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  1. haha i was going for that title!!!! sweet!!! i really dont know if i can go to any cause my parents dont like airsoft....so i really dont know what im going to do till november when i can drive
  2. haha sorry jeff, kinda used to not using correct grammer on this ol computer device here, lol, but ill try and i dont know when ill be on a field in indiana cause i dont live close to any, the closest is kokomo, and i still dont know if i can go to one of the games there
  3. yo its tino!!!! whats up man!
  4. hewy everyone my name is chase, but my airsoft name is cheese ive played airsoft many years i think 7 or 8 but started getting into REAL airsoft not using those darn springers untill my 3rd or 4th year in, but they where crao dicks ones or from wally world. i recently got a airsoftgi g4-a3 for cristmas, but sence then ive upgraded alot, i have a berral extention, rail covers, holo sight, 2 pmags, and magpuls, the real ones not the lil cheap make ur own deals...so hit me up if you ever want to play
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