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  1. After attending Joliet Liberation 3, I can say I am interested in attending Pandora's Box 9. I may be running tan or green. Who knows. Depends on what my friends (if any) run. They usually run tan so I'll probably run tan, too.
  2. Fang for sure, plus potentially two friends. We'd like to run with IMPACT (Team 1 I presume). Also, I know Rooster (Joker you know him) and a few guys (and gal) from Demolition Airsoft will be in attendance.
  3. Greetings, all. Thank you for attending OR&J1! I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Anyways, this is the AI forum's AAR (After-Action Report/Review) where we discuss what went well, what didn't go well, and how I can improve future events/games. I will admit that this event was disorganized. I am not going to dismiss that fact. So if you felt his event was disorganized, please let me know. For starters, what do you think went well? What do you think did not go well? What did you like/dislike? What would you have done differently if you ran the event? Any other comments?
  4. Debrief tomorrow at 0930 at the latest. Storms tomorrow. We'll be taking a lunch break when the storms roll in and wait them out. If they can be waited out, weather's been all over the place today. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.
  5. Hey, Fox. Since it is chambered in 5.56, it would not be considered a SMG, but Rawhide did permit weapons under 1 joule to fire full if the user wishes. Therefore, I will permit it. If anyone gives you grief about it, come to me. I'll be the first one there, and you'll know who I am by the time the game begins, but I'll be running LBX PHC with a black plate carrier if you see me before the event starts. I'll introduce myself to everyone upon arrival, of course. Anyways, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! Supposed to be some afternoon showers, but that won't stop most of us. Again, bring rain gear, dry clothes, and a trash bag for wet clothes/gear. Maybe even some extra shoes/boots in case yours get muddy.
  6. SolaireFlare: Yes - it's looking at about 40-50 now. Can't guarantee an exact number, though! ez71pilot: Yes! This event is open to new players! In fact, it was originally molded around inviting new players into the series and the amazing hobby of Airsoft! We'd love to have you in attendance. Waivers are available here: https://explorebrowncounty.checkfront.com/reserve/document/?template_id=3&id=SZGR-280219 For "Company or Group Name," please put Operation Summer Tears.
  7. Just realized the waiver links are broken. I will call them tomorrow and find the waivers. I'm unable to find them on their website...
  8. Brandon, right now it's looking like it'll be about 30-40 players total in attendance. I recommend you check out Operation Summer Tears on Facebook for event updates. We're trying to decide if this should be a FOF or game-mode event. Either one is fine by me, but I'm seeing much less "new" players interested and more experienced players interested in this event. The field is adaptable and moldable to fit any game style. I've run all kinds of events at this field.
  9. Joker, good to hear! Thank you for changing the date in title, as well! I understand hectic life schedule! It'd be great to see you if you can make it though! We missed you at Rawhide, BTW.
  10. Final date change - I swear. It's now March 9th, 2019 from 9am to 7pm. Joule/FPS rules (taken directly from Operation Rawhide 2 this past month): • Rifle: Standard AEG or HPA replica weapon. Includes any service rifle replicas such as an M4, AR, AK, AUG, SCAR, HK416, Galil, L85, etc….1.55 joules.25 gram BB – AEG.32 gram BB – HPA o 0ft MEDSemi-auto only at all times • SMG: A magazine fed, fully automatic replica carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges.Includes the MP40, M1A1, M3, Uzi, MP5, MAC 10, P90, MP7, etc….1.00 joules.25 gram BB – AEG.32 gram BB – HPA0ft MEDFull auto allowed • Support Weapon: A replica weapon used to give infantry squads or sections a portable source of fully automatic firepower. Often selective fire, fitted with a bipod. Includes the M60, Stoner, M27, RPK, L86, HK417, Minimi, etc…. o 1.86 joules o .25 gram BB – AEG.32 gram BB – HPA50ft MEDFull auto allowed outdoors (must be select fire on semi to shoot indoors to indoors)Box or winding mags allowedAll regulators will be zip tied and sealed with tamper tape. (Which we provide) • DMR: Unlike sniper rifles, DMRs are always semi-automatic replica rifles, typically have a larger magazine capacity and are fitted with a bipod and optic. Preferable to have a replica that holds a 7.62 sized magazine. Includes the HK417, SR-25, G3, M14 EBR, Mk 12 SPR, M16A4, SVD, etc….2.1 joules.25 gram BB – AEG.32 gram BB – HPA75ft MEDSemi-auto only • Bolt Action Sniper: A long range, precision replica rifle with a bolt action, and telescopic sight. Includes the M40, M24, Barrett, CheyTac, etc….3.6 joules.32 gram BB100ft MEDSemi-auto only • Pistol: Any standard semi-automatic or revolver replica used as a secondary side arm.Gas blow-back pistols do not require a chrono tag.Fully automatic pistols and non-blow-back (CO2) pistols must be chronoed.1.55 joules.25 gram BB – AEG.32 gram BB – HPA o 0ft MED ***Patches will be sold separately from event entrance price to help pay for our Ohio event this summer!***
  11. Bad news. This event has been postponed. I have fallen very ill with the flu and will not be able to make it. On the Facebook page there is a poll with possible future dates. But since you're the only one to reply, I can just ask here: will the 23rd of February work for you and the pluses? EDIT: The event has been officially rescheduled to the 23rd of February. Mods, please change date in title to 02/23/2019. Re-EDIT: If you could, do you think you could get an accurate headcount of how many people are planning on coming with your friend's team? I'd like an accurate headcount before the event so I know what to expect.
  12. I'm getting very little interest on Facebook, but have a few confirmed coming. I'd like to know if anyone else is planning on attending so I can get an accurate headcount.
  13. Greetings AI. I am planning an open play "bring your GF/wife/crush to an airsoft event" and have some fun slinging BBs. It won't be anything special. Just some guys and gals having some airsoft fun. I've got a ton of gamemodes planned. Cannot guarantee how much fun you may or may not have, though. Date: February 9th, 2019 Time: 9am to 7pm with breaks in between games and a lunch break. Location: eXplore Brown County in Nashville, IN Price: $10 (goes directly to XBC - not me) Guns will not be supplied. BBs will not be supplied. Biodegradeable BBs only, though! HPA is available on site (it's partially a paintball field, so take away what you will from that statement) for a (I think) $2 fee. There will not be any vendors on site, but food and drinks are available from XBC. My last "open-play" was a complete flop. I drove an hour to, an hour from, and spent two hours waiting for any unresponsive players to show up. So it was just me wasting five hours of my time on a Saturday plus gas money for an event in which I was the only attendee. I am going to request at least a couple people say they can come. I've made events work with five people before. As long as no other field double-schedules with me, I think I can get some friends out to the field. If not, I'll cancel the event. I don't want to waste your time or mine. Also, if we get a bad snow/ice storm, I will cancel the event due to safety reasons both for myself and you. I recommend you bring radios. This will not be a full-field event. I am expecting a lot of new players to the field who are not used to the treacherous Nashville hills and ravines and the insane amount of walking you'll be doing. Please wear comfortable hiking shoes or boots. Blisters are not fun. When I say full-field event, I mean we will not be utilizing the entire 70-80 acres at once. We will play different fields, but boundaries are nearly limitless. So if you the game takes you from Energy to Alien Crash Site to Research (I call it water-tower), so be it. Also, I recommend you bring a cooler with any drinks you'll want. I will not be providing drinks or food at this event. Even though this is advertised as a paintball field, they only use the three front fields. We have the entire rest of the fields behind them to our disposal so there is no need to worry about paint getting on your gear! Maps available here and here. Waivers must be filled out prior to event and can be found here. EDIT: It should be noted that you do not need to bring your GF. It's only an opportunity.
  14. hrturner, hahahaha! Yes, I will definitely let you all know how it goes.
  15. Fang

    G&g Magazine Help

    Nox, thank you. I will look into both of those options tomorrow if the tape doesn't work. I put three layers of tape on this evening, went outside to do some test runs, and was disappointed to see it did not work. I added another layer on tonight and will try again tomorrow. Also, I cleaned and lubed my rifle for the first time in using it for... four years now? I made quite a mess... 10 years of Airsoft experience and I just recently discovered the wonders of gun/gear maintenance. Chalk the past four years up to pure laziness. I've known for years now I needed to do it, I just didn't. And boy did I have a lot of cleaning and greasing to do. But it looks so nice now... minus the lube stains on my magwell and metal mag. Back on topic, the mags I currently own hold too many BBs for Berget, and the mags I know will fit and feed well also hold too many rounds. Berget has a strict no more than 100 rd capacity magazine rule. EDIT: Even so, I still plan on buying the G&G midcaps I know will fit properly in my magwell for all other stateside games.
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