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  1. Bought for an SMP that never happened. 3000psi/62cu tank, 36" line. Asking $130 for all of it. https://i.imgur.com/yw7cF0g.jpg
  2. Gonna be a blast gents! Come enjoy fun, food, and shenanigans with us! Always a good time!
  3. Howdy guys From all of us in Third Group, we sincerely hope you guys had a good time at the game. We gave it our best effort to put forth a good game, and we saw a lot of people having a great time and got a lot of positive constructive feedback. My personal pros were: Absolutely incredible airsofting weather.Great turnoutGood team balance. The first objectives lasted longer than we expected. Enjoyably long lasting firefights.Buy/Sell/Trade section of the day seemed to be a success. Hope you offloaded some of that extra gearSome cons: Issues with chronos early on.A couple hit calling issues, but definitely below par with what I've seen before. Good job being honorable, guys. We sincerely appreciate that. I had a couple issues with people not keeping eye protection on. Most of this was one person, who took goggles off after being repeatedly asked to keep them on. In the future, this CAN'T happen guys. We do not want anyone leaving the game missing an eye.But as EO's, there is only so much we can see. We appreciate all the feedback you can give for our next event, Tell us what you liked, what you want to change, and new stuff you would like to see in the future! Thanks guys! -3G
  4. If I get the chance to be slaughtered by a giant ass flying dinosaur, I'm in.
  5. Hey, remember that time you commented on my post about selling my SMP?
  6. Hey guys, I know this is late and random, but after an incident, i'm in need of a new wiring harness for my Gen 2 Inferno SMP. Would really like to get it for the game tomorrow morning. Let me know if you have one!
  7. http://imgur.com/HWVYADg these are the mags. Have personally used them, all function perfectly.
  8. So kind of looking to get some money fairly quickly, price drop to $180 and will throw in a 1.4 Nanotech LiPo wired to deans already.
  9. Fixed it. Definitely mixed that up with an old AK105 I had. Thanks for the correction!
  10. Gun has been my go to for years, has never once let me down. Ever. Internally, theres a G&P M120 and a prommy TBB. Gun is wired to the buttstock with deans. 5 mags (Im sorry, but they're 5.45 style.) I have the front sight, but it fell off at BF11. Turned out to be a unwarranted modification I kept, as I found it easier to aim. Will have pics up very soon. Asking $200. Or make a money offer. will also condsider lowering cost for adding real steel BUIS on your end. Thanks for looking! -Arclight
  11. Don't you bruh me. Done a lot of soul searching lately and this is the outcome.
  12. Howdy all, Looking to pass off my LCT AS Val, and as the thing is a beautiful piece, I would preferably like to keep it in the community here. This weapon is fit for a Russian hero or any сука блять. Don't want to pass her on but I'm currently progressing more and more towards real steel and easing up on airsoft. The Val is not brand spanking new, but by golly I've kept her nice and cozy. Extremely minimal, if any wear. 13 50 round mags in black and plum. Yes, 13. The SMP Inferno Gen 2 V3 is pretty much the best kit Wolverine offers right now, and this one is brand new. Hasn't even been fired yet. comes with a 3000PSI 60 cubic inch tank and everything else. It is ready to shoot. If you take her, you must be careful. She tends to wander off in search of kebab to remove. Your squatting technique will improve tremendously with this weapon in your hands. Your Babushka WILL approve, guaranteed. Currently putting an AR build together and would like to get a nice optic to suit her. That being said, things I'm looking for: -Trijicon ACOG's -Vortex optics -I dont give a damn, any other optics you have to offer (+cash possibly), worst I can say is no. -850 of those green things -Those sweet little candies that a hungry AR15 might crave -Also still need a BCG, a lower parts kit, ambi charging handle, and a buttstock, so would be interested in throwing those into a deal if I havent obtained them by the time of sale -Literally piss offers at me, I wont mind. Just absolutely NO airsoft guns or gear, please. Will send as many pics as you would like upon request as i still need to put her back together for pictures of the finished product. Will try to get them ASAP. Have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Thanks for reading, guys! -Arclight
  13. Instead of dealing with the bullshit any more, an SMP is on the way to ease my mind of AEG cockfaggotry.
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