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  1. Figure I'd update this since I heard new information from the owner RJ. The indoor will be closing down soon, they're wanting to focus more on the outdoor arena while they get a new location for the indoor. Wasn't told a date when they'd be shutting down the current location, but if you were wanting to check it out you should do it fairly soon.
  2. I'm looking to purchase a SIG 552 stock, they're sold out everywhere online so this is my last resort. Preferably would like a tan stock but at this point I just need a replacement for my broken one so black would work too.
  3. If anything, HPA could actually increase realism. Attach a cream-filled banana (if you don't know what that is, look it up) and you'll be hearing mouse farts for days; can't do that with an AEG. I thought the tank and line would be a nuisance when I first played, but like Snuffles said, it's barely noticeable when you get out onto the field.
  4. Interesting idea, can't believe I never thought of it before, as I use Discord for almost everything nowadays. While it would be a different platform to use, the layout would most likely be the same as this forum, so I don't see much of a reason to create a separate form of communication. Good idea though, and if somebody did it then I'd most likely join, just don't see a reason to spend hours setting up a proper Discord channel when we already have this forum.
  5. Fox, read the mod's comment in this chat. This is a classified page, if you wanna ask questions/share opinions, do so in the appropriate categories, not on a place where a member is trying to sell something.
  6. Indy Paintball Battleground 2350 South State Rd 37, Greenwood, Indiana 46143 Basics till we get player pack put together. Full seal anzi 87 rated eye pro REQUIRED. NO STAMPED STEEL OR WIRE MESH ALLOWED. Lower face protection REQUIRED. Lower face protection needs to cover the face. Wire mesh suggested. Date: December 2nd Gates open: 9am est Game start: 10:30 am Game end: 4pm ish Cost: 30 dollars Player pack: TBA *NOTICE* I am not an organizer for this event, nor have any say in what happens at this event. I'm just posting it on the forums, as I don't believe anybody had put it on here yet.
  7. Yeah, I've known about that one, I went to their original field when they had just started up. Haven't been to the new one location, but I also don't like having to buy their bbs on top of a $25 entry fee. I know it's not up to them for the bbs, as it's their insurance, just still sucks you can't use your own. I know that there's always a bunch of talk about fields, and that normally that's all it is, but I figured I'd still ask anyway. Trying to find some indoor places to play for the winter, but seems like the Spec Ops one is my only option within a 2-3 hour drive.
  8. First off, welcome to the forums! Make sure to take a look around and figure out where to find everything, and check out the rules as well. So to answer your question, I'd recommend playing some casual games before you start getting into MilSim ops, figure out how the game works and get the basics down. Once you do that then I'd say start playing some MilSim-esque games, especially because MilSim can get expensive with all the gear and cost of entry. Figure out what you like running, and go from there. I'd say try and go to as many games as possible here in the next month or so, because come early December is when "offseason" starts for airsoft, and events normally don't start back up until late February, early March. Also, I don't know if you did research on your gun or not, but very solid choice. CYMA makes some of the best AKs on the market, they can go to Hell and back and still function flawlessly. Again, welcome to the forums, and hope to see you out on the field!
  9. Yeah, I know of that one, there's been talk of I think 2 more possibly getting work started on, just was wondering if anything happened with it.
  10. Hey guys, been a while since I've been active in these forums, just been lurking since I've been way too busy over the summer to attend events. I know that there was some talk about new indoor fields being built in Indiana, but I haven't seen anything else about the projects in a while. Does anybody have any updated info on those, or have the attempts to build another indoor died out?
  11. I'll be there, sadly gonna be my first and last game of the summer, then back to school I go.
  12. RIP, so much for me using my new bolt-action. Pretty sure she's shootin around 580 fps.
  13. Just a heads-up for those that haven't been, the field gets especially muddy when wet. I've been there during situations like this weekend where snow has fallen the day before, and the main field was like a slip n' slide, so make sure to bring a change of clothes if you don't want mud in your car. P.S. Mud does make for some very tacticool maneuvers, so it's not all bad
  14. I will definitely be there, looking forward to playing again after a year away from the sport
  15. Definitely gonna try to make this, Russian for me. Would love to try and get a DM/Sniper squad going, just gotta purchase the final parts to my DMR and then I'll be set.
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