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    music, guitar, cycling, reading, travel, old movies, MST3k, WW2 stuff. Discovered airsoft in my 40's after trying to get my son into it and I love it. Wish I had more time for it.

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  1. I'm looking to offload some things laying around, starting with some sniper rifle parts: JG G-SPEC 300mm original brass barrel. Never had a bb through it, replaced immediately after receiving gun. $5 AirsoftGI 430mm stainless steel barrel. 6.03, unbridged hop window, nice barrel crowning, low usage. $10 Dangerwerx Hop Up Arm, type B (see pic.) $10 JG original hop up unit, never used. $10 PDI W-hold bucking, low mileage. $5 PM me with inquiries. Not really interested in shipping. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. My M9 is a KJW and I really like it. I agree that they are really great gbbs. But, I just got a TM 4.3 last week. I now understand why people rave about TM hi capas. It's mostly plastic but it's the most solid feeling pistol I've ever held. The quality, engineering and machining are top notch with basically no wobble or looseness in the parts. It's lightweight, loud, and very snappy in firing/cycling. It is also just as accurate with the stock bucking/barrel as my upgraded M9 with Crazy Jet barrel and Maple Leaf Autobot bucking. I'm gonna short stroke the 4.3 and pew this semi-compact pistol until the cows come home.
  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback. This has clinched it for me, TM it is. I appreciate the tip. I had always wondered if it was more detrimental to the bucking/barrel to add silicone to the propellant. So, basically if I do regular maintenance on the gun I don't need to add silicone to the propane. The only advice I had found was, if you're going to use propane (which is way cheaper than green gas) you have to add silicone. Which leads to the next question, I've been using rubbing alcohol to clean out the barrel bucking, is that okay to use? Thanks again.
  4. After many hours of research and consideration I'm on the verge of buying a Tokyo Marui Hi Capa. It would be my first TM gun but not my first GBB. I have owned a KWA M9 PTP. I currently have an ASG M9 oem'd by KJW. I put a Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel and Maple Leaf 60 bucking in it, also a Madbull compensator to give it the Leon Professional look. I have been looking for something lightweight, reliable, with a high ammo count, and accurate to use in CQB or in the field as a secondary. A hi capa is an obvious choice and lots of reviews have weeded out WE, although they seem to be hit or miss on quality. I have also considered the KJW KP08, which is $35 cheaper than a TM Hi Capa. My question is whether the TM is truly worth it and would I have to replace the plastic slide right away? I plan on running it on propane with silicone added. I'm not a speedsofter and don't plan on blinging it with anodized parts. I mean, that's cool if you like it, but I want function first. Any help from experienced gbb techs/players is appreciated.
  5. New field? I think my schedule will allow me to be there. Fingers crossed.
  6. This game sounds awesome. I'm your huckleberry. - The Real Ryhmenocerous
  7. I'm looking forward to IMPACT Noob Day '17. I have a new rifle to try out. Team 1: Junker Crash +2 Red2 +? Bear Team 2: Green Gaint Snuffles +3 Redline
  8. It was my second time at Noob Day and it was a lot of fun. The weather was certainly a lot better than last year! I would have to echo all the positive statements about briefing, overall attitudes and hit calling, etc. Even though the turnout was relatively small, it was still a great event. Met some new people, tried out my new pistol, field-tested my sniper rifle (it still needs some work, but)... yeah, it was a good day. Thanks to Joker and IMPACT for putting this on and keeping airsoft positive, safe and fun in Indiana.
  9. Count me in for green, or whatever tape color. thanks
  10. Even though I was soaked and cold during the briefing, (and starting to wonder if this was a bad idea) once we got rolling the weather wasn't as big a factor as I thought it might be. Of course, it didn't help with the range and accuracy of my aeg but so goes it. It was kind of fun dealing with the mud. Thanks to Joker and I.M.P.A.C.T. for putting this on. On one hand it was good that so many people showed up (I mean the idea of a Noob day is to get a lot of new players involved) on the other hand, that many players on that size of field made it difficult to maneuver and contributed to some pretty static skirmishing, but that's just what it was. At least I didn't have to dig a WW1 trench. Plus side, I met some other players. I've only been playing for 1 1/2 years so I'm pretty much a noob myself. I lent my AK105 to another player and he was able to enjoy it even though I think I blew the gearbox on my M4 halfway through the day. So there's that. Overall, I had a good time and didn't have any problems with people calling hits although I heard a lot of yelling about it. Maybe it was just the weather making everyone a bit grouchy? One thing I noticed that I think could have been avoided: I saw some players strolling along the street (Curry Pike) with uncovered rifles in plain view of the general public. Very bad idea. Joker and other posters made it clear that was a no go. Otherwise, it was a good day and I hope to be back in action at V.B.R. in early May. Redline
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