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  1. Possibly we'll make a Chill & Grill game where we can also discuss the forum and the community. I always like meeting in person because you can always blab about whatever on the forums cause you're behind your monitor, but in person you can really see who cares about the community and also who is willing to help make changes. People always seem to be "invited" to these meetings but many decide not to show up and it really shows how involved they want to actually be. 2(?) years ago I made a note about the Spartans on the notes for the meeting and some random Spartan commented on the post trying to be all tough but I didn't see a single Spartan at that meeting, shows how much he really cared. Anyways Maybe we'll hose a Chill and Grill game and talk abut the community there as well. You can always lure airsofters to a meeting with a game and food.
  2. I wheel be there, unfortunately Rex has a wedding and won’t be able to make it.
  3. While true, please stay on topic and only add topic-helpful information I have to ask, exactly what sort of advise are you looking for? I see you mention Internals, the dust cover, and metal externals. Could you please explain more as to what you need help with?
  4. I've got a wedding the day before so I'm unsure, but if I'm not too dead ill try to be there
  5. Spartan, I’d recommend making this an official event in the “Indiana Games” page as well as making a FB event that way we an all share it around!
  6. MiR Tactical Presents: Pandora's Box VIII Sponsored by Tippmann Sports Milsim Date: June 2nd 0900 CDT - June 3rd 1700 CDT Location: Sherwood Forest (3497 N US Highway 35, La Porte, Indiana 46350) Ticket Information: ($65) mirtactical.com (tickets for Pandora's Box VIII) Rules and Event Regulations: https://www.facebook...53163338410897/ Make it out to one of the best 2-day MILSIM games located WITHIN Indiana!! 2 days of Blastin' BBs wit ya Buds DILLY DILLY! This is YOU'RE chance to become a play war veteran, tell the war stories of how you once dropped a bag of 5000bbs only to have them all spill out, or stories of the time you totally killed all those guys oer there and it wasn't the guy with the p* SAW behind you. All the star attractions will be there! (supporting the best team, green team) -[blackwatch] -Third Group -The Bear Jew, Echo as himself -Arclight (his first game, besides MSW, he's been to since Rome fell) -and the ugly duckling: Broken (jk luv u bb ) and not to mention... The one, THE ONLY, THE N A T I V E... Your's truly...T O M A H A W K aka Disco Dingo
  7. Hosted by Indiana Airsoft Community Location: mutual combat Date : May 19th Price : 25 dollar pre register 40 at gates! Schedule: Gates open: 0900 Chrono/Checkin: 0900-1000 Briefing: 1000-1030 Game start: 1030 Game end: 1700 Cost: 40 DOLLARS AT GATES 25 Dollars for Pre-Registration ****** Please note that you must put a legal name/phone number and what side on the notes of the ticket! No refunds 48 hours before the event! ****** EARLY BIRD SPECIAL HERE >>> paypal.me/iac/25 First off full seal anzi 87 rated eyepro REQUIRED. NO STAMPED STEEL OR WIRE MESH ALLOWED. Lower face protection REQUIRED FOR ANYONE UNDER 18. Lower face protection needs to cover the face. Wire mesh suggested. Player pack: -Waiver can be filled out online, or be filled out at check in FOR THE EVENT field waiver must be filled out on site and crono. -Midcaps/lowcaps have no limit -One highcap limit LMGS must reload their highcap. The storyline will be posted in the discussion section on Facebook because of size. FACEBOOK EVENT HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/756079181255844/ EVENT RULES, INFO, STUFF YOU NEED TO READ -This event is SEMI ONLY excluding SAW TYPE WEAPONS. -NO BREAKS constant play. The proceeds from the op will go to mutual combat to help improve the airsoft experience and to the IAC EVENT/MATERIAL FUND. We would like to do more for the community when it comes to events, raffles, places to play, and materials to donate to the current fields. GENERAL RULES FOR ALL EVENTS: 1. All weapons should have the magazine removed and barrel cleared as a precaution when the weapon isn't in use, or when in the “safe area.” 2. All players will use safety goggles/masks in the game and in the vicinity of an event. 3. All goggles/masks must be approved by the EO. DO NOT remove goggles/masks during an active game. 4. All goggles should not move during play. A full mask is not required but lower face protection is REQUIRED. 5. All eye protection must be ANSI 87.1 1989 Rated. FULL SEAL ANSI RATED eye protection is suggested. 6. All players will observe "safe" zones at all times. Active players are not allowed to be in "safe" zones or shoot in them. 7. Use a "Bang Kill" if needed AND only if the player using the bang has complete control of the situation. 8. Shooting at “Dead/WOUNDED” players, non-players, and judges is grounds for removal. 9. To detain/capture another player, via gear, cloth or restraints is not allowed. 10. Fireworks, pyrotechnics, and similar devices are only allowed to produce safe effects, as smoke, light and sound, and they will have to pass inspection by organizers before the event start. 11. Radio eavesdropping is not allowed, without the expressed consent of event organizers. 12. Players are responsible for their weapons and gear and there proper functioning, no matter if they are owned, rented, or borrowed. If there is any damage to rented or borrowed equipment the person who rented or borrowed the equipment is fully responsible for the repairs and/or replacement or the equipment, unless otherwise stated by the owner. 13. If a player is “Dead’ and returning to respawn or waiting on a medic they MAY NOT give Intel to other players who are still active in the event. “Dead men" don’t talk. NOTE WOUNDED PLAYERS MAY GIVE LIMITED INTEL. “IM HIT MEDIC, WATCH OUT I GOT HIT FROM THE (DIRECTION OF IMPACT) THEY MIGHT BE THAT WAY!” (THAT IS OKAY) “DAMMIT THAT GUY WITH THE SAW GOT ME HE IS BEHIND THAT WALL!” (NOT OKAY!) 14. Minimum age allowed to participate is 10 years old. 15. Max ROF is 23 bbs per second. EVENT IS SEMI ONLY EXCLUDE SAW TYPE WEAPONS. 16. DO NOT HIDE OR USE DEAD PLAYERS AS COVER! (This is a massive safety issue that occurred last year.) 17. ***(not applicable with this event)*** 18. Red rags/dead rags are required. 19. Radios are REQUIRED for COs AND MUST HAVE ADJUSTABLE FREQUENCY TO HELP WITH COMMUNICATION WITH ADMIN CHANNELS. 20. WHEN IN DOUBT CALL YOURSELF OUT! A HIT IS COUNTED ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY. RICOCHETS DO NOT COUNT, BUT GUN HITS DO DURING THIS EVENT! (HUGE SAFETY ISSUE WHEN YOU DO NOT CALL YOUR HITS. IF AN ADMIN DISCOVERS SOMEONE NOT CALLING HITS THE PLAYER AND NEAREST 3 OTHER PLAYERS ON THE SAME TEAM WILL BE FORCED TO RESPAWN. WEAPON CLASSES & FPS/MED: NOTE: If ANYONE is caught with a weapon that has not been cronod or is caught skipping crono they will be asked to leave. If ANYONE refuses to be spot checked you WILL be asked to leave. NO REFUND. 1. Standard Weapons: Maximum energy is 1.5J (400 fps w/ .2 g), Ammo limits may be specified by the organizers. 2. Support Weapons: Any weapon that can fire full auto and uses Box, C-Mag, or Drum Magazines. The weapon HAS to be based on a real support weapon. Maximum 399 fps w/ .2 g. (1.48 J). 3. Designated Marksman Rifle: will have a max of 450 fps w/ .2 g. (1.87 J) 4. BOLT-ACTION sniper rifles: will have a max of 500 fps w/ .2 g. (2.32 J) 5. Launchers: Grenade launchers are not limited to the number of rounds that can be carried. 6. GBB pistols are limited to 350 fps with .2’s, as they are intended as backup at closer ranges. 7. Claymore: Spring loaded claymores can be used with consent of organizers. ---------------------- 0-350fps (1.14 joules): Full Auto, no minimum engagement distance. 351-399fps (1.48 joules): Full Auto, 15' minimum engagement distance. 400-449fps (1.87 joules): Semi Auto only, 40' minimum engagement distance. 450-500fps (2.32 joules): BOLT ACTION only, 75' minimum engagement distance. 501FPS + (2.32+ JOULES) ANYTHING PAST 2.32 JOULES IS TO BE APPROVED BY E.O. BEFORE ENTERING THE FIELD. TURNEY LOCKS ARE REQUIRED FOR ANY HPA SETUP INCLUDING GBBR TAP MAGS. THIS WILL BE A SEMI ONLY EVENT, SAW type weapons will be allowed full auto, BUT please fire in bursts. We do this for the fun and safety of the event. -----MEDIC RULES AND CASUALTIES FIRST AND FOREMOST IF ANY REAL INJURIES OCCUR SHOUT "BLIND MAN". IF YOU HEAR THIS MAG OUT AND SAFETY ON AND REPEAT THE CALL FOR BLIND MAN. SECOND WE RECOMMEND YOU PLACE ALL YOUR SHOTS CENTER MASS. IF WE HAVE AN INCIDENT WHERE YOU ARE SHOOTING THE HEAD ON PURPOSE IT COULD RESULT IN YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE EVENT. WE DO NOT ENCOURAGE HEAD SHOTS AT ALL. Once hit, YELL “HIT!” 3 times, lay down if not in mud, thorns, or water. Place red rag on head. Bleed out wait time is five mins. You may call out for a medic, ***act*** (terribly if possible) that you are shot, and tell the DIRECTION OF FIRE NOT THE LOCATION. EXAMPLE: I was shot from the front, my 12 o’clock. (This is okay) “I was shot by the guy with the saw behind that wall.” (Not okay) You may not say how many enemies, or any other information, only the direction of the fire. **acting injured increases the realism Acceptable acting is moans, groaning, yelps (When getting hit) and complaining about women or men on the indecisiveness of where to eat at... In order to revive a player you must make verbal and physical contact with the player. 1 min physical contact with the hands on the wounded area. Knife kills are considered instant KIA, must wait 5 mins before returning to respawn. Please don't yell hit when someone stealth/knife kills you. The point of the knife kill is to be sneaky. Teams: Federal Forces (GREEN camos/black) Northern Liberation force (TAN, including ACU, multicam, tan based camos,)
  8. FINALLY! to use the Double Eagle G36c that i've held onto for no reason Also, I approve of this exodus My new callsign shall be: Disco Dingo
  9. Great deal on some great kit (6sh117), even threw in some extra pieces, with speedy shipping! A perfect 5/7, would definitely buy from again.
  10. Bear is correct, I didn’t even think about it being a new (store bought) rifle.
  11. If anything I'd recommend sanding the magwell that way the rifle can accept more than just the mags you've sanded. if you need, I should have a couple mags that she could borrow for the Mutual Combat game, they'd be K120s though. I have a couple other misc. midcaps as well we could try out. I'll be on green team w/ an AS VAL
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