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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the health issues as that’s never fun to deal with. I do understand the event attendance issues as I think that’s been a struggle for everyone lately. I hope everything starts getting better for you all. Good luck. ~Joker
  2. Joker

    Hello there!

    Welcome back to the Madhouse. I look forward to playing Airsoft with you soon. Good luck acquiring your new kit and arsenal. ~Joker
  3. Depending on weather and my availability I plan on attending this event. ~Joker
  4. Original post on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1016908341836041/?ti=icl Date: Saturday June 29th Time: 9AM to 6PM Location: 2350 Old in-37, Greenwood, IN 46143, United States Cost: $25 This will be an Open Play type of Airsoft event. For more information and rules check out the event on FB. Feel free to post here if you plan on attending this.
  5. We can always use more Airsoft photographers. Thank you for taking these. Looking forward to seeing you on the field and seeing more of your shots. ~Joker
  6. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday at Spec Ops. I hope to see you and the rest of your family out at more events this year. Also thanks for taking pictures, I can’t wait to see them. Welcome to the madhouse. ~Joker
  7. We have lot of players planning on attending but we don’t know which team they are running. If I had to guess I’d say green will likely outnumber tan. If you know what team you are running please copy and paste the roster and add yourself and your friends to the list. ~Joker
  8. Hey thanks for posting this. And I can’t really disagree with what you’ve said. One advantage (of many) I think we have here is the ability to see all events in one place. It really helps with organization and helps people plan for things a little better. But on the other hand I can see why it would look like FB gets more attention with a lack of posts here lately and a simple “interested” or “attending” button push. I always post here first. And I typically post on FB to try and get people to come back here and engage. I do have an IG that I use for Airsoft but I don’t typically post about events there, maybe I should start. I know HiFi does, I’ve seen it. Maybe I should also create an Airsoft Indiana IG. Believe it or not posting Airsoft Indiana on YouTube also helps a lot. Either in the title of the video, in the tags, and or the description with links. I’ve directed a lot of players here over the years from that. ~Joker
  9. Very nice write up. Maybe we need to host another SAT event for snipers, if there’s enough interest in something like that again. ~Joker
  10. Still a couple weeks out. But keep adding yourself to the roster so I have a better idea of what to expect. Thanks.
  11. I would very much like to attend this. So if scheduling allows and I have good transportation I hope to be there. ~Joker
  12. Hey everyone, I recently went to Spec Ops Group in Martinsville on a random Sunday for some pew pew and it got me thinking. Playing Airsoft outside versus playing Airsoft inside are technically the same thing, but they are also very different. I prefer to play outside, I’m much more comfortable and it’s more my pace of play. But every now and again I like to mix it up and I do like to make sure my CQB skills don’t get too rusty. But here in Indiana our indoor fields are very limited and over the years I've noticed a lot of players who (how shall I put this nicely?) are more Noobs with indoor Airsoft than they may want to admit. I also noticed a lot of players who may think they know what they are doing because they’ve seen some YouTube videos or something and it doesn’t always work like that haha. Now I know for a fact we have several members here who are former Military and or Police who probably have experience doing this in the real world. I also know for a fact that some of us civilians here have been “trained” by those with said experience. With that being said, this is a topic for Airsoft. And what I mean by that is some things that may apply in the real world may not work well in Airsoft and of course vise-versa. What I would like everyone to discuss is their CQB tactics or helpful hints for playing inside to help those that may be somewhat new at it who are looking to improve. My contributions to this firstly is getting out and playing in said indoor environments. Knowledge of tactics is all well and good but in order to be helpful you need to be able to execute those tactics. So get out and play. You will gain experience and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Strength in numbers and COMMUNICATION. Much like playing outside it helps to have a squad to run and gun with. But maybe more important inside than outside is communicating with your teammates. This can really make or break you indoors. Sometimes you need, radios, hand signals, or just straight up yelling but use whatever you can to take advantage. And while you may be able to lone wolf it outside, you have to be pretty lucky or good to try that indoors. Mobility. This one seems like common sense but I still see tons of players using kit that would be used for an all day or even two day event for indoors. Sure there are fields and environments that have both indoor and outdoor elements and if you are playing 8+ hours straight then by all mean kit up with a heavy load. But if you are strictly playing inside, especially if it’s not continuous, then you should definitely lighten your load. Drop the PC for a simple chest rig. You may not need to carry 6-8 mags unless you are super trigger happy. You may not need that backpack with water, snack, and other random stuff when you will be going back to staging once the round is over. You want to be able to move quickly and quietly. Which brings me to my last point... Violence of Action. Perhaps one of my favorite tactics for indoor (and outdoor) use is this. It’s also one that to this very day, even after all of these years, I still find myself struggling with sometimes. But in short and not to get too in-depth on this, it is overwhelming your enemy with fast paced movement and action preferably within a squad. Don’t just stand there, keep pushing forward and taking new and better positions. Now it definitely helps to know what you are actually doing and not just running around like a lunatic. But moving quickly and striking fast and efficiently can be very effective indoors if done properly. Well that’s all I’m going to post for now. I just wanted to get the ball rolling on this subject. Please add more to what I’ve posted or add your own ideas. I may add more later. ~Joker
  13. CONFLICTS 5 Two day Airsoft event Produced by Cobra Airsoft Legion Pre-registration (ends April 29) - $85 Walk-on registration - $90 One day pre-registration (until April 29) - $55 One day walk-on - $65 2 day weapon loadout - $40 Come play with hundreds of local players and teams from across the country in this must attend Airsoft game of the summer. Blastcamp is a national landmark and has been a destination facility for Airsofters for years. This two-day event is proudly brought to you by Valken Airsoft and will feature tanks, medics, pyro, NEW Drone missions and night play in lit up historic buildings from the Cold War. Register Now! From the desk of Cobra Commander Schedule of Events Friday 10:00am – Camping opens 5:00pm – Walk-on registration, chrono, and check-in open 8:00pm – All services close 8-10pm – Player party sponsored by VALKEN AIRSOFT Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying. Saturday 8:00am – All services open 10:30am – Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation 12:00pm - 5:00pm – Game on 5:00 - 7:00 - Dinner Break 7:00 - 10:00pm – Night play (May end earlier or later depending on participation) Sunday 8:00am – All services open 10:00am – Game resumes (be at your base!!) 2:00pm – Game Over 2:20pm – Closing ceremonies, Awards and raffle sponsored by VALKEN AIRSOFT Weapons class and fps limits: Semi-Auto only All weapons will have a ROF cap of 20bps Assault rifles, NO M.E.D. All assault rifles (no matter how they are powered) must not be over 1.5 Joules. Support weapons must be based on a real support weapon. DMR (Designated marksman rifle): 1.86 joules max with 75ft MED Must be permanently altered to semi-auto only. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class fps. Must have an 18in barrel and at least a 2x power scope with single fire only. Red Dot, Reflex cannot be use for sights, again sights must be at least 2x power. Sniper Rifle (bolt action): Max 2.8 joules, 100' MED. Must carry secondary weapon capable of lesser class joule rating. Support Weapons (249. M60, mini-guns, etc.): Allowed full auto with a 50' MED Camo restrictions: REBELS: Tan based - Tan, Desert Digital, Chocolate chip, insurgent(civilian), Black, any tan or brown base COALITION: Green based - ACU, Woodland, Marpat, Tiger, OD Green, multicam, any green base. Tops and bottoms must both be from same color scheme.Bottoms must be pants. Gear color does not matter. You can wear any color gear you wish. Red shirts may only be worn by Cobra Airsoft Legion Staff members. Non player personnel may wear any high vis color other than red. Grenade Launchers, Bazooka, and RPG: Nerf rockets, Tag Projectiles(NO FOAM BALLS) fired from a launcher will have a 30ft kill radius. If BBs are fired from your launcher, anyone hit will be called dead. Any player killed from a launcher strike cannot be healed. RPG, Bazooka, Law, or homemade launcher must be 4ft, and painted to look authentic or military. Players are allowed a maximum of 2 rockets per life. NOTE: CONCRETE IS THE ONLY SAFETY FROM ROCKETS. EXAMPLE: IF A ROCKET GOES IN A WINDOW AND LANDS IN THE ROOM YOUR IN YOU ARE DEAD. Grenades: Thunder B’s and pea grenades have a 20ft kill radius. Tornado grenades, or any other types that spray BBs without an explosion kill by BB contact. 203 launchers, thumper, or small launchers are now considered grenade kills and do not destroy hard cover and have a 20ft kill radius. Tanks: Vehicles must be approved by EO before event and must have a certificate of liability insurance. A walker must accompany vehicle at all times and must be over 18 years of age. Vehicles must go no faster than 5mph, must have a disabled (yellow) flag, and a destroyed (red) flag. When vehicles are disabled, only driver can fire weapon in a 90 degree forward cone. Vehicle can only have a 2 man crew, driver and gunner. Driver must be over 18 years of age. To disable or destroy a vehicle is as follows: Grenade -1 disabled, 2 destroy Rocket - 1 destroys Chemical Weapons: Players are allowed to carry 1 red smoke per life to use for a chemical attack. Any player expoxed to red smoke without a breathing apparatus on their kit are dead without a bleed out time. Medics: All players must carry 2 ace bandages 3ft long. Only Medics can heal players. Medic must wrap Bandages completely, bandages must be secure. Bleed out is optional, however, if players decides to bleed out, he must lay down where hit, do not stand up!! When bleeding out, player can only yell for any medic. Engineers: Engineers are the the only people who can Plant, create, or diffuse explosive devices, examples- timed bombs, C-4, IED, dynamite. There will be one engineer per 8-10 man squad. Any player not a designated engineer will be killed if they touch, move, or try to disarm any explosive devices, as well as anyone within 100ft radius of device. Players must identify devices and contact engineer or H.Q.. Anyone killed by an explosive device cannot be healed. Commanders will assign engineers at the start of the game. FOB and Respawn: Players will respawn on the 15's of every hour of the game. If teams FOB is under attack player cannot respawn. Players will respawn when either attack is averted or FOB is taken over and looted. FOB can be taken over and any medical supplies or explosive devices can be looted. Invading team must clear out FOB to get supplies and explosives. Required EO field gear and EO procedures for events: Staff will chronograph all weapons entering the event. Staff will supply BBs to be used at the chronograph. Staff will perform a safety inspection of basic player kit, including goggles, water, and red rag. Maximum weight for BBs used in AEGs, pistols, shotguns or DMRs is .30gram Maximum weight for BBs used in Bolt action snipers is .43gram Definitions: AEG – Automatic Electric Gun DMR – Designated Marksman Rifle EO – Event Organizer FPS – Feet per Second MED – Minimum Engagement Distance FOB – Forward operating base FPS - Feet per second BPS - Balls per second General Field Rules: Minimum age is 10. All players must sign a waiver and anyone under 18 must have that waiver also signed by a parent/ guardian. All players must check in at registration and receive a players badge or wristbands before they can participate. Non player personnel must also sign waivers Eye protection must be full seal ASTM certified goggles with a strap. Players under 18 are allowed to wear goggles and wire mesh lowers or full facemask. No wire mesh goggles allowed. Goggles should never be removed during game play even in netted HQ areas. If your goggles become fogged, ask for a referee. Weaponry must be made safe by removing the magazine and clearing the hop-up before coming off field. Barrel covers must be used in safe zone. No dry firing in safe zone – Chronograph area available for testing weaponry. Respect of property, equipment, and other players is required. Any conduct done with malicious intent will result in the offender being banned from our facility and the authorities will be called. Homemade fireworks and pyrotechnics are not allowed. Commercially produced cold smoke grenades, pea grenades and similar items are allowed at the EO’s discretion. RED smoke is a protected color Radio eavesdropping is not allowed unless permitted in the scenario by the EO. Metal or glass ammunition is not permitted. Bio preferred but not required. Real weapons, including firearms and large fixed blade knives cannot be permitted on the property. If you are hit, announce your hit and place kill rag on your head. Players are to follow game protocol. Only call your own hits! “Dead Men Don't Talk” - anyone who is caught talking when dead will automatically kill any live players that player is spotted talking to. CQB engagement - This event will have no minimum engagement distances, that means you may be shot up close. "bang" kills for shots less than 10ft ARE NOT required as they are at our standard event. Discretion should be used for younger players. No overshooting or blind firing - always look down the barrel before and while shooting No running into or through buildings - floors are often slippery No climbing, changing, or moving of trees, or any structures. Do not stick head out or climb through windows. Players should wear adequate clothing including personal protection No verbal abuse, profanity, name calling, or slurs of any kind. No physical contact allowed. Please do not shoot any animals or game personnel Alcohol and narcotics are not allowed at Blastcamp Register Now! Register Now! Concession Schedule and menu You may bring your own food and drinks, we also have a few places that will deliver to us (ask staff for details). We are located within a 5 minute drive of a variety of food places from Steakhouses to fast casual. Below is the menu and schedule for our on-site food service. Friday 5:00pm – 8pm open for drinks, snacks 8:00pm – All services close 8-10pm – Player party BBQ sponsored by VALKEN AIRSOFT Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying. Saturday 8:00am – Open for coffee, drinks, snacks 10:30 - 11:00 – CLOSED during Opening ceremonies and mandatory player orientation 10:30 – Open for Lunch 5:00pm – 7:00pm - Dinner Break 7:00pm – 10pm - open for drinks, snacks Sunday 8:00am – Concessions open for Coffee, breakfast items, drinks, snacks 10:30am – 2:00pm - Open for Lunch 2:20pm – Closing ceremonies, Awards and raffle sponsored by VALKEN AIRSOFT MENU ALA CARTE DRINKS - $2 COFFEE - $1 Chicago Finest Vienna Beef HOT DOGS - $2.50 CHEESEBURGER - $4 CHIK-FIL-A SANDWICH- $5 (Sat only) PIZZA SLICE - $3 ITALIAN BEEF - $7 NACHOS W/ CHEESE - $3 ICE CREAM - $1 SLUSHEE - $3 MEAL DEALS CHIK-FIL-A MEAL (Sandwich, Chips, 20oz drink) - $7 **available Saturday only** CHEESEBURGER MEAL (Sandwich, chips, and 20oz drink) - $6 HOT DOG MEAL (1 Hot Dog, Chips, 20oz Drink) - $6 PAPA JOHNS PIZZA MEAL (2 slices, 20oz Drink) - $7 *This is not my event, I am simply posting for everyone to see. ~Joker
  14. So the necro posting thing... there are a few ways to take it. All forum rules such as that are basically up to Mod discretion as to whether or not they will give you a warning or whatever. Generally though if you are adding new or useful information to the topic or discussion regardless of how old the topic is, you are good. Another option is to simply start a new topic to restart discussions and simply post the link to the original post for reference. And while our forums here may not seem lively with new discussions all the time, as someone who regularly attends a variety of events, I assure you our community is still growing and active. ~Joker
  15. Feel free to post your games in our event section, that’s what it is for after all. When I started hosting games in Bloomington 21 years ago they were very very small lol. But you have to start somewhere. Now IMPACT’s annual Noob Day event averages 75 players with the biggest being about 150. Looking forward to playing with you all. Welcome to the madhouse. ~Joker
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