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  1. Standard Boneyard Event. Gates open 0900 Safety brief at 1015, Games start at 1030 Day wraps at 1600 Cost: $10 Minimum age 13 If under 18 waiver must be signed by parent or guardian and must wear full face protection (lower mesh,paintball mask, iron face). If under 16 must be accompanied by adult for entirety of event (adult does not need to play, but must remain on site). Game types will be some of the following CTF Juggernaut Assault VIP Downed pilot PJ Medic Territories Infection Golden Gun Hold the Barn Artillery Don't be a dick, call your hits When hit, yell "HIT" loudly, pull out death rag, raise your arm/ gun. If you suspect someone of cheating, do not confront them. tell a referee. they will perform a ref check. If you are caught cheating First time we will make you respawn. Second time, you will be pulled from that game Third time you may be sent home and possibly asked not to come back (at discretion of Cadillac, Owner of the Boneyard) HPA tanks must have tournament lock Field info www.BoneyardAirsoft.com
  2. VFA - Veterans For Airsoft TERMINATOR MEETS APOCALYPSE Charity Event MISSION IS TO RAISE FUNDS NEEDED TO PURCHASE AN EQUIPMENT TRAILER & BASE X-305 TENT. 2 Days of AIRSOFT PLAY NIGHT MISSION Camping, Event Patch, & Raffle Ticket Friday Pizza Party & Bonfire Vendor Row Food Vendor *************Veterans************** 1/2 price tickets - enroll with VFA through our website & then message the Facebook page for your discount code. Game Objective - Scavenge, Gather, Evade & Survive. Situation: After 40 Years of Civil unrest, ‘MERICA fell. As government infrastructure dwindled into nothing; Marshall Law failed to keep order. There was one Company that’s innovation had thought to keep ORDER. MUSKadyne Industries was the leading Security and Intelligence…. BOTnet being the brainchild of billionare Elon Muskadyne would forward deploy DRONES to allow insight into the current situation. Hopes were high as BOTnet took over security of ‘MERICA. The world as we know it had changed forever. With limited supplies and even limited resources Clans fought to survive and gather supplies in Bristol Wisconsin. BOTnet stayed intact and casualties were in high numbers. As the weeks past, BOTnet presence diminished to nothing as all supplies dried up. The CLANS began to rebuild, finding groups of local survivors to join their ranks. The Turks and the Regulators dropped their years of feud to band together after the Regulators clan leader was taken out early in the days of Bristol. Rumor spread that there was an old military outpost called Fort Sherwood located roughly 100 miles southeast. A chance to find a Seed Bank, Medical Dispensary, Armory, and the Mobile Uplink for BOTnet. Muskadyne Industries has been rebuilding and it is believed the new operations are taking place near Fort Sherwood. Survivors will work together with their CLAN to accomplish Daily Tasks, Stay Alive, and finally bring down the BOTnet Program. CHOOSE YOUR CLAN! SLICKERS – Inner city kids who have survived on their own and are FERAL. Uniform is HOODIE & Yellow Identifiers BOOTLEGGERS – Whats left of the working class has now turned to running goods and illegal trade. Uniform is BLUE FLANNEL. TURKS – Woodsmen, Survivalist, and Paramilitary unit who have banded together to pool resources. Uniform is any TAN/GREEN/HUNTER CAMO. BOTNET – Terminators deployed by MUSKadyne Systems to destroy all resistance. Uniform is FULL BLACK with FULL FACE protection. BARREL SOCKS ON... see Mama J Customs to pre-order your barrel sock. HITSTICKS are recommended to ease medic rules... see Rootiment Arms to pre-order your HitStick HiFi Re-Supply will be onsite for all your airsoft needs and rentals. Birds of Prey will be the pyro vendor providing Enola Gaye products. See Birds of Prey for pre-orders. GAME RULES ********* BARREL SOCKS ON********** Uniform -Remain in Uniform to match your Clan -Full Apocalypse load-outs must maintain Uniform requirements -Gear color does not matter Chrono Limits -All weapons will chrono .32g bb Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols = 1.55 joules with NO MED LMG = 1.86 joules with 50ft MED DMR = 2.1 joules with 75ft MED Sniper = 2.8 joules with 100ft MED Rules 1. Don't be a D*ck 2. Call your HITS!!! 3. See rule # 1 -BARREL SOCKS ON -No cheating, good sportsmanship is always better for the community -Approved Full Seal Eye Pro (ANSI Z rated) must be worn at all times in game area -Under 18 must have full face protection -NO MESH EYE PRO -BARREL SOCKS ON -All weapons used in game must pass chrono and be tagged NO EXEMPTIONS -All Hits to players body count as a kill including gear -Gun hits do not count -Friendly fire counts -When Hit CALL YOUR HIT and pull dead rag, lay down and follow medic rule -Dead men don’t talk -BARREL SOCKS ON -All weapons with exception of LMG must remain on SEMI -Clan Camps can be captured -Mobile Casualty Collection points can be captured -No physical contact between players -Searching is conducted by verbal command “SEARCHING” -BARREL SOCKS ON ***************************************** ***BOTnet Hit Rules*** Terminators are constructed of high alloy metals and deemed indestructible. They cannot be defeated while the BOTnet uplink is intact. TO DISABLE - 3 or more shooters? (30sec down) -Head shot (30sec down) -LMG fire (30sec down) -Grenade (Instant Kill, respawn, no bleed out time) ***************************************** Schedule Gates Open Friday 1200hrs Friday Reg/Chrono 1700 – 1900 Friday Pizza Party/Bonfire - 1900-2100 Saturday Play 1000 – 1800 Saturday Night Mission 2000-2100 Sunday Play 0900 - 1300 Raffle 1330 Gates Close Sunday 1600 We look forward to hosting another amazing charity event and raising funds to help complete our 2020 MISSION. "CONNECTING VETERANS WITH MILSIM"
  3. HTK OUTDOOR PLAY 13706 E 550 S Loogootee, IN Saturday, January 4 Noon to 3:00ish LETS CELEBRATE THE NEW YEAR TOGETHER WITH A LITTLE PEW PEW *Copied from HTK’s FB event. ~Joker
  4. Birds of Prey Date: 04JAN2020 Cost: $30 Location: Sherwood Forest: 3497 N US Highway 35 La Porte, Indiana 46350 2020 NEW RULE FOR SHERWOOD FOREST •As of 2020 Sherwood Forest is implementing a new rule for airsoft scenario and open play dates coming with the new year. This new rule entails a minimum of 10 players per event for Sherwood Forest to open their doors to us airsofters along with players pre registering for all scenarios/open plays held at Sherwood Forest. https://www.sherwoodpaintball.com/airsoft
  5. Copied from FB... Due to popular demand...December 28th Bring ALL your Christmas Bang Bang Presents! Hopefully The Rain Pushes Back! Cause We Got Something New For YOU To Discover 😎 11am - 5pm 11555 Hwy 50 West Bedford, IN 47421 FIELD RULES: 1. ZERO TOLERANCE NO PROFANITY 2. SAFETY FIRST EYEWEAR REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES OUTSIDE STAGING AREA! 3. Smoking in Designated Area Only. 4. Keep your weapon unloaded and safety on till ready and given permission to load weapon(s) 5. Keep finger off trigger till sights are on intended target(s) 6. Keep eyes open for animals or people that may wonder onto the range. 7. Make sure everyone around you follows the safety rules. 8. No real firearms on the range. 9. NO CHEATING & CALL YOUR HITS!!! 10. ADMINS HAVE FINAL SAY FPS/JOULE limits are hard and non-negotiable, ZERO EXCEPTIONS ⚠️All weapons are held to a 30 RPS Limit⚠️ Rifle: Standard AEG or HPA replica weapon. Includes any service rifle replicas such as an M4, AR, AK, AUG, SCAR, HK416, Galil, L85, etc….�1.55 joules .25 gram BB – AEG�.32 gram BB – HPA (0ft MED)�Semi-auto only at all times�All regulators must have tournament locks or be zip tied and sealed with tamper tape. SMG: A magazine fed, semi-automatic replica carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges. Includes the MP40, M1A1, M3, Uzi, MP5, MAC 10, P90, MP7, etc…. 1.00 joules .25 gram BB – AEG .32 gram BB – HPA (0ft MED)�Semi-Auto Only All regulators must be tournament locked or zip tied and sealed with tamper tape. DMR: Unlike sniper rifles, DMRs are always semi-automatic replica rifles, typically have a larger magazine capacity and are fitted with a bipod and optic. Preferable to have a replica that holds a 7.62 sized magazine. Includes the HK417, SR-25, G3, M14 EBR, Mk 12 SPR, M16A4, SVD, etc….�2.1 joules .25 gram BB – AEG�.32 gram BB – HPA�(75ft MED) Semi-auto only must have an optic and a bipod. All regulators must be tournament locked or zip tied and sealed with tamper tape. Pistol: Any standard semi-automatic or revolver replica used as a secondary side arm.�Gas blow-back pistols do not require a chrono tag. Fully automatic pistols and non-blow-back (CO2) pistols must be chronoed.�1.55 joules�.25 gram BB – AEG�.32 gram BB – HPA (0ft MED) The field is not exactly set-up for a true sniper role at this time. For more info find them on FB: Mission 12 Tactical Tag
  6. Generally Airsoft players may have to do a bit of traveling to attend events. There are events and places to play all over the state. Keep an eye on our event section for upcoming events. Welcome to the madhouse. ~Joker
  7. It had been a long time since I last did a video review. So the other day I had a chance to put something together and I gave it a go. Even threw on a silly hat for good measure. ~Joker
  8. Roster: (2) Joker  gtwr60000 - green... probably
  9. 💥IMPACT Open Play💥 IMPACT Open Play Date: 22DEC2019 (Sunday) Time: 11:00AM to 5:00PM Location: Joker's Circus in Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140) Cost: Free Relaxed open play style games. Simple game types. The rules for this particular event will be very relaxed. We may or may not even chronograph weapons. Full seal eye protection is NOT required. However if you choose to wear shooting glasses I request that they at least have a retention strap. And if you still have not filled out an IMPACT waiver I do still need that. I noticed the lack of events so I'm trying to help out and give everyone another opportunity to pew pew. It’s going to potentially be very cold and even snowy so be prepared for bad weather. IMPACT Waiver: http://airsoftindiana.proboards.com/thread/72/release-form Feel free to use any props that are already out on the field for your games. As far as teams you guys can do green vs tan or just wear whatever you want and divide up on game day. Vehicles with 4WD should park inside the gate. Guns should be kept out of sight of the road and passing traffic. Please pick up after yourself, I don't want to find a bunch of trash on the field. I reserve the right to cancel this event due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Copy and past to add or remove yourself from the roster. Roster: (0) ~Joker
  10. Wow. They look great. I know sometimes painting something with various surfaces, like the rails for example, can be difficult. You nailed it though. Thanks for the wonderful write up as well, very helpful info. I don’t mind the ridiculous paint jobs as long as they are done well lol. ~Joker
  11. Hey everyone just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving! Are any of you taking advantage of the Black Friday deals going on and getting some new Airsoft guns, gear, or accessories? Maybe some real steel stuff? Most of my money these days goes to my kids. I have my eye on a couple little things for Airsoft but it’s not anything too exciting. I may go grab some 9mm, 22lr, and 7.62x39 if I can. ~Joker
  12. Joker


    Oh wow there’s a name I haven’t heard in a minute. Welcome back! I hope to run into you again soon. ~Joker
  13. Welcome. There used to be a team from that area. I think most of them played at Silver Spur in Princeton. ~Joker
  14. IMPACT OP: Scarecrow 3 DATE: Sunday October 13th 2019 LOCATION: Joker's Circus in Bloomington IN (39.192064, -86.578140) COST: $FREE TIME: Game starts at 11AM and ends at 5PM. End time is approximate. We MIGHT also be grilling food! So feel free to bring some food and or drink with you. You may also attend just to hang out and eat, you don't have to play. Rules: IMPACT skirmish rules apply unless otherwise noted. An IMPACT waiver is needed if you do not already have one on file (please bring it with you as I may not have extras). Full seal ANSI rated goggles must be worn at all times by all players. All guns must shoot 350 FPS and under. Semi auto is preferred. A full face mask or covering is highly recommend. 3 AEG midcaps per person and no loose ammo. No limit on shotgun shells or handgun mags. Grenades that shower bbs are allowed, one per player. Zombies when hit will take a knee for 30 seconds (counted out loud) then may resume play as a zombie. Zombies can run but must be careful. A zombie touching a survivor indicates "infection" and then turns that survivor into a zombie for the duration of that round. When a survivor is turned he can ether set his weapons down somewhere or he can just sling them. There is a 30 second "bleed out" time (must be counted out loud) before a turned player can resume play as a zombie. "Boss Zombies" must be killed using special means which will be told to the survivors when needed. No gun? No problem! Given the game's severe resource deprivation and fps restrictions, we are allowing the use of staff approved LARP-safe melee weapons. Boffer/foam/latex/nerf weapons are allowed. Rubber knives will not be permitted. One squad will act as survivors to try and complete all objectives while all other squads will act as zombies. Once a squad has finished, the game will reset and the next squad will be rotated in. All players will be both zombies and survivors (unless you want to be a zombie only). *If all squads complete the course and we finish "early" then we may give those who failed another attemp or we will play skirmish type games until everyone is done playing. -Best dressed survivor & zombie award? -I am sure I am forgetting a few things so feel free to ask questions. Squads (4-12 players) Squad 1 Squad 2 Squad 3: Squad 4: Zombie Only: Joker Food Only: ~Joker
  15. Copied from FB: Static Insulator is our first installment of our new series BLACKOUT. It is a RPG style game, that will be taking place at Indy Paintball battleground. HIFi Resupply will be on site for your airsoft needs. Enola Gaye will be sold ON and off the field. Details will be released this week.Cost of game is $45 7:30~Gates/Check In 8:00~Chrono Open 9:30~Game Briefing 10:00~Game Start 12:00~Lunch Break 1:00~Game Resumes 4:00~Last Chance 4:30~Game end 4:40~Closing Blackout Op: Static Insulator In the year 2039, on the ten-year anniversary of the catastrophe that knocked out the national power grid, a rebellious uprising has started to unfold. The United Armed Forces (UAF) has significantly taken over what was at one time the United States of America. Taking advantage of those less fortunate everywhere they travel. Setting outposts to dictate the citizens lives, rations, weapons and ammunition. Leaving it very difficult for the people to protect themselves and their families. Many have lost their loved ones over the past few years. Rumor has it that “The Fallen” (civilians) have made serious progress in learning who is in control of the military agenda. Life has been a struggle without electricity, no communication or entertainment. Disease and exposure have become rampant. Finding out who is running our country now, acquiring electronics that haven’t been damaged by the EMP is beginning to look optimistic. If we can find the items we need to make radio contact, maybe, just maybe we can stand to fight another day and learn who has committed these terrible acts to our country. Matt Cauthon is another name that has gained a strange reputation as of late. His bias to The Fallen has been proven time and time again but rumors still circulate that he may have external ties still in place with the UAF. His background is mysterious and only tales that seem to have no beginning or end surround him. Tales of Matt Cauthon receiving arms munition from the underground market and selling them to the highest bidder have already been validated but his uncanny ways have led him to gain favor in the eyes of Gov. Quinn none the less. While Matt Cauthon’s intentions are still questionable one thing is for certain…he is still one that Gov. Quinn can count on for munition supplies with the little money The Fallen do possess. Frasier Quinn and Nick Micheals were in the military together, as specialist operators building machinery and outposts, as their dislike for their commander grew, so did their friendship. After the EMP knocked out the electrical grid. Frasier and Nick left the UAF and started the seemingly impossible task of rebuilding society on their terms. Governor Frasier Quinn has led The Fallen in and out of UAF territory stealing back food and other supplies. People have been saying that possibilities of him already having radio contact may turn out to be true after all. Although life is beginning to look up, the UAF still owns all the land. It’s time for The Fallen forces to change that. We need to take back our country that our forefathers fought so valiantly for. The up rise of The Fallen starts with gathering short wave radio communications, food, supplies, and ammunition. Will today be the day The Fallen gather enough intel to devise a plan to bring power back to their ravished community? https://www.facebook.com/events/393604181358771/?ti=icl ~Joker
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