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  1. Will try and attend!!! I'll see if I can get you a couple of organizers as well
  2. Trigger, where are you at in NWI? Teams are still active minus the forums and FB, they do not dictate or control our media. Most of the true blue groups still follow forums even though we don't say much. (our bad but it i what it is) Most social media is BS, but a lot of us are still very active
  3. AWESOME to have you!! I'm in the northern part part of the state, as Ace said, your in a good location. A lot of airsoft goodness thru out the state. Looking forward to running with you or shooting you Welcome to the boards.
  4. Biggest hit forums have taken is Facebook. Easier to post photo's, I touch to get on it plus it's free. Most people are lazy are do not want to log on. Even my own team does it. Rob is right, the cost for posting up stuff for sale is very minimal. The funny thing is when you go to a game and see the money players spend on gear but can't flip a $5 to a forum. I personally enjoy forums over FB. I do not have to look at all the crap in my news feed, I just click on a topic I'd like to read or respond to. Plus, here WE have control of it not some liberal ass telling us we can and can't do this or that. Now, on to a meeting: What I saw last year is a lot of chillin and not a lot of gunho. How many actually planned and took the time to come? An AI game was discussed but never happened. This seems to be an ongoing talking point with no action. (I believe it comes up every year) It seems to me that the old guard is tired, busy with life etc and cannot step up to take the bull by the horns, but no one else wants to step up and invest their time, money and energy into putting on a quality game. Also, the divide in Indiana is huge....trying to cross post on someone else's page or whatever is a pain. Why? Well, you can't do this or that because of this....someone might get mad. We seem to have a lot of EO's and field owners but the bickering is still as ridiculous as always. I even see it on FB pages. I do try and be on as many as possible pages looking for games to attend over the year. I read more and comment less and less. (seems to keep me out of trouble) One of my suggestions that probably will never happen is a Central Forum for the whole of Indiana. Not a command,ruling or anything like that. Just a place for ALL to come to for games. (Yes, I've seen the mistakes I've made over the years and needed to change my thinking) I believe this forum has value and could be that. All field owners and EO's would be welcomed. I do believe there is a mindset that needs to be changed here in order to improve for the betterment of airsoft in Indiana. Just the ramblings of a senile ol'fat guy.
  5. Sorry for the delay, her computer died. We had some issues getting this pics up. You can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/BlackWatchMidwest/photos/?tab=album&album_id=958981070973197
  6. Found out she is waiting on a cable she ordered. Hopefully these will be up by the end of the week. Sorry for the delays.
  7. Trying to get Brittnay to get those pictures posted!! Just sent her a text
  8. Speedball is fine for little fast skirmish's for a days fun, but I couldn't agree more on a thinking man's kind of game. I know we have the talent to do it with a lot of the old Alumni putting there heads together. We also have a field that would love to have us. MCC! Great field and Property owner. After the first of the year (we generally do a (Tech Day/Team meeting kinda thing, means a lot of our guys come in for this for face to face discussion) I'm going to try and get something happening. I know Turtle's Ashfall game had the best kind of game play to date. Working economy etc. It was not all about shooting, but more of a chess game with shooting.
  9. We may have a number of us going to this. Last year we had an absolute blast!!!!
  10. I seriously believe all of us need to reach out more and include when ever we can. I know I have been trying more and more. I know in the future we will use this forum as our advertisement to games and such. Not that we can't or won't use FB but I agree with Joker on the FaceBook thing. They control what happens there, not us as the members. I'm pushing my teammates to get off their dead ass's and participate here!
  11. Nothing better then a forum!! The members control it because its a collective of funds and ideas. Biggest problem I see is with excommunicating certian groups we disagree with. It would be nice if everyone could stop a moment and come together for the betterment of airsoft. I see my past mistakes and I am willing to correct them. Are you???
  12. Huge thank you to Firefox and Mutual Combat for allowing us to use his field!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, this had to be the most honest, fun and can-do bunch of players I have EVER seen at ANY event I've been too!! Some of you guys were a little apprehensive at first at trying something new, but you showed up and got immersed into the game and drove a freight train thru it. So, I'll start things off with my 3 ups and 3 downs to get thing rolling: 1) Sportsmanship was off the charts!!! Great job to ALL OF YOU! 2) Weather was absolutely fantastic! 3) Watching some of your expressions when you chose to do a Spec Ops mission.....LOL!!!! Downers: 1) Things starting off to slow for my own liking even as an EO. 2) Attendance was a little down making the Sherlina part of the game tough because of how spread out the Check Points were. Higher attendance would have improved that. (We did start moving the Check Points in closer to make it a little less of a treck) 3) The drive for us to get to Mutual Combat is right at 3.5 hours and bringing all the props etc we needed. Now on to the fun stuff......who won???????? I have got to say Cooke was a machine in this event!!! The amount of work this guy did was unreal to say the least. He rolled 20 points for this game. How did he do this??? SpecOps missions and just working his ass off and staying in motion constantly. ( Ain't no way I could have done it!) What was really impressive is he moved 45 pounds of lifting weights for 5 check points plus retrieving an ammo crate full of stuff. Now he did have some help with this. 5 man squad working as one with a motley bunch of mismatched players......that's right, not with his team but with random players. Now the EO's decided to make this even harder by making that squad a target. (I did warn them ) And they adapted and overcame the shooters sent out to take them out!! Impressive to watch this unfold. Total attendance was 51 with 35 playing and 16 Event staff and role players. Top 7 players: 1) Cooke 2) Paul, Barricade, Altes 3) GrayGhost 4) Swat, Aaiden I would say that ALL were winners due to their attitudes and sportsmanship!! As much work that went into this it was a pleasure putting it on for such a gracious group!!! For pictures go to the bottom link: https://www.facebook.com/BlackWatchMidwest/
  13. Really not crazy, maybe a lil gay though
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