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  1. I did give up on this months ago. Some random guy, Dnick, messages me on Facebook yesterday. He brought this back up, not myself, if you haven't noticed him making all these posts and not me. Like I said, people are fucking assholes here.
  2. Hello all, I have not logged in to AI pretty much since this incident and have missed many messages, my apologies. I was outraged with this incident and abandoned the forums basically. It has come to my attention that one Dnick has looked into the matter himself and gotten my mags back for me. Ollie has since gotten ahold of and has been telling people I have sent him broken mags, which is funny considering he never stated that to begin with. When it comes down to it, the magazines were brand new when I sold them and I thought I would be a good guy and let him pay later so he can have them in time for an OP. I got suckered and when he got caught and confronted in real life, he made excuses that if were true, he would have stated from the get go. I am still angry that he would pull a trick like this over 2 magazines, but I let it go and so much time has passed I never thought I would see them again. But Dnick has gotten them from him and told him even more lies, and he hasn't got to inspect the box yet to see if the box even has my mags in it or what condition they are in, but I owe so much to this man who I have never met or talked to before. I am very grateful of him and anyone else, including Rob the awesome admin and creator of this site, for helping in this. Such a selfless effort really makes me have faith in the airsoft community even though time and time again, bad seeds pull things like this and theft happens very often. Thank you all and myself or Dnick will keep everyone posted after the box he retrieved is open and we get the status of the magazines. Thank you Rob for opening this after such a long time and sorry for my absence. Sorry for the edit, but I wanted to add something a fix a grammar error I caught. But the reason why i haven't been on this site since then is because of the way people have treated me since I've joined. As you can see further up in the post, people on this site are very condescending towards me even for making this post, and it turns out that I was actually correct in making this post and that even after all this time, I still do not have the magazines even when Ollie clearly stated "they have been shipped express" and the thread locked. It makes me sick how people acted towards me over this (I had quite a few messages at the time as well) and over some of the other posts and topics I created/ posted on. I know I hadn't played a game with a lot of you all because at the time I was relatively new to the sport, and I know being from Louisville I was a ways away from you all, but I've been out to plenty of games now and have plenty of experience, and I've met a ton of people from Indiana, Ohio, and my home state Kentucky who have been the most respectful people I have ever met. Now this should go without saying that this is not every member on the forum as there are some people, This Dnick guy included, who are awesome people and even go out of there way to help someone they've never even met simply because they've been wronged. But for the most part, I've had nothing but negative experiences here and instead of whining and complaining all over the forum, I just stopped using it. I stopped using the internet for airsoft as much as I could and just starting going out and playing as much as I could. And it was the best decision i ever made. I was ok the brink of dropping this sport, this love that I have, forever because of this incident and the way that people acted and treated me because of it, but I didn't I got off of here and met some great people and had some great times. The only reason I'm back and posting is because Dnick took such responsibility for this and was so selfless in acting to right something he knew he could help fix being friends with Ollie. I had to come back to the site (I forgot my login info actually so had to reset it and go through all that just to log back on) to make sure he got his recognition for what he has done and to show my gratitude towards the certain members that made this possible and held the right people accountable. You guys are the reason I still airsoft. But, when this is done. I will go back to not using this forum as it's already left a bad taste in my mouth. I was a new member and a relatively new airsofter with big aspirations and I read just about every thread ever created on this forum in my spare time because I was so excited for this sport, and I got to see so much of you guys on this site without even talking to a lot of you, and the attitudes given to me shocked me and was a true let down. Even after I had been ripped off and had property stolen from me, people were still downright disrespectful to me even though I felt like I had the right to try to get my stolen items back. At this point, I think it's safe for everyone to assume that Ollie is a liar and a thief. In the original post I was nothing but respectful and assumed no foul play, and it's pretty clear that I shipped him 2 magazines exactly as I described them: brand new in perfect condition. He told me they didn't fit and told me that HE SHIPPED THEM BACK. Then he disappeared. Then many many many months later, a friend of his confronts him in person and he starts shooting out excuses that they were broke, that he tried to ship them to me already, blah blah blah. None of that was brought up in the first place and he disappeared. I don't feel as if anyone owes me anything on those site, except for Ollie owing me these mags or my money. No one here even owes me respect for that matter. But I will not being using this site as a medium for my airsoft hobby anymore as I've received nothing but negativity from 90% of it's users. Again, I'm not whining or complaining, or even at this point, asking for things to change or got apologies or anything. I'm just informing all of why I was gone for so long and why I have returned, though it is only temporary. Thank you to everyone who helped me and supported me on this site, mainly Rob (HRTurner), who I've met at a few events at this point but never truly been introduced to and I know he won't remember me, Dnick who I've never talked to until yesterday but has done more for me then anyone on this site has before, Target Practice who sold me several items in the past at pretty low prices and have me advice on them and other things through PM's, and Joker who was my go to guy several times when I had airsoft related questions back when I used the forum. There were others too, but you guys in particular treated me with respect and helped me stay in the sport, and now I've got a lot of experience and time under my belt and have met some great men and women because of this. Thank you all, and if there is anything else to report on my behalf, I will, but if not, Dnick will. Until I see any of you in the field or have to jump back on here to update or respond to someone, this is Viper signing off.
  3. Selling two guns. Cash only!!!! Will let go of everything cheap, if you want any accessories pictured you will pay more, but like i said, will let go if anything relatively cheap as im looking to fund my polarstar and an trying to get it ASAP. Everything is OBO as well, so seriously if you want something, shoot me a number. Worst I can say is no. I'm a nice guy :-) Link to pictures: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=187394218138537&id=100006038803938 -Dboys Scar-L comes with everything seen. Only issue (which isn't even a true issue) is semi doesn't work at the moment, but only because the stupid dual selectors were misaligned when the gun was put back together. All you have to do is take the GB out and align the selectors up to get semi functioning again. Other then that, no known issues. Shimmed and a madbull 6.03 TBB will be included. Brand new gripod if you want it as well, and Brand new sniper scope with nice reticle and mildots. Lens protectors as well. I have 3 M4 flash mags for sale, they work perfectly but the trap doors are slightly bent on two of them. They still close and fee wonderfully. All depends on price negotiated. No flash hider atm, but negative threads just need to slap on a flash hider or suppressor. Other then that, the gun is fine. Hop up is a little wacky when it's freezing cold, probably just needs a weather resistant bucking. Previous owner had two or three gearbox upgrades, but I can't recall exactly what they were. Ill edit the post if I can remember, they were nothing too major. Taking offers, but would like around $110 for the base gun itself. -Next is a KWA KM4 CQB. Magpul stock and handguard (fde) Very solid gun. No issues whatsoever. Shooting 20-25 RPS on an 11.1. Pretty fast. Shooting 330-350 with .25's so this is a great CQB build. Can include the red dot or grip pictured for more. Make an offer on the package, but would like $170 for just the base gun. Like I said, cash only. I wil sell the guns relatively cheap, and can add accessories pictured but the price will raise. May consider part outs as well. Most of the accessories are brand new and never used, only mounted. The rest are used but in very good, perfect working condition. Like I said, cash only and any reasonable offer will be accepted. No trades!!!! In addition to the two guns and accessories / attachments listed, I have a few other extra things I'm looking to sell. -hydration pouch will backpack straps and molle straps, in UCP (acu). No bladder. -Alice pistol belt(OD) bought off evike, opened but never fielded. Wore once at home and never touched again, perfect condition -size 30 riggers belt (no Velcro). Ordered before I knew the sizing on riggers belts -8.4v small type brick battery and standard wall charger. Had them laying around for awhile, never use anymore -ess profile goggle. Tan with no goggle sock. Clear lenses, lens have some scratches on them but still are reliable. -arena flack jacks. Tan, no goggle sock. Hardly any noticeable scratches, clear lens in very good condition. Love them but they're too high profile for my liking, comes with fabric pouch that came with them -flyye admin pouch, front is fully covered in Velcro. Fair condition All I can think of for now. OBO on everything, may throw in a few things for free on bigger ticket items/multiple items bought. I'm from Louisville, Ky, so I wil most likely be shipping your items and depending on the price I get for items bought, will depend on who pays shipping (buyer may pay, or I may split with buyer, or free shipping). Paypal only if shipped. Thanks for looking!
  4. I want the green mesh mask and water bottle holders please
  5. Dboys Scar-L. New gears, Shimmed, and I have a 6.03 TBB and green G&G bucking I install. Still looking for a can to put on since it doesn't have a flash hider ATM. Wired to deans. Rock solid gun. On too I have a 4x32 fixed scope with ranger sight (I believe is the proper term, has mildots and a "range finder" under the reticle), under I have a Magpul AFG1, and a grippod (vertical grip with spring driven bipod legs). Plan on getting a long mock suppressor (200mm or so) and running the inner barrel through it, putting the TBB at over 500mm. It's shooting 400 fps now, so when I put the can on I'm going to upgrade the spring and have it shooting 450+, and I plan on making it semi only. So yea, I'm making a scar-L a DMR :-)
  6. Viper__

    Wtb M4

    I want to buy an M4, must not be a carbine or CQB version.
  7. Really want to get rid of my KWA. Will accept trades for another rifle, and will also accept cash. Can make it a bundle deal or just the weapon. Your call
  8. Me being from Louisville, it's vice versa. A good attitude is hard to come by anymore around my area, and it kind of becomes the norm. The one or two games I've played in Indiana, and to all the Indiana players I've came across out of state, I really commend you guys on the way airsoft functions and how things are dealt with. AI is a hell of a model for airsoft communities. Keep up the work guys, much respect.
  9. Yea I don't quite agree with this. I started off with a KWA CQB M4 (bought used off a friend, but still) and had the money to buy a couple camo sets and a starter plate carrier. I wanted to get into airsoft knowing what it's actually about, rather then slowly making my way into it. You never know, they could go with low end stuff and feel as if they're not having as much fun, and not want to continue further. I know when I run guns that don't have the range and accuracy that some of my higher end AEG's have, I sometimes get in situations where I know there's really no other way to get a drop on somebody and all you really need is range. That being said, it is definitely better to know how to move on the field and your positioning an what-not, but starting off with higher end gear and weapons will only help your buddies into enjoying the experience more IMO.
  10. This is the Louisville kentucky basketball game, so a no go here
  11. Viper__


    Title says it all. I'm in the market for a "back up" gun, basically to make a Russian loadout or do mix up using my M4. Also would be good to finally use a different rifle for a change. So I'm looking for an AK47, not the 74u as they can't be any uglier lol. I don't have a certain price range or certain brand in mind as i'm totally unfamiliar with them, but the cheaper the better at this point. It can't have any issues with it and would need at least one mag. Il pretty open about them and really just wanna get started into the world of AK's! Thank you! Also, I may have items to trade, ranging from a wide variety of things, but can also pay cash.
  12. Bump. Still have all the gear listed except the plate carrier. Will take best offer!
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