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  1. Now that we've come full circle and are back on topic... May 11 after the game sounds as good a time as any. Edited crap.
  2. Fun times can be had if you roll with fun people. In, haven't decided on team yet, tho.
  3. Yeah, well. Six syllables in a name is a mouth full of marbles. xD Welcome back to the fold. May you shoot all the things.
  4. I got one. Last year, I posted a Halloween idea in the planning section. I got a little feedback... But some lines with people went silent, and I didn't have the traction needed. However, this is a new year, with new chances. I mean, I s'pose I could just plan everything from behind curtains, and just spring it on people... Hm. Look for an event later in the year from me.
  5. I'll see if I can't lock in the date. Been a hot minute, and I need trigger time.
  6. Note to self: Probably won't be "that guy" "next time".
  7. Hidey ho, neighbor. Welcome to airsoft. I can tell you right now from some cold experience that https://www.evike.com/products/60167/ Are the best tri shot blasters for your dollar. Spring, specifically. If you feel inclined, you could go for the full metal versions of any of the listed models, for a few dollars more. I have had the short pistol-grip one for, oh, 2-ish years, and is reliable as all get out. As for handguns, I too, have bear claws and have personally settled with the Elite Force H8R. Most skirmishable revolver ever. Lack of a hop up is it's only real con. Hope what paltry info I have shared may be of assistance.
  8. . Of course. Well, if I can get enough collaborators, I got a sweet idea for an event. One lone wolf can only do so much.
  9. Thanks RG, they look swell. Please send my thanks!
  10. It feels like I'm that guy this time around. Cool. By this time last year we had already had our meeting... Yet this year is silence. Let's kill it. What topics must be brought up? Where do we wanna chill? When? C'mon folks, let's do this.
  11. I need a rebound game. Heck, I need to pewpew in general. I'm in.
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