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  1. GLOVK SOLD, so no trade for that. Bump bump because I am still looking for a Surplus rifle
  2. I retract this statement, as I just did a great transaction with him. Payment was swift, I said I would only do PayPal and the day I said the full payment and where to send it to, it was done. No problems at all, good communication, and told me when he would be at work and not available. Hopefully he keeps this up with the other members
  3. GLOCK SOLD, vest is still wanting a new home though.
  4. He's been trying to buy some of my stuff..this may deter me from doing so.
  5. Up for sale is my WE G17 Gen. 4, comes with one magazine. Has seen minimal use, but has been holstered most of its life. Signs of wear on the slide, but performs flawlessly with the non-leaky magazine. Pictures will be uploaded later, and shooting video per request. Asking $75 OBO, buyer pays shipping. You can't buy these in the states anymore! Next up is a Replica CIRAS vest that's been painted a sand color. Great for beginners with all of the utility pouches included! Good for a desert look. I payed $70 for this vest, and added more in patches and woodland magazine pouch. ASKING $40 OBO plus shipping. ONLY TRADE: Surplus Rifle + Money on my end
  6. (If this is against the rules or in the wrong spot, please remove or move it, it's been a while) Hey everyone, I've been getting serious about surplus collecting and would like to get into it. I am looking for a: K98k: German, Russian Capture, I don't care. I want this to be a good shooter; I don't need matching numbers or a certain stamp, I just want a good shooting Mauser that isn't beat to hell. Serious inquiries only, rediculously high numbers will be ignored. Yugo M48: I wouldn't mind inquiries for this rifle either, though preference is on the K98k. All I need it to be is a good shooter in decent condition. Same rules apply to this rifle as with the first one. Any Surplus Rifle: If you have something you want to get rid of, send me a PM. The worst answer you can get is no. I have a Real Steel MSA MICH helmet in OD green and an Airsoft WE G17 Gen 4 + cash if willing to trade for one of the above items. The RS community on this page is strong, so I figured I would try the market. Thanks for reading! ps, concealed carry is in my future, so a G19 Gen 3/4 are welcome as well. Thanks!
  7. Hey all, selling my GoPro Hero 4 Silver action camera. I bought this camera for $400 in August and decided it's not for me. Everything works great, just has one scratch from use on the front. Pictures will be posted later today. Shoots absolutely great video, and is good for POV gameplay. Comes with all accessories shown, I'm asking $260 SHIPPED. No Trades, PayPal gift only. Next is my Chinese Repro ( or "matrix") CIRAS vest. It was originally a cheap woodland color until I painted it a sand color to give it a desert look. The seams aren't very great at all, but they hold together. I've added in all original pouches, plus a woodland 3 mag pouch on the front. Comes with everything shown in the picture. Comes with cardboard CRAPI plates, sorry for the pun. Asking $40 shipped, no trades unless it's something really cool. PayPal gift only.
  8. Yeah, what he said ^ Echo is doing everything in his power to make sure that everything is in order, and I'm sure he'd do this for anyone that purchases something from him. Highly recommend him, as he's a class act.
  9. A bit of a necro, but wanted to put my buyer experience from Echo here. Great communication, great offer, and a great product. Sent me a WE HK416 that looks absolutely awesome. I'd recommend anyone to buy from him.
  10. I wouldn't do that...John Lu might see it and mag dump you from behind. But Propain Tank's got it down pat, I would like this mess gone before I can attend one of these games, and it surely won't be an LC event.
  11. Thank you Endgame. Green Giant: you can always slap on a more classic stock with very little work, and you'll still have the quality G&P internals. Taking this to DM's.
  12. Looking for any kind of Ranger Green plate carrier below $100, and willing to look at some LMG's that anyone has to offer, just no RPK's. EDIT: Also open to all GBBR's and PDW's.
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