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  1. Monitoring this for developments and hope to make it. Maybe I can bring some beer from the brewery I work at for the 21+ folks. Regarding the fee for selling, I'd say if it hasn't raised any money in awhile, then its not really doing any good at this point and therefore is only causing us to miss out on potential traffic. If the scams and such start going rampant, then we can re-instate the fee to list or something. I do agree that $5 to list things to sell isn't asking too much, but I guess people are stingy or don't feel like they should have to contribute. w.e. Leave the $5 to sell up as "strongly encouraged" optional or something. Just my thoughts on it.
  2. NebAnon

    New Newbie

    Hi, welcome to the boards. I have never been to a field around here that required the orange tip and have removed/painted all of mine.
  3. Welcome to the boards. May I suggest adding some more info to your post regarding location, age range, play style interest, favorite animal, etc. Be sure to keep an eye on the classifieds section to snag some good gear at a reasonable price.
  4. I apologize for missing the meeting, I had work come up unexpectedly and was not able to make it. Thank you for recap on the meeting and I will hopefully see you guys on the field soon.
  5. Hey welcome to the boards and Indiana. There is interest in milsim games and we have some in the local tristate area that cater to that side of things, but they are not near the level of like Milsim West games. If you are really interested in doing something like that, there are some players on the boards that are willing to travel to games and would be worth linking up with to go. I'm not sure if that is what you meant by milsim, or if you meant just squad based play with objectives and story line, in which case, just keep in eye on the events section and some will pop up once things thaw out a bit.
  6. From what I'm aware of the rules, I think you are ok to trade as long as you aren't taking money for your stuff. As the sport is based off the honor system, hopefully people are honest and will pony up the $5 to be a seller if they want to get any money for their stuff. The $5 goes towards maintaining the cost of the forums and is easily well worth it if you're wanting to get some cash together to go towards a new gun or gear.
  7. NebAnon

    Hello All

    Welcome to the boards. You are never too old for airsoft; we can always prop you up with an mg. The older crowd is more fun anyways.
  8. NebAnon

    Brewer Here!

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Yea it's been for sale over a year now I believe. It was originally listed much higher if I recall. Wasn't aware it was to move to a larger location, but cool if so!
  10. So, first thing I can think to say here is that, airsoft guns are all kind of similar in function; especially AEG's. You can make an AK shoot the same as an AR in airsoft. If you'd so please, you may have a DMR mp5 even. It all comes down to barrel length, air seal, and spring tension mostly, with all the extra little things to make it happen. But the easiest and quickest upgrade is typically a tight-bore barrel and a better hop-up setup. That being said, get out to games and use a working gun till it doesn't work. From my experience, once you open up a gun, prepare for new issues popping up... maybe I just have bad luck. But seriously, go out and use your gun before you try to make it "better" because it just opens up a can of worms. I... uh... have a few guns that I "upgraded" that are in kit form at the moment.
  11. Messaged regarding price rule. Edit: Snuffles, please leave opinions on guns elsewhere, as this is a classifieds post and that is off topic.
  12. Messaged regarding prices rule.
  13. So, IANAL, but I'd imagine the only legal recourse they could hope to pursue would be defamation of character, or libel. But for any of that to be actionable, you would have had to made false claims against them. AKA, its not defamation if its true. "Jim is a bad mechanic" is defamation. "Jim didn't put oil in my car after I paid him to fix it and now its ruined." is a factual statement. So, just make sure you keep things objective and factual. Also, for that type of case to have merit, there has to be some form of fiduciary loss that they can prove and attempt to recover, otherwise, what are they even suing for?
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