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  1. It's 2017. Moms can be named Tyler. You could even have two non-binary gender fluid foxkin demi-parents named Tyler.
  2. So you're a mom named Tyler.
  3. Check these out for your goggle fogging issues: https://www.amazon.com/McNett-Drops-Free-Cleansing-Lenses/dp/B002HGWKAS As far as things NOT to have, no illegal drugs (things you may be prescribed and need, are fine), and running around with a real firearm on you is just not ok, unless you are going to an event that allows blank fire and thats another barrel of banans. But in general, leave any CCW stuff in your POV. If you want a good idea of 'items' you need, look up the Milsim West TACSOP. That item list is geared towards a 40 hour non-stop military simulation event, but if you work towards squaring that stuff up, you will be good to go for any amount of time playing BB wars.
  4. Typically we call people by whatever it is their first victim screams as we watch them kill them in a hidden fight club basement, but right now I'm going to call you John420.
  5. I felt like the semi-auto rules were pretty well followed, and I personally saw more shitty attitudes on the death cult side than I did the blue side, and it wasn't many. This being said dudes, if you get fucking shwacked, standing in a doorway or the middle of a path is stupid and you're stupid if you do it. A universal sign of 'I'm hit' is to turn your back to the enemy, taking a knee, put on a red rag, and sling your weapon. OR LAY DOWN AND SCREAM AND ACT LIKE YOU ACTUALLY GOT SHOT PRO NUMBER ONE WAY NOT TO BE OVER SHOT INSTEAD OF JUST STANDING IN A DOORWAY BREATHING REALLY HARD THROUGH YOU ORAL HOLE Aint hating, just saying. Cause like, if you're dead, standing in a door that I'm trying to get in, and a dude behind you is constantly shooting at me through your dead body, I'm probably going to keep shooting you till you figure out it's a really poor idea to stand in a doorway. I played dead every time I got shot, and I never got overshot, and that was me running through smoke being dumb as hell.
  6. Wanted to do a quick AAR. Game was what I expected, and was fun. Fun, and actually engaging objectives. If you haven't done a Guffie game, you're missing out. I'm not saying that because they're my dudes, it's just a really good laid back time that doesn't take BB war seriously. I should have been a better dad and actually done a FORCERORG and comms plan, but I didn't think far enough ahead and such. Anyways, hail Rodan and shit.
  7. BUMP. GHK Price drop to 300. If I hear anymore WHATS BEST GBBR or I CANT FIND A GOOD GUN crap, I will personally take a steaming dookie on your door step and blame Obama.
  8. Because when I was 18 they didn't take gays in the military. But for real, maybe. The real OG of airsoft videos. Actually one of the first 'videos' I saw I downloaded off Limewire, however fucking long ago that was.
  9. This is a bump to remind people I am interested in a plain Jane M4 in trade of certain t h i n g s.
  10. I'll be there, I forgot all about this. I'm going to bring Partizan camo and Desert DPM, no idea where I'll fall yet.
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