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  1. Mage


    Would have posted under YC then Went with Psycho, Ambu, Knaus, Buckeye, Snakedoctor, Funk, Jackass, used to have fairly close ties with blackwatch and IPMO guys but we didn't get south very often.
  2. Mage


    Used to be active under another name in the IAA days but it's been close to ten years. Based in Indianapolis now, recently formed a team with some guys from NWI all the way to Louisville. Giving HPA a try this time around. Hopefully someone can fill me in on who's still kicking and the state of the game in the region.
  3. Accidentally contributed a review of my buying experience to another seller's thread. Shipped immediately and shipped quickly, made a deal in minutes and received a tracking number and even included a PTT headset which I didn't expect to receive. 10/10 would bang buy from again
  4. I just realized the package I mentioned came from AceReaper (in fact I will be picking up my items from Ares today in person) Awkward, but the good buying experience still stands.
  5. I think I failed to mention I'll have a +1.
  6. Also received my package today, shipped quickly and everything was in perfect order.
  7. Sounds like a few guys are able to balance teams, so put me down for Tan
  8. Oops, misclicked 'Report' trying to accomplish something else altogether This thread can be closed, it's served its purpose
  9. Need a few basics to get my kit set back up: -GMRS radio of some kind -Headset of some kind -AR pattern AEG, 5.56 * -5.56 mag pouches (tan or green) -radio pouch (prefer tan) -pistol belt with suspenders (prefer green) *Not looking to offer more than 200 or 250 shipped for your used AEG; don't offer a like-new KWA if you don't want to be lowballed Note: Willing to pay shipping costs or FTF in the Lafayette area. Not gonna be on the road for any events currently scheduled
  10. Forget I said anything about it
  11. I quit airsoft around the time of the big fiasco a few years ago. I'm starting to miss shooting some of your asses so I'll see you back on the field as soon as I put my kit back together.
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