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  1. Good call... we will look for a different weekend. How about August 11th (saturday)?
  2. Alright, gents... any qualms with August 4th (Saturday)? If you don't speak up I will assume you will be there!
  3. Loving the support so far. We should have enough guys to cover most of the admin work. Ideally, this would be an opportunity for you guys to actually get some trigger time instead of wearing an orange vest! We are still working on the details, but expect something around the early August time frame.
  4. So... I received a call from RG last night and he filled me on some of the details from the AI Community Meeting. With what he said I am extremely excited about the potential direction that AI is heading. Leave the negativity and drama behind and focus on building a community that can compete at the local and national level. With that... ISA has been working with Firefox on an event at his field (MCC). Our plan is to bring the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana groups to one field. In order to do this we would need full participation from the AI community. I can assure you this event will be extremely detail oriented and well ran. Our goal is to bring what we have seen at the national level to a local field for local players. Hopefully this will help draw them in and show them a peak at what the national scale looks like. My reason for posting this is to see what kind of participation we can get from the AI community. We are currently thinking that the first or second week of August may be the best time frame. That has not been set yet, but it's a rough date. This will be an objective based event that will include terrain objectives, fragos, pyro, etc. Our long term goal would be to turn this into an annual event that the local community (or even the tri-state community) can look forward to. So... what says you?!
  5. Foxfire- Try to work out a schedule or post your events sooner than three days before! I'm dying to hit the field, but that doesn't give me anytime to plan for it!
  6. Do you have any Large/Regs left?
  7. Hell yea... supporting the US (tan) again this year! See you Ruskies on the field!
  8. In case your not following the event on Facebook, we will be providing lunch for an additional $5.00 at the event. The lunch will consist of... (1) Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich (1) Bag of chips (1) Bottle of water Also... with each lunch purchased you will receive an extra raffle ticket! We hope that everyone is excited and ready to go!!!
  9. So if we are above 18 years of age we HAVE to have our nose, mouth, and ears covered? Did I read that right?
  10. Well... that didn't take long. In less than an hour we had 9 players pre-register! At this point we must close pre-registration. This means no pay at the gate unless you clear it with us! Thank you to everyone and we will be opening the secret groups/forums this week. I believe the COs will be using Facebook to prepare and collaborate.
  11. Wow! It's not even close to February and we have almost reached our cap for this event. As of this moment the NWS outnumbers the USC 52 - 44. Due to the size of the field we are limiting this event to approx. 100 players. With that in mind, if the USC reaches 52 players we will be closing pre-registration. This will also mean that you cannot pay at the gate! We are completely against turning players away, but due to the overwhelming success we have had thus far... we have no choice! THANK YOU to all the players who have pre-registered thus far. Once the rosters are complete and locked down we will open the closed groups for each side to start collaborating. At that point we will release intel to the CO's to distribute as they see fit. You guys are amazing and we are extremely pleased to see so many people wanting to attend an Indiana, ISA, Poncho event! Current Roster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mOQDeeqR5Evs9fL-kMAWD7Nakxxx28P7-D0fCpmguI0/edit
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen- Pre-registration for the NWS (Green) is now CLOSED! If you wish to pre-register you may do so for the USC (Tan). If you plan to pay at the gate you will be placed on tan so please follow the uniform requirements and plan accordingly. Below is the current roster! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mOQDeeqR5Evs9fL-kMAWD7Nakxxx28P7-D0fCpmguI0/edit
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