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  1. Looking to build a kit for a course I'll be attending. If anyone has one they don't really use anymore in coyote brown or multicam they want to part with let me know.
  2. Selling 3 pairs of combat boots all desert tan. Pair 1 Rocky C4T - used - Best offer - size 9.5 http://www.amazon.com/Rocky-Mens-C4T-Tactical-Boot/dp/B00741SCF8 Pair 2 Rocky C5C - used - Best offer - size 9.5 http://www.rockyboots.com/top-selling-rocky/rocky-c5c-commercial-military-boots/RKYC003.html Pair 3 Bates Standard Issue - Like new - Best offer - size 9.5 I can upload pictures if there is an interest but looking to get rid of the boots because I do not use them anymore and will be moving to Ft. Benning here shortly. PM with offers.
  3. Selling tactical tailor woodland mav 1 piece with biv. Clean and ready to use, great light weight kit. Don't play anymore and looking to unload it. Asking for 55 plus 1/2 shipping. Also selling two double mag pouches by Eagle Industries in Khaki and a double M4 mag pouch by Tactical Tailor in OD with shotgun shell elastic on the outside. 10 each.
  4. Combat machine and magazines sold. Price drop Tactical Tailor MAV with bib in Woodland to $45.
  5. Woodland tactical tailor mav with bib price drop to $50 from $65.
  6. G&G combat machine price drop. $120 now.
  7. Sold as of 8/25: KWA Speedloader KWA BBs Arena FlackJack goggles Maxpedition dump pouch Both SDS canteen pouches Baofeng radio set up (1) Turnigy 7.4v 2,000 mah LiPo battery (Now 2 left and a charger/balancer) If you see a price that you think you would be interested in if it was lower shoot me a PM and we can work with that. PRICE DROP: Accucel 6 lipo balancer and charger with power supply cable (it cost me extra for the specific charging cable in addition to the lipo balancer/charger) New: 47.48 Asking price: 25.00
  8. Pictures up. Also for those interested in the KWA speedloader. KWA has changed to a brass nipple where the bbs come out. During loading my mags on Saturday a part of plastic that keeps bbs from falling out of that opening cracked just enough so that the bbs fall out if you hold it upside down. I did a quick fix and it worked great the rest of the day. Hence the 50% off new price. Here's a function check video I took today. http://tinypic.com/r/2rfg510/8
  9. This summer I wanted to get back out to a big MilSim game and had the funds to do so and purchased all the equipment necessary for a large event (OP Blind Fury XI: Operation Reboot hosted by Team STRIKERS of Ohio). All items purchased here were between the months of June 2014 and August 2014. All items were purchased online from vendors or Amazon. All equipment was used in 1 event for 7 hours of total play time. I do not wish to go further down the rabbit hole and just wanted to experience a large MilSim event. My loss is your gain. But it was worth it. All equipment worked flawlessly and I had a great time. Pictures: Pictures of all items for sale can be found here. Feel free to look around. http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/airsoftsale2014/library/Sale%202014 Rules: 1) All asking prices DO NOT include shipping. I will ship with USPS and you will have a tracking number. All shipping prices will be based on # of items purchased and distance from my location. I will meet up with anyone within 10 miles of Bloomington, IN free of charge. 2) Feel free to make any offer. I am willing to work with you if you are purchasing more than 1 item. 3) No trades. Individual Items: G&G Electric Blow Back M4 coyote tan Combat Machine (Less than 1,500 rounds fired) New: 170.00 Asking Price: 135.00 Eagle Industries Admin Pouch Khaki New: 33.95 Asking Price: 15.00 Tactical Tailor Modular Assault Vest (MAV) Woodland (no longer in production) with tactical tailor attachable bib New: 94.95 Asking Price: 65.00 Eagle Industries Double M4 Magazine Pouch (Holds 4) Khaki New: 27.95 Asking Price: 15.00 (2) Eagle Industries Single M4 Magazine Pouch (Holds 2) Khaki (2 available) New: 23.49 each Asking Price: 10.00 each Tactical Tailor double M4 pouch with fast clips and shotgun shell elastic Olive Drab New: 22.15 Asking Price: 15.00 Condor Open Top M4 magazine pouch (Holds 6) MultiCam New: 27.95 Asking Price: 20.00 SDS canteen/general purpose pouches - has flap to turn into g.p. pouch (woodland) (PAIR) New: 19.95 Asking Price: 15.00 Maxpedition Admin Pouch New: 17.09 Asking Price: 12.00 Maxpedition Rolly Poly Dump Pouch New: 21.40 Asking Price: 17.00 KWA M4 Magazine Style BB Speed loader 460 round New: 18.49 Asking Price: 10.00 Set of 8 MAG brand M4 mid capacity magazines New: 56.00 Asking Price: 42.00 Turnigy nano-tech 2,000 mah 7.4v LiPo battery wired to deans by electronics store (2 available to part out) New: 20.00 Asking Price: 16.00 Beofeng VHF dual band programmable frequency radio with speaker microphone and PTT headset (Comparable to popular Puxing radio) New: 41.89 Asking Price: 33.00 ESS goggles Asking Price: 10.00 Package Deals: Tactical Tailor MAV vest set-up with bib and pouches (pictured) Part-Out Price Total: 120.00 Package Asking Price: 110.00 Turnigy Accucel 6 with power supply and (3) 2,000 mah 7.4v LiPo batteries* (serviced at electronics store to wire all connections to deans) *Batteries only charged 1 time and only 1 was used while the others came along as backups to the event New: 93.22 Asking Price: 75.00 Turnigy Accucel 6 with power supply and (1) 2,000 mah 7.4v LiPo battery New: 62.99 Package Asking Price: 50.00 EDIT: Photos up
  10. All, Looking for someone experienced soldering and maybe even has some deans clips available. I need 3 lipo batteries changed to female deans connectors and 1 charging cable changed to a male deans connector. If there is someone that is willing to sell these connectors and/or solder them for a fee please send a PM.
  11. I just purchased a G&G combat machine a few weeks ago. I have been using MAG brand mid capacity magazines and they have worked flawlessly. Cheap too, look into them if that is something you're interested in. Here is a link: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=1604
  12. If you're looking to buy a 9.6v battery look into getting deans connectors and a 7.4v lipo battery from HobbyKing.com. Cheap prices and good batteries.
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