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  1. Alright my fellow airsofters. I officially leave for active duty in 2 weeks. This is your last chance to take advantage of this gear. You don't want to know what happens to all the stuff I don't sell--trust me. I have dropped prices and I'm now willing to ship (at the buyer's expense) in order to clear this stuff ASAP, however, I'm still not interested in trades. Let me know if you have any questions. GUNS ICS Galil Package $200 $180 GEAR Flight Suit Package (Tan = 34R, OD = 40L) $30 $20 Boots Package (Bates Goretex & Belleville Desert Goretex) $40 $30 Gear Package (USGI Flak Jacket, USGI FLC w/ Double M4 Mag Pouch x3, Grenade Pouch x2, Canteen/Utility Pouch x2, Buttpack, Maxpedition Rolypoly, and Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch) $60 $50 OTHER SUCH AWESOMENESS Tachyon XC Micro Waterproof Helmet Cam $40 SPF
  2. Zero, good copy. Targetpractice, it is the Tachyon XC Micro, non-HD version. Please check your inbox for additional details. Poncho, please check your inbox for additional details.
  3. Just to clarify, I will be at this weekend's Aces and Eights game if anyone wants to arrange a transaction there. Also: - Propane adapter is already SOLD. - Uniforms and Maxpedition package are PENDING. Future Listings (pictures and details to follow): - Russian Flectarn-d and Partizan over suits package $60. - Tachyon Helmet Camera $40. Lastly, I am going through final exams, graduation, and commissioning this week. Therefore, there may be some delay in my responses, but I will address inquires in the order they are received. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Thanks for the kudos, guys. The sizes of the uniforms are somewhat varied: USGI desert pants (Small-Long), USGI desert top (Small-Long), Proper woodland top (Medium-Long), USGI woodland top (Large-Short), USGI woodland pants x2 (Small-Long), US CAV reversible woodland & desert GORETEX jacket (Small), MSA reversible woodland & desert helmet cover (Medium-Large), USGI woodland boonie (7.5), USGI woodland patrol cap (7.5), Splav Russian pants (46/176 cm), and TruSpec dyed pants (Small-Long). I may be willing to ship some package deals, but they will be at the buyer's expense. Alternatively, buyers can arrange pickup at local Bloomington games or somewhere in town until the end of the month.
  5. *Cash only. Face-to-Face transactions. No trades. Will not part out. GUNS ICS Galil ARM Package $200 ICS Galil Package $200 GEAR Uniform Package $50 Flight Suit Package (Tan = 34R, OD = 40L) $30 Boots Package (Bates Goretex & Belleville Desert Goretex) $40 Gear Package (USGI Flak Jacket, USGI FLC w/ Double M4 Mag Pouch x3, Grenade Pouch x2, Canteen/Utility Pouch x2, Buttpack, Maxpedition Rolypoly, and Tactical Tailor Small Radio Pouch) $60 Maxpedition Proteus Package $50 OTHER SUCH AWESOMENESS Madbull Propane Adapter (new) $10
  6. I printed 10 copies of the waiver; they'll be made available at the event for anyone who wasn't able to print it beforehand.
  7. It just dawned on me that I only have about 18 months left here in Indiana. That being said, I plan on attending more games this year. Please, sign me up for ICON.
  8. Pros: Weather Player attendance Avoided getting shot Cons: Camera settings Unable to play with my own gear Having to leave early
  9. Bowman

    First Aid Kit!

    I like it; though it is geared specifically to controlling bleeding. I also have a pair of those Prestige shears.
  10. Bowman

    First Aid Kit!

    A couple of notable additions: Biofreeze and Oral I.V. I've used Biofreeze for years and it works well as a pain reliever. Oral I.V. is relatively new and I haven't tested it yet, but most any rehydration solution is nice to have when out in the field. The Steri-strips Dragon mentioned seem promising and I may have to add those to my kit as well.
  11. Bowman

    First Aid Kit!

    I keep the orange one in my vehicle and I carry the tan one with me when backpacking, airsofting, climbing, etc. Undoubtedly the most important items are those certifications. With the proper training, you can MacGyver up some bandages and prevent/treat injuries. ETA: Group photo
  12. What!? If Matt is gonna be there I better be there, too. Seriously though, I'm tentative. Will know for sure in a couple of weeks.
  13. Mags and BBs SOLD. Will update next week with battery and red dot scope.
  14. I think this thread has gotten skewed in a direction that was not the intent of the original author, much of which is due to the timing. Assassin, this thread was not directed towards you, but to the community as a whole. The point of this thread was for those who plan on attending a game to actually sign-up on the roster instead of just walking-on last minute. In most cases it wouldn't be an issue, but the last few local games have shown low roster numbers but yielded much higher attendance. This negatively effects EO management and the potential player threshold (i.e. the number of other players on the roster that dictates whether the event is worth attending/hosting). We all have our own attendance threshold, for example, I typically won't attend an event that has less than 10 players on the roster, and of those 10, I need to know at least one well. Just last week, an impromptu Bloomington game was posted in which only five or so people actually showed any interest according to the roster. I saw the low numbers, assumed the game would be called off or end really early, so I decided not to gear up for it. However, I dropped by because it was a good opportunity to return another player's gear I had borrowed. I was surprised to see about 20 players at the field and the good turn-out lead me to go back home, grab my gear, and join the fray for a short while since I still had a midterm to study for. I think everyone here should realize that airsoft is a recreational hobby and not an occupation. I agree with S_Z, if you've got time to play airsoft every single weekend, perhaps there are other things you ought to be doing with your life. I play on my on terms and would not sacrifice academic performance or other social shindigs just for airsoft. But when I do decide to play airsoft, I try to give the EOs a heads up so that they can better manage their event.
  15. Bowman

    KTT2 AAR

    Sustains: 1. Realistic props (Hrturner did an amazing job on the props and his hard work attention to detail was clearly evident) 2. MilSim mission objectives 3. Media coverage (Although not necessary, it’s nice to relive some of those unfortunate moments and also shows not in attendance what they missed) Improves: 1. Chrono checking (Just need to procure a reliable chronograph for future events) 2. Tempo of the game (EOs may need to force engagements or instill a sense of urgency when there is a lull in the action…even when that’s typically the CO’s job) 3. Team organization, squad integrity, and communication (A player’s responsibility) Other Pros: 1. The field provided a dynamic environment even though few engagements happened in the woods 2. The weather was nice albeit very windy (of course it was forecasted accurately and players should have planned accordingly i.e. heavy weighted BBs) 3. The food at the Mexican restaurant Other Cons: 1. Some players not acknowledging hits audibly or visually 2. Green team’s lack of urgency when completing objectives 3. Late arrival delaying start time Some media: I'll upload the rest later.
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