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  1. It's more of a hiatus, I ship out in a month so that's why I got rid of everything. So instead of paying retail for a pair to do some real steel shooting before I leave, I thought I'd try my luck here.
  2. Pretty self explanatory. I'm looking to pick up a set of the Oakley M frames (black), either the 2.0 or 3.0 model. I prefer to have them with the HELO kit if you have it, but if not I'll survive. If you are willing to let them go, I would need to have them by next Thursday or Friday. Thanks!
  3. BUMP Masada has finally been SOLD All that's left is camo and the rail kit.
  4. BUMP The prices I marked above are as low as I can possibly go without actually giving the rest of my gear away! I'm really needing this stuff gone and a few bills in my pocket. Christmas is coming up and we all know someone who could use some color!
  5. BUMP Okay ladies and gents, I'm going to do some bundling so that I can get the rest of this gear gone! Now that I'm not gallivanting around the world for a bit I can sit here and pester you until this stuff if gone I'm leaving for the Navy soon and I won't be needing this anymore, it's simply taking up space. $200 takes the Masada, with gun bag AND 2 bags of Bioshot bb's. I'll also throw in 5 speed loaders and your choice of real Magpul ladder rail cover. (colors shown above in thread) $100 Project Honor camo combat shirt and pants $60 M81 Tru-Spec combat shirt and pants $30 Tri-color desert camo set $20 AMP free float rail kit Prices are as is and buyer pays shipping. I'm still looking at trades for Oakley M frames, either the 2.0 or 3.0 in black preferably with HELO kit.
  6. BUMP I'm back at it, and still trying to unload the rest of this gear. I will not be needing it so please don't hesitate to ask questions, and I'm also willing to drop on prices. Also, starting today I'll be posting on other sites to get this gear gone.
  7. BUMP I'm still looking to move the rest of the gear. Masada is still up, gun bag, bb's, camo and few miscellaneous things. These are the last bit of my gear and I need it gone. Make any offer and I'm more than happy to work with you on price.
  8. BUMP Alright guys, I'm back after a busy weekend. A little thread update: all I have left are a gun, gun bag, bb's, camo and some miscellaneous items. It needs to go, I'm shipping out for the Navy in a few months and I'm clearing everything out.
  9. BUMP Update on the thread: RRV has been SOLD Down to the last few items on the thread which include the Masada, gun bag, 3 sets of camo, 2 bags of bb's, free float rail kit, rail covers, small radio pouch, and a grip. Today I happened to find some speed loaders in a pouch, so with the purchase of any of the larger items I'll throw in those as well. I have 4 or 5 total. I'm almost giving this stuff away! I'm still looking into trades, especially the Oakley M frames if you have them. Once again the prices are OBO so if you have a question, ask.
  10. BUMP Magpul RSA has been SOLD Mesh mask SOLD Half bag of beebs GONE Magpul PTS grip SOLD It's all slowly but surely being bought, pick up what's left ladies and gents! A quick sum up of what's left includes: Gun, gun bag, tactical gear, bb's, 3 sets of camo, free float rail kit, Magpul ladder covers.
  11. Boonie hat is SOLD Also, I'll be accepting trades now. I'm looking to get back into real steel shooting, so if you have any 30-06 ammo or reloading gear for said round, I'll look into that. I'm also looking into picking up a nice handgun, preferably a Sig P226 (I know it's a stretch) or a Colt 1911 or HK USP. I'm looking into accepting either the Oakley M frames 2.0 or 3.0, with or without the HELO kit in black.
  12. Updated thread: Adding a mix of color into the sale. A full set of M81 woodland camo which includes a Tru-Spec combat shirt (size Small Regular) and a pair of surplus trousers (size Medium Regular). The top has only been used once. Also for sale is another pair of M81 pants (size Large Regular) not shown, because they look the same as the ones pictured. Full set (combat shirt and pants): $65 Combat shirt only: $50 Pants (either size): $20 Tru-Spec Multicam boonie hat (size 7.5): $10 Full set of 3-color desert DCU camo, top is a size Small Regular and the pants are a Medium Short. Asking $45. Final full set of camo, LBX Project Honor. Pants are a Medium and the top is a Small (check the LBX website for what each size fits). Both have been worn 3 times at a couple skirmishes but nothing too serious. Pants have velcro openings on the front so you can input your own knee pads. It is considered a green camo pattern, I've asked for multiple events if it was okay and I was given the thumbs up for all of them. I'm asking $115 for the full set. As stated before on the thread, everything is OBO so please feel free to ask!
  13. Back at it after a weekend away. BUMP. Gun, gear, accessories all still up for grabs! It needs to be moved.
  14. Slowly weeding out the gear...the PEQ-15 battery box is SOLD Still have plenty of gear to go around and it all needs to go.
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