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  1. Thanks for the feedback, FoxFire! Looking forward to using your field in the future!
  2. Never a bad time for a new gun . Thanks for the positive feedback, Joker! We'll see you next year and, hopefully, with more players in attendance.
  3. Only 2 weeks out from this event! If you are planning on attending, do us a favor and register so we have a good head count. No need to pay right away if it's not in the cards for you. Just bring funds with you day of and we'll get you squared away!
  4. After a crushing defeat at the hands of the New Patriot Order, the United Coalition Forces have rallied their remaining troops in an all out effort to cull the NPO onslaught. Utilizing danger close artillery and strategic surgical strikes on key objectives, Operation Danger Close 2 will soon commence. With a commander leading each team while also communicating with each other, there will be dynamic objectives given out to squads throughout the OP. This ensures exciting and unpredictable engagements, along with the constant struggle over key control points throughout the field. The flow of game play will never be interrupted, and you’ll always be a part of the action. When: October 7th Where: Mutual Combat - 3560 Pheasant Ln, Spencer IN 47460 **For most up-to-date info check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/point3airsoft Team IFF (quick reference) UCF (United Coalition Forces) - Camo tops, camo bottoms NPO (New Patriot Order) - Black tops, any bottoms To register visit point3airsoft.com/dangerclose2 Cost - $40.00 Pre reg cost, $45.00 at the gate Get a limited edition Point3Airsoft shirt for an extra $10 at registration. (There will be some for sale at the event for $15.00) Schedule of Events Friday, Oct. 6th 17:00 - Gates/Chrono Open 18:00 - Open field for touring 20:00 - Field and Chrono Close 21:00 - Startex for Night Recon Evolution 23:00 - Endex for Night Recon Evolution 24:00 - Gates close Saturday, Oct 7th 07:00 - Gates Open 07:30 - Chrono Opens 09:00 - Morning formation and safety briefing 09:30 - Deployment 10:00 - Startex Main Evolution 18:00 - Endex Main Evolution 18:30 - Raffle 19:30 - Field closes to players/Staff cleans up and locks up This is a Semi-only event! Only SAW's and other approved weapons may utilize full auto! Medic Rules: Each team will be divided into squads prior to the event. Each squad will have a designated player as their medic. Both Medics and Squad leaders are authorized to carry “bandages” which will be rolls of masking tape. ONLY MEDICS will be authorized to carry “medpacks” which are bottles of water. Upon being hit the first time a player must be bandaged. If the player is not treated within the 5 minute bleed out time the player is considered KIA and must respawn at their base. The squad leader or medic can hand their masking tape to any squad mate and have them treat the wounded player. This is done by wrapping the masking tape one full time around the wounded players left or right arm. Once the tape is completely around the wounded player’s arm, that player is back in the game. Upon being hit a second time (meaning you currently have tape around either one of your arms) you are considered “critical”. Again, if you are not treated within the bleed out, you are KIA. A critically wounded player must be treated by a squad medic. The medic will give the critically wounded player a “medpack”. The player must fully drink the bottle of water (medpack) before he or she can come back into the game. This can occur as many times as the player is hit after being wounded the first time. The tape, however, remains on the arm until you respawn at your base. Tape can only be removed at your respective base. Artillery Strikes: In your player packet you will receive a printable map with a grid on it. This gridded system will be used for artillery strikes. To call in an Artillery Strike you must first have one readily available to your squad. These can be found among the battlefield see Easter Eggs, given as reward for successfully completed objectives, and each squad will start the Op with one Artillery Strike at their disposal. Once you have an Artillery Strike available to you, have your squad leader get on the radio with command, call in your request for an Artillery strike and the gridded location of the point of impact i.e. H5, G2, etc. Command will confirm whether you have the strike available or not then give you the word when the “shot is out." An admin will walk to the gridded location and call out most or all players within the area as dead. These players are instantly killed and must report to their spawnzones. • If you see and admin walking to you with what looks like the intent of an Artillery Strike (this will be very obvious as they’ll have a siren with them as well), feel free to retreat in order to avoid the incoming “explosion”. Magazine Restrictions: Mid-cap and low-cap mags only. This is to promote the validity of saw gunners and their roles. Team IFF: Depending on which team you have chosen to be on you are required to wear the colors of that team. Pants can be whatever color you want. If you are placed on the New Patriot Order NPO team you must wear a Black top. Not grey, not almost black but BLACK. If you are on the United Coalition Forces UCF, any camo pattern top is acceptable. Please no solid colors for UCF, as there is a low light portion of the game. If you have any questions if something is acceptable or not please contact us immediately. Easter Eggs! Easter Eggs were a cool idea we thought up to emulate the ever changing battlefield. Scattered and hidden throughout the battlefield are going to be literal easter eggs. Inside these little plastic bundles of joy will be a code that needs to be radioed back to command immediately. These Easter Eggs will, 80% of the time, have something cool in them that will benefit you and your squad. However, some of them are negative but you’ll get to that when you get there. The codes aren’t difficult to read they’ll just be a sequence of military alphabet names. i.e. BRAVO, CHARLIE, FOXTROT or ZULU, OSCAR, JULIET. Pretty easy and will ad a fun dynamic to the game. Here are some examples of cool stuff: • Additional Artillery Strikes (rules for this are under the Artillery Strikes section) • Extra life! (The medic of your squad can tape you twice for the duration of your current life, after you hit a respawn, though, it’s back to one arm. • Helo Insertion (Your team now has the option to insert anywhere on the map via “helicopter”. What happens is you and your squad report back to home base. Once there, inform the commander that you want to use your helo insertion. Once he’s confirmed that you have one available, an admin will Red Rag walk you to the point you picked out on the map. Once there you find cover and take off the rags and get right in the action! • There’s a super secret one out there that’s pretty awesome. Can’t tell you what is but we can tell you there is only one and it’s hidden pretty well. ------------------------------- For questions email admin@point3airsoft.com, leave us a message on Facebook, or comment on this post! See you guys on the 7th! Woohoo!
  5. I'm sorry but there aren't any airsoft rentals. You may luck out with someone else bringing an extra gun. I apologize for the late response.
  6. We're going to try to get games rolling no later than 9:30 but the magic of the day is no one needs to show up on time.
  7. We're getting closer every day guys! Be sure to tell your friends and invite whomever you want!
  8. Point3Airsoft is back at it this year with an all new event — Multiplayer Day - Silver Spur Takeover! Click here for a sweet video! --------------------------------------------------- Our aim is to get as many airsoft players as humanly possible at Silver Spur Splat in Princeton, IN on July 8th 2017. We want the paintballers to be overwhelmed by how many airsofters show up! The owner won't know what hit him! (Except he will because we gave him a heads up) What is Multiplayer Day? Multiplayer Day will be a Team Vs Team event where players will dawn their Red or Blue shirts and compete in multiple multiplayer-themed gametypes. These include but are not limited to: Capture the FlagTeam DeathmatchKing of the HillMulti-team InfectionIntelBomb Assaultand moreWhat can I expect to see while I'm there? Our goal will be to provide a constant flow of gameplay for all players for the duration of the day. Admins will help to direct the flow of traffic and keep games running on a timely and consistent manner. If you miss a game, no worries, another will be starting shortly. We also have some new gameplay props we have been working on to promote fun and engaging gameplay. We're very excited to show these to you and get player feed back. Your input on these props will help shape our future events! Lastly, we encourage you guys to bring canopies and set up any gear you may have for sale, chat with other areas, and get acquainted with the southern Indiana airsofters. **Please note, if you do bring gear for sale you and you alone are solely responsible for it. Point3Airsoft and Silver Spur Splat does/will not assume responsibility for lost/damaged/stolen items. If you bring stuff to sell, keep an eye on it. What's the cost? The good news is you're not paying us. You only have to pay the field fee to the owner which is just a measly $5.00. If you run HPA then an additional $5.00 will get you all day air refills. What are the rules? All rules for P3A events can be found by clicking the link below. Other gametype specific rules will be given during game day! https://www.facebook.com/notes/tri-state-airsoft/tri-state-airsoft-event-rules/261781227231982/ What should I bring? Every player is required to bring a RED SHIRT AND A BLUE SHIRT. If you do not own both, Goodwill is ridiculously cheap. Gun, gear, and eye-pro is an absolute MUST.WATER! Can't stress it enough, it's going to be hot and muggy. Bring plenty of water!Bring a back up weapon if you have one. Nothing is worse than having your weapon go down on game day. (There may be skilled techs on site that can help. It is important to identify these individuals before you play, ya know...just in case.)A radio if you got one. Makes things way more fun! A few things to keep in mind: This is a public field. Where we will be directing flow of games and game play there will still be paintballers there that will need to be mindful of.Silver Spur has limited access to water and electricity. Bring whatever you need.Silver Spur is just 5 minutes from a Wal-Mart and other businesses. So a lunch break is an easy thing to do. If you have any questions, post them in the comment section below or email point3airsoft@gmail.com. We'll see you there!!
  9. Thanks Joker! We're hoping to host another event this summer but after that Op we're going to spend some time focusing on some out of town ops to attend! We'll make sure you get an invite to the next game for sure.
  10. Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks again for the stellar turn out today! I know all the admins had a great time and with a turn out of over 120 people it was a day to go down in memory for damn sure! That said, this was our first big op and any constructive criticism and feedback would be nice! What did you like? What can we improve on next time? I'll be reading all these responses and making sure we adjust all our stuff accordingly. Thanks again everyone! Danny
  11. Thanks for the shout out Altes! For the official post and info click here.
  12. Hey everyone! I know that Big Altes already made a post about this game but I thought I'd give you guys an official post as well. This game is going to be a Milsim-ish game hosted at our local field Silver Spur Splat. This event is going to be Sponsored by the awesome guys out of Bowling Green KY, BGAirsoft. We'll be doing raffles at the end of the day and 50% of all the proceeds are being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project! Pre-registration is open now and is recommended! You don't have to pay right away but we'd like to get a head count ahead of time for squad separation and to get an idea of how many patches we're going to need to get made! Cost for the Event is $25 either through paypal or at the gate on game day. The $25 covers your field fee, event costs, and a commemorative Point3Airsoft Op: Danger Close patch. The year is 2035. A radical group of extremist nationalists calling themselves the New Patriot Order seek to overthrow the newly formed United Coalition Forces. With the dust finally settling in the middle east, governments around the globe have joined forces to bring forth a new era of peace. However, this new alliance does not sit idly with political and military figures of the past. Ex Rangers, SEALs, and other special forces units have banded together to form the New Patriot Order. The NPO forces all follow the command of prior military commander, General R. D. Schembre, a 3 time war vet and believer in the old ways of America and its morals. Admiral D. James Osborne of the UCF has been commissioned by the political leaders to lead a military campaign against General Schembre and put the American District back under UCF control. Now, at the choke point of America, both factions amass in full force to determine the outcome of the war. Whomever claims this pinnacle point of land will control the better part of America for battles to come. The ground shakes beneath our boots as Artillery strikes and small arms fire ravage the already war torn landscape. Operation: Danger Close has begun… For more info and Registration click HERE! We hope to see all you guys out there! Stay Frosty. Danny - Point3Airsoft
  13. Hey guys, just a heads up a group of us guys will be there ready to play. I hope the turn out is something better than what it's looking like. We'd also like to get in touch with you about promoting. We have our hands in a lot of social networking and run a facebook group and page that consists of just about all the players that use the Silver Spur field. I know a lot of the guys that are regulars just found out about this event and that's probably not a good thing. PM me and we can get in touch about organizing bigger events with more people! We ran an op a few months ago and had about 30 guys. Not the best turn out but if we work together we can make something big. Until then, see you guys Saturday.
  14. The intention behind this is that you're not allowed to put your gun into a crack and fire, as this is considered blind firing. You are, however, considered out if you get hit by a BB that manages to get through a crack i the wall that you're behind. I should have looked over the rules closer before posting, I regret not doing so. Most of the rules I posted here are from about 3 years ago when they were putting together rules for airsoft at Silver Spur, and the physical contact is a direct response to a few incidents we had at some open play days. Sorry you guys won't be going - the rules will only be the same as they've ever been at most any airsoft event, and the same as it has always been at Silver Spur. We were only trying to be thorough with our rules, and may have over-thought. If you guys can forgive our oversight and make it to the game we'd be glad to have you. -DJ
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