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  1. I'll show up to build! Not much in the way of tools or supplies but i'll bring my hands , i'll see if i can pick up some 3" screws in the morning or on the way
  2. I should be able to make this one, I will most likely be alone on this trip though. I will update the status when the date gets closer.
  3. Count me in sir! Can't wait for a game to get the season started!
  4. I've had a passion for all things military and guns since I was about 5 ( maybe younger) needless to say if i was not at home playing war I was somewhere else playing war! since that time I have attempted to familiarize myself with weapons many kinds, ever since I spotted a video of a very cool Airsoft battle in Scotland I have been excited to partake. Was not till the Cookout recently this year(last year?) that I actually played an Airsoft game and since then I have sparked a passion all over again! My first gun that I used in Airsoft was an H&K M416 plastic body AEG(magazine did not feed very well into the chamber), And a G17 GBB pistol.(also some difficulties with the magazine((noob))). My loadout today is... A Lancer MOLLE Plate Carrier(OD Green), Web belt with a Drop Leg holster(multicam), Set of ACU and Woodland Fatigues, PJ style FAST Helmet(black), Bobster goggles, Kevlar hard knuckle gloves(black), MB-02E Sniper+3-9X40 scope+ bipod+ 2 extra mags, M4+ Red Dot/Laser scope( 1X magnified)+ 4 Mags, Tri Shot Shotgun + plenty of Shells, AK-74U +3 mags, 1 Midland and 2 Motorola Radios, very odd headset(not quite sure), and 2 pistols( revolver C02 and G17 GBB). I'd LOVE to get my hands on an M16A4 Full metal AEG and Multi cam Fatigues, but my gear will do just fine for now. Airsoft is becoming my favorite Hobby aside from war reenactments (civil War, Etc.)
  5. same here! I saw a shotgun I wanted online and he had the exact one for a fair price as well.
  6. Most fun I have had in a good while at the cookout! met lots of people, ate a burger, got a new Shotgun!...and in the end around 3:30 AM I got sick from the heat :/ Here is where i look to the vets of the game " how do i avoid this in the future? more water? less BDU, Breathable BDU?" feel free to place this in a more appropriate thread if need be.
  7. I should be there tomorrow, and I will bring 2 bags of chips; cool ranch Doritos and Nacho Cheese Doritos because i doubt i would get preferences on flavors by the time anyone spots this lol but if anyone does then let me know tonight. ( all depends on if my supervisor needs me or not)
  8. Hello all, I am known as Aaron, though my call-sign would be Gryphon, and I Live in Noblesville of Indiana. Over the years i have gained plenty of gear such as; two AEG assault rifles, two spring pistols, a tactical vest, drop leg holster, full face mask, and four bags (dual rifle bag, two backpacks, and a shoulder pack.) Soon i will also have a FAST Tactical Helmet, Plate carrier vest, G17 GBB pistol, Goggles, and a half face mask. Needless to say, I may not need new gear for awhile. My experience in Airsoft is next to nothing since certain factors such as time available, location, and transportation kept me from the game (not anymore). I am a 20 year old man and I have nothing to do nowadays..so I chose Airsoft. Hope to join the game soon!
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