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  1. Wish I could be there, I've missed you guys and since school is over (as of this Saturday), I should be able to get some more games in, HOPEFULLY!!! Anyway, for those that haven't been, you need to go to this field. By far one of the best fields I have played on. I wonder how much it has changed, I don't think I ever made it out last year See you guys soon, also, I will try to post more on the forums, been real busy with the last quarter of school and all.
  2. This thread (S_Z's post in particular) makes me happy. I miss being out there mixing it up with my friends and making new friends. But just like Assassin, I have school. Just like many others, I have a wife and kids. I don't get to get out much because of these things, but school should be over around March. Job should be looking to more pay after that (hopefully) and then it will basically come down to scheduling the game. My goal is to make 1 a month next year. I won't have school to hold me back, just my wife and Birthday parties hehe Anyway, this sport is fun and no matter what size, or physical fitness, you are you can have fun with it. I'm normally one of the biggest guys out there and I usually end up having more fun than a lot of the skinny guys. Why is that? Cause I am out hanging with friends!!! I don't get to do that very often so when I do, I try to make the best of it Love you guys (no homo) see you out on the field soon!!
  3. Will not be making KTT2. Sorry guys, bday party has been set. I even requested a move and was denied by both mothers (joint party with niece). Hope everyone has fun!!
  4. I would vote for a push back to October, but keep in mind that KTT2 is on the 15th. I should be free pretty much any day other than that. Still waiting to hear when the bday party is gonna be. Since my neices is on 10/22 and my daughter's is on 10/15, we normally do a joint bday party. Just depends on which day they choose. I am working on the 22nd for the party so that I can make KTT2...
  5. Sorry about your lost man! Let us know if we can help in any way!
  6. I knew you would be. I am pushing for the Sunday Bday party for sure. I will let you know when I find out for sure...
  7. I should be there, as long as I don't get screwed into a Fri night or Sat morning class next quarter
  8. Will try my best to make this one. Not sure who else, if anyone from Zoo Crew will be there. Hopefully things start looking up around this time. We will see.
  9. OMG, I so want to make this. Haven't played airsoft since the Modsquad Event. Too damn busy with school, work and family "crap." Long story short, got stuck with a Saturday class, pressured by my boss for Certifications, and my wifes mother moved in with us!! This is scheduled for my daughter's bday (yeah I know). So as long as my wife plans the party for Sunday I will be able to attend. Money will have to come around Sept though, wish I could prepay tomorrow though. But money is tight, yet again. So tired of being a broke biatch Miss you guys (no homo), can't wait to play again!!
  10. OMG!! I totally want to make this game. I remember the stories about everything that is on this field!! I am going to do my best to be able to make this one!!
  11. I am "planning" to come, but since it is will be at a rib house, I will need money to eat So if I have the money, I will be there. Let you know as soon as I have a solid confirmation.
  12. #1 on Bravo WOOT WOOT!!!! Bravo got the "We had a hell of a lot of fun" award for the weekend Shwaisey, I'd be down for something like that for sure. Anything that will help with shooting motions, target acquisition, and speed.
  13. Northwest Indy (Zionsvilleish) and pretty much laidback I might be able to talk my wife into allowing me to go after work on Tuesdays since I'll be stuck in class on most Saturdays next quarter. We will see
  14. according to the google map that i looked at, no. But there does appear to be something that looks like old mobile homes near the north end of the map... other than that, I saw what looked like tires, trails, and trees. Not sure about terrain or anything else though (I suck at reading terrain maps)
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