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  1. I’m definitely in but let my get with 3G to see what all we’re doing.
  2. Or willing to trade for a RPK package.
  3. I've had it for about a year and hardly used it much. The gun functions great as usual, wired to deans, has G&G green bucking, only issue is the switch is loose on the drum. Willing to let go for $225 and will negotiate on travel or shipping.
  4. I'll be in (admining) and have a plus one to fill which ever side is short. Not only that, I'll have a few things to sell. Mostly what I've already listed in the sell topic.
  5. everything is still up for sale guys.
  6. I've had one before and never really had an issue with it. It's something great for mid range, the hop up system in it is one of the best I've ever ran, the motor in it is okay but changing it out for a stronger one would be recommended because of the spring tension and with that, definitely run a lipo with it. If you want better performance, I would suggest running it plus it's better power. Personally, it looks best with the PSO optic on it to.
  7. We can discuss something on the lines of new players and the little ones. Sometimes us older people/ players tend to kill it for them.
  8. I enjoy food either way, so I'm open to whatever.
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