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  1. I have about 3 full sets of Multicam uniforms (I think I have 4 tops and 3 bottoms). The tops are combat shirts by Massif heres a link so you have an agood idea how much they cost brand new http://tacticalgear.com/massif-army-combat-shirt-multicam (this link is to the female ones, but male ones cost about the same) They are very comfortable. I also have 1 by true spec. Not as good but very serviceable cheap as they come. If you just want one set I would ask 50$ but I personally like to get rid of them all. If you need pictures I can post them all here and provide exact sizing for them. Im willing to sell you all 3 for 150.00$ if you are interested PM me.
  2. Your list seems good enough. I may still offer some suggestions that you may find useful You may need to buy some sort of water pouch. There are camelpacks which are like small backpacks with a water bladder that can hold a lot of volume, but those require a lot of maintenance due to bacteria growth inside the bladder and hose. In other words they require cleaning with solution after each game. Pouches are great because some of them can retain the water temperature longer, specially nice to have during hot summers and of course all you need is a water bottle to go with it. Dehydration will be your worst enemy in summer. Trust me. You will need to drink plenty of water the day before, and during game. There will be running, crawling and climbing. If you get symptoms such as dizziness, confusion and become very thirsty. You will need to stop playing and hydrate immediately. Also seek cover from the sun and get to a cool place. You will be able to resume the game. Safety is important but accidents do happen. Avoid contact with wild life. if you spot dangerous animals such as snakes you may want to relay the message to the other players. With that in mind, cell phones are important as well. If you or someone gets injured you will need to call someone and fast. Some minor head protection may be required. Either a helmet or a cap. Not just good protection against BB hits but for tree branches as well. They can provide protection against the sun as well.
  3. Kids go into abandoned buildings all the time. But if they wanted to play some airsoft in downtown Indianapolis, they should have thought twice before going into an abandoned building. LOL Personally I wouldn't have banned from US wide events, They have been detained and the penalty can be a year in prison and fines, not to mention a misdemeanor charge. A misdemeanor may mean that they will never be able to purchase a real firearm. I think that's punishment enough.
  4. I have not personally ever bought anything from them but I always hear bad things from their customers regarding their service. If the rumors are true then im more than glad to see them go. Airsoft already has a bad rep and a major retailer like airsplat should not be ripping people off so blatantly. Hopefully, other airsoft retailers will pay close attention to this and learn a thing or two about customer service. That's of course if what people say is true. Thanks for the advertisement but not even the low prices will convince me to buy anything from them at this point.
  5. I will make an attempt to show and bring some friends.
  6. Last year the German government learned about the short comings of the G36 rifle. Shortly after an Investigation the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces of Germany) decided to find a replacement for the G36 line of weapons and find it fast. They found what they needed, instead of going for the obvious HK416, they decided to go back to the 7.62mm platform once again with the HK417 and as of now they have incorporated 1,200 of these into service and more on the way! The news hit me hard, I was a long time G36 fan (of sorts) and coincidentally, my Elite Force G36 was also having problems. After several RMA's later.. I have decided to settle with the HK417. Yes, just like the german military. But enough of the history what about the gun? Despite all the rage and hype for Krytac and Polarstar I find my New HK417D to be delightfully adequate for the airsoft Field. Its bulky fairly modular (rails) and very very sturdy! Everything I needed, an improvement of quality from the plastic and toy like G36 rifle. The range is satisfactory and performs the way it looks. I can hit objects (people) at over 200 ft. This rifle is somewhat of a DMR and does it fairly well out of the box. Its accurate and the Feet Per second if also consistent at about 430-440. The ergonomics are what we are used to from an AR15, except a little larger. The magazines are definitely interesting. They are somewhat translucent plastic with visible fake bullets inside. The amount of detail on the gun and magazines are second to none. Anyone could confuse it for a real rifle even after a close inspection. Another feature is the functioning bolt catch release which when pressed, allow the mock bolt to slide forward. Its a satisfying effect. I inspected the feature after opening the rifle and discovered how easily can be broken. Yeah I f*cked it up. No matter, the bolt still opens to reveal the hop up. I have owned several airsoft guns in the past to include the Echo 1 ER25K, Cymas AK's, King Arms P90, G39 GBBR, KWA G36 and Elite Force G36, and im happy to announce that it surpasses all of my expectations with superb performance. I haven't found a need to find after market upgrade aside from maybe a better inner barrel. This AEG is a champ from the start. Personally I have not found any real isssues with it and I have already had some playtime with it and so far it doesn't disappoint.
  7. I read that Anything over 400 but under 450 has to shoot in Semi-Only. Does that mean that the full auto has to be permanently disabled? I would love to attend but my G36 EBB shoots at 412-420 fps. I can easily downgrade if I buy a lower spring but I would hate to compromise its intended capability.
  8. Hello all, Im back from a long vacation in texas. (and boy do they know how to airsoft!!!) If anyone knows anything about me, they'd know Im a Bundeswehr sim player of sorts. Everything in my arsenal is authentic to the bone. And that's the way I like top keep it. While in texas, I stumble upon an AirsoftGI store (much to my surprise) and I noticed a G36 EBB by Elite force. It was the gun of my dream, the gun that I always wanted. None of the G36C compact crap that CQB players love (no offense, but I like the heavier, meaner looking G36). So, I bought it. Went to an airsoft field that same day (D14) and it broke on me. I sent it back to the Umarex company for repairs. They gave me a new one. Took it to the airsoft field and sure enough, it broke again. Contacted Umarex and sent it back once more. They gave me a new one. This new seemed better. It didn't break on day one, it shot better, the FPS was very consistent, it was very accurate and the range was outstanding. However..... I notice that every battery I put in it dies without a chance to successfully recharge. It happens after I end a game. Can anyone tell me whats going on here? Is it the battery type? Is there a reason why my G36 drains them to death!? I have never experienced this before, and im in love of the G36.. it would be hard for me to let it go.
  9. I have a Cyma contractor Ak 47. Only modifications I have made to it, are a new retractable buttstock and a new tighter barrel. Good condition, barely used. Shoots around 400 FPS Great range, about 190 feet. Lots of magazines will be included!!! (I have at least 10 magazines, I will give you all of them if you buy the AK) It will be reasonably priced for you!! 110.00!!! $$ KWA G36C I don't like selling bad guns but there is something wrong with the range of the weapon. it simply stops at around 50 feet. Outside of that it shoots at 250-300 FPS. great shape and condition, barely used. This gun was sent to AirsoftGI and Evike for repairs. I simply haven't had good luck with it since I bought it, but this is a great tech's weapon. Just for you, I will sell it for 75$, outside of that everything is perfect with it. I also have about 3 different tactical vests. If even remotely interested let me know!! I wont cheat you, in fact I can even negotiate for all of the above for one flat price.
  10. Holret


    Man, my first experience wasn't that great. I heard about AirsoftPlex, so I decided to give it a try. After all, it was in the '50s. I show up 45 minutes early. Noone is there. I ask the staff when would the guys show up. He said soon and more would come in through out the day. great! I said. 15 minutes before noon, I see a bunch of kids standing around. I decided to go pay at the front counter. 15 bucks apparently. I started loading up. one of the staff was nice enough to show me the field and the indoor paintball arena. Again he reassured me more would come. Its past 12 no one is there and it appears that the kids that were there, are playing paintball. (and it appears they have nothing nice to say about airsoft either) Finally one other dude shows up at around 2pm. we have a few games. he seemed like a nice sport. (if you ask me why I waited for 2 hours, its because my brother and I were having a few games together.) Overall, I feel like I paid a crap load of money (yes I paid for my brother) only to play with one other person, and I had to put up with those paintball kids. Bad experience but next time I will avoid playing there and hope the other 2 places mentioned above are better!
  11. Holret


    Currently I run 2 load outs. -German Bundeswehr style (as seen on my pic) Yeah, I keep my gear true to real life german military as possible! WE G39 GBBR - upgraded bolt to shoot up tp 500FPS - upgraded Inner Barrel 6.01- Buttstock and top rail system upgraded to modern Infanterie Der Zukunft , future soldier program variant (I only use it when fields permit) KWA G36C - My alternate to the G39, when restricted to lower than 400 FPS(no upgrades and currently in storage) KWA USP Tactical (my favorite!!) KWA MP7 (I do have the extended barrel FPS increase, again only use when field permits) So yeah, my fav. loadout for outdoor would be my fully decked out german uniform with Flakvest, helmet and Commando pants with integrated kneepads and the G39 for range and power (and scare factor) -Black OPS/SWAT Originally created to form an Umbrella Corp. soldier, it has remained with me because of the contrast with my german camo. I use it but not as often, if it snows might strongly consider it.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't show up. The Engine Light was on that morning, and I was worried about my car breaking down while making the trip from Ft. Wayne. My car is good now, so there shouldn't be any reasons why I cant make it to the next game. Sorry!
  13. Damn, I cant believe so much went wrong on that day for me. I really wanted to play. oh well, until Purdue...
  14. Holret


    Hi all, I just moved to FT wayne from Wyoming. I'm looking forward to having fun out in the field with you guys. I will try to attend whatever games you guys got going on in any weather condition, I tough it up and deal with it, so you shouldn't hear me whine about anything (unless of course I step into some cow shit) Looking forward to the December 7th game!
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