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  1. KWA SR10 for sale. Good condition only used a handful of times. Needs battery and is wired to deans. Send me your number and I will text pictures
  2. Rogue is mad cause' he's the official airsoft consultant in Indiana. How dare those hooligans start an airsoft business in Indiana without consultation, especially since they've never run a business before. Warning issued. -S_Z
  3. Came out on the 17th and had a great time rockin' out with N.M.E. Great place and fantastic staff, hopefully it only gets better.
  4. What are the eye protection rules?
  5. In for the 16th as well Nope I take that back, I will be there the 17th.
  6. I will also have some 20oz sport drinks for sale as well. $1
  7. Would anyone be interested in playing regularly on Monday possibly some Tuesday evening game at the MERC field? The games would be between 5 and 9ish. Please give your input.
  8. Hello fellow Softers. A couple of us have were wondering if anyone was interested in playing some games on Tuesday evenings between Five and Nine O'Clock. We would be hosting at the MERC field. I will be setting up a poll.
  9. Hey everyone, Tubbs made a slight mistake. The game is on Sunday so the date would be 5/1/11 instead of the 30th.
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