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  1. I'm curious if this complaining is happening while ISA is destroying these "members" on the field? There's a reason ISA is respected on a national level and very successful on the field. We don't do petty shit like hold meetings to talk about other teams being on their "best behavior". But keep being insignificant in the airsoft community and talking shit about us behind our back. Jealousy is an ugly color to wear.
  2. I'm curious....What exactly is THIS supposed to mean?
  3. I know a few of us will be going Green as well. I always enjoy running with Bubba.
  4. Had a great time myself. Pros: - Consistant, fluid gameplay until the very end. - Not too many hit calling issues - Great field - Gun performed perfectly as usual lol. - Great game overall Cons: - Personal things that affected my overall mood for the day (wheel bearing went out on way up, got a late start on the road, etc) - People not showing up who stated they were......this kills me because it should have had balanced teams. I myself was part of the problem but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to switch from my new green camo to ACU (ugh). - Bout it really. Dishboy, the ACU medic was rolling with me most of the day, he's a good guy for sure. He actually enjoyed being the medic...first I've ever heard someone say they enjoy running around nonstop LOL.
  5. NXStang Drewstang Add to Repuds (green). Thanks.
  6. Will be attending. Can we reg now and pay paypal later? Also, will you do a roster with reg/not-plaids or only with people who have paid? Thanks
  7. I am going to try and make this from Louisville. What's the field like? I've heard mixed stuff about this place.
  8. Lol I know how it is. I snapped a pic of one of the guys chairsofting but that was with my phone and too much a PITA.
  9. Woohoo, I made a couple pics...kinda lol. It was definately good times, I will have a video recording device for next time for sure.
  10. You forgot the first score in airsoft football history! LOL!
  11. I will be there and on Green. Possibly have another member of my squad coming as well.
  12. Thanks. I shall be attending for sure
  13. I know you asked for questions via PM but this a general question.... What do you classify Multicam as? Some do tan, some do green? Just curious is all thanks.
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