721 Price: Free, but accepts donations and help working on field Notes: The Circus Location: Bloomington, IN. No exact address so coordinates are (39.192064, -86.578140) Price: Usually free with donations encouraged, some events in the past have had small entry fees. Notes: Parking is limited and half of it is across the street, so make sure you have bags/cases for your guns and are being smart about crossing the street. There is room for about 4 vehicles inside of the fence at the property but that room is on a hill that can be very muddy. I wouldn't recommend trying to park anything two wheel drive on it. Creekside Airsoft Location: Waiting on the exact address, but it is on Coble Road in Stilesville, IN. Coordinates are 39.635202, -86.639374 Price: Free, but donations are heavily encouraged. Notes: This field runs airsoft open plays every Sunday unless otherwise stated. As of right now, parking is limited so carpool if possible. The actual property is quite large, so this may change soon. There is a large, red barn on the West side of Coble Road, this is where the staging area is. HTK Airsoft Location: 13706 E 550 S, Loogootee, Indiana 47553 (outdoor field) Price: Notes: Indy Battlegrounds Location: 2350 S. State Road 37, Greenwood, Indiana 46143 Price: $25 Notes: They only do airsoft events a few times a year. Do not show up on a random weekend expecting to be able to play. Mission 12 Location: 11650 US-50, Bedford, IN 47421 -This one is kinda confusing... The address on the website does not lead to the field. The one listed above does not either, but it will take you to the property directly across the street from the field. Mission 12 puts a sign out at their entrance, so it should be fairly easy to know which drive to pull into. Should they not have the sign out, Mission 12 is the dirt drive on the northern side of the road. Price: $15 field entry, $15 to rent gear. Players must use field BBs Notes: Parking is limited. Carpool as best as you can. Mutual Combat Club Location: 3560 Pheasant Lane, Spencer, IN 47460 Price: Varies depending on EO, but owner prefers games to be $15-$20 Notes: Decent amount of parking, but it can get kinda congested. If you know you will be leaving before the event is over, try to park nearer to the entrance so getting your car out is easier. If you get to the field early and know you'll be there the entire day, park as far back as you can. Paintball Indiana/Spec Ops Location: 6109 S US Highway 31, Franklin, IN 46131 Price: $20 for 1/2 day pass with rental gear or full day pass with own gear, $30 for full day pass with rental gear. Players must use field BBs Notes: This field runs airsoft open plays every weekend. The Predator Zone Location: 4818 Round Barn Rd, Richmond, IN 47374 Price: Notes: Sherwood Forest Location: 3497 N. U.S. 35, La Porte, IN 46350 Price: $30 for Birds of Prey hosted open plays, large events will be higher Notes: Silver Spur Splat Location: 2477 W 50 N, Princeton, Indiana 47670 Price: $10 Notes:
  3. Nox

    New Age of Mosfets

    Unfortunately the Spectre has never been made in a V3 version. BTC has the Chimera that has a V3 version, which is similar in function but put the brains of the unit on a separate circuit board that is placed outside of the gearbox. That one might be the best bet for LCT AKs. This is the one I have in my CA AK. I wired it to the stock and just the ribbon wires run along the top of the gearbox.
  4. Nox

    New Age of Mosfets

    I just did it as a joke lol, I think age-wise we're within like 5 years of each other. I do agree that many mosfets are poorly designed and take way too much gearbox modification to fit and last properly. However, I have to respectfully disagree with some of the other thoughts. If your build is properly balanced (i.e. you're not using low ratio gears with a very low TPA motor and a high power spring, etc) and you have a battery that can appropriately deliver the energy output that your gun needs, overheating shouldn't be an issue. I've got two BTC mosfets in very different builds, one being an outdoor gun with a semi auto cycle time of 30ms and the other a DSG with a cycle time of 23ms and 50rps, neither of which heat up more than what's ordinary. BTC's "limited" warranty is 3 years and I put limited in quotations because they rarely seem to not get fixed or replaced. From what I've seen on other internet sources, it seems like their most common issue, the small microswitches breaking due to improper installation or excessive force applied to the trigger, basically have no limitations on the warranty. Even users who purchased their units secondhand from other players have been able to get broken switches repaired. But, that is all anecdotal evidence so it does still need to be taken with a grain of salt. With gate, they have not as lenient of a warranty and it is only for 1 year, however they seem to be pretty punctual in responding and often times will send the user a new unit to replace the defective one. Defective units are actually required to be snapped in half with proof sent to Gate before the new unit will be sent out, as it is not cost effective for them to remove the coating applied to the circuit boards, fix them, and then reapply the coating. EDIT: I was just reading up on the upcoming BTC Spectre Mk3 and among the numerous new features that will be implemented, BTC will have a lifetime warranty with unlimited transfers
  5. More details to come as we hammer them out. Get your Hawaiian shirts and your pancreas ready
  6. Nox

    New Age of Mosfets

    How short of a lifespan are you talking? Aside from firmware bugs or user error, I usually see high end mosfets lasting quite a long time, at least a long time in terms of airsoft lol
  7. I'm 90% sure i saw it was at Sherwood Forest, but i could be wrong
  8. Nox

    New Age of Mosfets

    Specna Arms Edge series are mid level guns that come preinstalled with the Gate X-ASR mosfet. It's not terribly impressive, but a step in the right direction. Personally, i would rather lower priced guns just come with basic mosfets and the high end guns come with better ones. Doesn't really make sense to put a high quality unit in a low performance gearbox IMO I changed my mind. Keep the fancy mosfets to those who are technically inclined, or can pay someone to install it. Gotta spend cheddar to shoot better (yes I am aware that skill is more important than how your gun performs but I wanted to use that saying)
  9. Hit up a game or two and ask people if you can try out one of their guns. Sounds like you are very used to real firearms so an AEG might be really awkward for you to shoot as there is no recoil, but it also might not be an issue. Definitely do what you can to best figure out what kind of airsoft gun you want before purchasing so that you don't buy one, pick it up after it ships to you, then realize it's not something you want to use lol
  10. Nox


    Welcome back!
  11. Nox

    Hello there!

    I feel like i remember you... But who knows lol
  12. No problem man! Nope, no need to add silicone. The idea is that adding silicone to the propane will get the oil to all of the seals inside the gun, which isn't false, but if you just lubricate the seals yourself, you accomplish the same thing without compromising other parts if the gun. Rubbing alcohol is fine for the barrel but bad for the bucking. It dries out rubber, so if you need to clean it just use warm water and soap
  13. Hell yeah, a GBB thread i can actually provide quality info on. I've always used a TM M9 as my sidearm and let me tell you, the extra $35 is WORTH IT. I've owned two of their Tac Master M9s and always ran them on propane. The first one i bought from Eagle back in 2011. It was very used, i'm thinking it was at least a few years old at that point. Part of the slide did break off during firing once, but it didn't affect the function at all. I'm thinking that i might have hit the slide or something which caused it to crack in that area. I used that M9 from then all the way up until early last summer when i bought a new one to replace it, and man, that thing is a baller. It's stock range and accuracy is consistent with friends' upgraded Glocks that i've compared it to. That extra $35 is really saving you money if you planned on doing performance upgrades. You are also going to get that TM build quality that really is as good as everyone raves it to be. Will you need to replace the slide? I wouldn't count on it. It's just the experience i had, but my first TM was used by me for 7ish years, and the only damage it suffered didn't even affect the performance. Just don't go installing harder recoil springs or using CO2 down the road lol. One tip that i find pretty beneficial: Don't add silicone to your propane. If you are good at working with your hands, break the gun down and lubricate the appropriate parts with a quality grease. When you add silicone to the propane, the silicone travels where ever the propane travels, meaning your hop up that requires friction to work properly is going to start getting oily and lose its effectiveness. Your barrel will also start to get oily which promotes the collection of dirt and dust inside it.
  14. Green: Red 2 +x Bear Comrade Holland Comrade Ben Nox Wichita Lumpless Tan: Ollie Hoot
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