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  1. Will do my best. If anyone is bringing radios, let me know.
  2. Posted with permission, on behalf of Birds of Prey Armory, LLC Via https://www.facebook.com/events/549583628808041/ Promo image posted with permission of HiFi Resupply Operation: Door Kicker! Hosted by: Birds Of Prey Armory Location: 215 N pleasant ST., ST. Milroy, IN 46156 More specifically: G+ Code: FGXH+FV Milroy, Indiana Time: Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 10 AM – 4 PM.This is a pre-township multi-story school, Built in 1913. Layout will be a bit different from modern highschools. It consists of three stories, including an auditorium with a stage, countless rooms and long hallways. Current AO is indoor only. It is quite a big area of play with some tight corners, long hallways, and three separate staircases that all go from the bottom floor to the top for all those sneaky guys who like to get the drop on Opfor.Here's some footage from their soft opening:https://youtu.be/2QuXBtWeq0k Grand Opening Day HiFi Resupply will be on site with rentals, gear, and whatever else you may need. There will also be a raffle/giveaway at the end of the day! Sponsored by BG Airsoft! Gameplay: TDM rescue hostage Breach and clear, And more. Tickets: $30 Pre-registered players will receive 2 raffle tickets. Pre-registration Payments- PayPal: Daniel.t.trusty@gmail.com Make sure to put OPERATION:DOOR KICKER and names of players in the notes!! Player cap: 70 Get your tickets before they run out! Brand new field! There will NOT be extra raffle tickets for sale, if you'd like more, a Pre-registration ticket will net you 2 total. This way, you are guaranteed admittance while giving the EO a baseline headcount. Rules and regulations will be released soon, will likely see the most up to date information on the event page at Facebook. Preliminary Rules/Regulations 400fps or 1.48JThis location is an old high school built in 1913. Located in a residential area, All airsoft platforms will need to be transported via gunbag. The area is aware of this new business, but we need to respect the neighborhood. Thank you.
  3. I mean, field boundaries should always be on the mind, especially when there's no refs present. :/
  4. Mirroring from Facebook. Unaffiliated (Image Credit: HiFi Resupply, Facebook) Open play this Sunday! Gates open at 10am Free to play but we are accepting donations to help maintain the field. Gates open 0900 Safety brief at 1015, Games start at 1030 Day wraps at 1600 Minimum age 13 If under 18 waiver must be signed by parent or guardian and must wear full face protection (lower mesh,paintball mask, iron face). If under 16 must be accompanied by adult for entirety of event (adult does not need to play, but must remain on site). Game types will be some of the following CTFJuggernautAssaultVIPDowned pilotTerritoriesInfectionGolden GunHold the BarnDon't be a dick, and call your hits When hit, yell "HIT" loudly, pull out death rag, raise your arm/ gun. If you suspect someone of cheating, do not confront them. tell a referee. they will perform a ref check. If you are caught cheating First time we will make you respawn. Second time, you will be pulled from that game Third time you may be sent home and possibly asked not to come back (at discretion of Cadillac, Owner of the Boneyard) (Standard) FPS Pistols..........................350 FPS w/ no *M.E.D. Full Auto....................400 FPS w/ 15 ft *M.E.D. ​ Permanent Semi Auto DMR......450 FPS w/ 50ft *M.E.D. ​ Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.................550 FPS w/ 100 ft *M.E.D. HPA tanks must have tournament lock ​ Field info www.BoneyardAirsoft.com Waiver: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1279CoijkC0XvbWIK9PWzLp2HJIC6CU2gMIp5bwW5KSY
  5. (My opinions only) I heard a few people got upset after four hours of play and wanted a refund because of the rain and/or "balancing" Like please, your tactics or equipment are the reason you are losing, likely. It was especially brutal because people were sitting in the rain when wounded, and walking back a fair distance to the respawn, only to turn around and repeat the cycle. My first game was in a downpour. I was fairly soaked, my feet were moist, and it was cold AF; but I had a darn good time. We rallied and tried to move as a team instead of a constant trickle. You also can't get mad when they call a game after thunderstorms. That's fairly commonplace in sports because it poses such a big risk to health and safety. I also heard the EO did what he could to help the losing team out, but there's only so much you can do. I wasn't there, but some games I've been to will use arm bands to balance people at green/tan games if the balance is that bad. Also, generic honor code hitcalling issues. Personally, this is why I'm not a fan of large, semi-open groups. You advertise people to come out to these things and you have no idea about their character. Having good, attentive volunteer refs can make all the difference, I just wish they weren't needed. If my time allowed, I'd absolutely put in my time as a ref. Specify that the event can be suspended or canceled do to unforeseen circumstancesIf you have a large pool of people, make sure they know what to bring, even though you shouldn't have toThat's about all I can think of. Maybe rallying the teams as EO? Integrity checking?
  6. Sturm

    Radio And Headset

    Higher end Baofeng units, technically require a license to operate since they are duel band and can operate above a certain W (IIRC) but nobody checks on what radio you are using, just what channels, not that I'm advocating these awesome radios. Airsofters stick to the available, unlicensed channels for the vast majority of radio use. Regular walkies can use those. IE Baofeng set to 2w, wideband only, operating on MURS. The radio itself can be dodgy in certifications depending on which model, but as far as I'm aware, there's no radio signature that will give it away if it is one of those models. MURS still isn't the standard though. FRS is especially safe as well. Here's some interesting information on duel band & unlicensed changes in 2017; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_Radio_Service#FRS/GMRS_hybrid_radios On a post note, I think there's a basic license that can be obtained as well with minimal cost. (For GMRS?) Radios are awesome if you can't seem to stay together from redeploy/respawn to respawn.
  7. They require chronoing (Or at least want to know the weight you have in the magazine) with a .20, after that you can use whatever. If the power changes (IE an NPAS in a gas system or a spring swap) you'll have to put .20s in a mag and chrono again. It's because .20s are the lightest weight most fields allow and can be used to gauge what it will be like with heavier bbs, but not inversely without altering the numbers we are used to seeing for field limits. Chronoing with a baseline of .36s would be bad because a gun shooting 390 at that weight will be well into the 400s.
  8. Glad you had fun! I think you handled it fine. It's hard to bounce back from that because calling somebodies hit for them is a blatant break of trust and can create an infectiously sour mood. I feel your pain for being accused though. Refs only have so many eyes (Or cameras, at least the old field there had some) and sometimes they make mistakes. I remember when I first started, I was at a field that required lower face protection. It was 80 degrees out and extremely humid. Midway through the day a group of us sat down next to a barrier, away from the fight and drank some water bottles - Which means my mouth was exposed. Ref came up and told me to take a walk for the duration of the game since my mouth protection was off; that I had "Played long enough to know better", not knowing that all of my gear was fresh out of the box and I had maybe five hours playtime in my Airsoft career across multiple fields. I didn't say anything, and he got me back in 30 minutes later, but it still bugs me to this day.
  9. Get the ref. Other people shouldn't be calling your hits for you. (Although if a teammate calls one that bounces off me and I don't notice, that's cool.) That's the proper thing to do. Was it the indoor field? They tend to get locals that can be a bit jumpy like that. Sometimes I'll just take a hit as honor if I'm not sure but somebody else is pretty sure they hit me. It's especially bad on outdoor fields because sometimes you aren't aware that your shots are falling short by a few feet. Last thing I want to do is pull aggro from a thick skinned broseph who thinks he's got 20/20 vision and a temperament problem. I'd rather not get us both kicked out of the field if the other person can't come to reason. Also, recording helps. I almost always have a Roam2 running. (Just my thoughts)
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